This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts  

For May 31st, 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

If you see evil, and say nothing and do nothing to challenge or oppose it, what have you done? Many people living in Nigeria today, including quite a few in Biafraland, have fallen into this category. We ask you: do you really think that this evil will all of a sudden go away someday--all by itself? There is a still small voice in you that is saying, "No! This evil about which you keep quiet is not going to go away." As a matter of fact, and from experience, we know that such evil left unchallenged will end up eating up the acquiescent, eating up the silent one.  

Today, a great evil exists in Nigeria , in the form of the recent fraudulently concluded elections, along with those who engineered and perpetrated this hoax on the peoples and nations living in Nigeria . It is these same people, with Obasanjo at the helm, and their organizations, who want to muscle their way back in to continue oppressing, exploiting and molesting the hapless peoples residing in the so-called country, Nigeria. But, this evil shall not stand: either way, it shall be gotten rid of.  

If you see evil, and you recognize evil for what it is, and then, turn around and say, “it is good…” we ask you, what have you done? Here, not only do you know that there is evil, but you actually now say that such evil is good. Yes, many people in Nigeria are doing just that today; a few persons in Biafraland have also adopted this immoral attitude to evil. When evil is considered good, when evil becomes the standard and the norm, and such are called “good,” what is left? Everything then becomes leprous with evil.  

Today, Nigeria has seen evil and has said: “evil is good.” This happened when the peoples living in Nigeria witnessed the greatest act of dishonesty in the entire world in the form of massive, daylight brazen rigging of the recent elections, and then, turned around, shrugged their shoulder and said, “we accept the results; they are good enough for us…” Not that we expected much from Nigeria given her well-known history. But, to accept evil and regard it as good is going beyond moral turpitude and depravity. There is no hope for redemption from such depths of evil. All are consumed by such evil.  

Obasanjo and his men have done great evil to the peoples living in Nigeria by fixing the results of the election. But they have also celebrated this as a good thing. Obasanjo now calls the victims of his fraud “bad losers.” But he and his men, going around prancing and bragging about their evil deed, see themselves as "good." These are the persons who are going to force themselves on the people and impose their evil acts and visionless ways on the peoples and nations living in Nigeria ?  

Fellow Biafrans: it is like being robbed and brutalized by a band of thieves in broad daylight. These are thieves that are so brazen that they don’t even bother to cover or hide their faces. When the victim goes to the thieves to ask about what was stolen from them, the thieves call the victims “bad losers.” How maddening! How unfortunate!  

How can one live in a so-called country where these things are not only a probability and possibility, but are actually a daily occurrence? How can one live with people who behave thus, people who not only have no qualms and no conscience regarding these things, but who also revel in evil? It is impossible; and we can all see the results. We must therefore appreciate our efforts to actualize our own nation, Biafra , so that we can all go to our own country, Biafra and then leave these other people to their evil Nigeria .  

Let us quote from the NCF (National Consensus Forum) from earlier in the week:  

"But, as the president you can and should do something to reverse the disturbing situation, which is threatening the stability of our great country, dent your image and the great legacy you can leave to posterity of an enduring democratic culture," the NCF said.  

It is not enough that there are many people cowed into cowardice by the Obasanjo-PDP-INEC-Nigeria machinery. But when victimized people turn into sycophants on their own, it is a great tragedy. It is a sign of irredeemability. Especially considering that the NCF is supposed to have an educated membership. Let us hold our nose because of the disgusting odor called sycophancy emanating from this group while we analyze this further.  

First, they talk about “…our great country…” So we ask them: what country? We ask you, have you seen a “great” country? To call Nigeria “a great country” is to go beyond pretense into the territory of denial, if they really mean what they said. But in fact, it is indicative of gross stupidity, the type that madmen can exhibit. Maybe they meant: great in 419, great in corruption; great in exploitation, great in poverty, great in poor health, great in religious intolerance, great in ethnic conflicts, great in poor education, great in illiteracy…the list goes on. What a nonsensical phrase!  

Second, consider this, said of Obasanjo, in that statement: “… dent your image and the great legacy you can leave to posterity of an enduring democratic culture..”  Once again—well—should we bother to ask: what image? Obasanjo has an image so bad that a dent could only add color to his image and make it more interesting, while making his crookedness appear less scalloped. Obasanjo has spent a lot of money—money that belongs to the people—for paying off high-powered Public Relations firms to whitewash his soiled image and that of evil Nigeria.  

Third, how can it be that the man who, along with his party, just cheated everybody out of a fair election, the result of which is the ultimate and final loss of stability for Nigeria, is now being praised as leaving a “great legacy” of “an enduring democratic culture” to posterity? How can it be that men walk up to the chief armed robber and thank him for showing a great example, and praise him for a "great legacy" of security and a "culture" of honesty? It is this type of nonsense that destroys the credibility of an organization such as NCF, and erodes the integrity of its members. It is precisely this type of behavior, fully rampant among the peoples living in Nigeria, that makes it impossible to stay in that country and risk having your individual and collective welfare dependent on such shameless hypocrites.  

The most annoying thing is the mention of Democracy in juxtaposition with Nigeria. Many so-called leaders of Nigeria —mostly sycophants holding "elected" and appointed offices—speak of democracy in the present dispensation. They consider the recently concluded elections and their results a democratic process! Imagine that! They believe that rigged elections and falsified results are equivalent to democracy. They think that to maintain democracy, you should not challenge fraudulent elections. What a shame! This can only be "419 Democracy." This can only be Nigerian-style democracy; and like most things Nigerian these days, one can only expect the world to laugh at Nigeria, and lose any doubts left about the sanity of the so-called country, its leaders and its peoples. Like all things that Nigeria touches or adopts, Democracy, Nigeria-style, has now also fallen to disrepute and ridicule. If anybody talks about preservation of democracy in Nigeria, tell them that obviously they have no clue—no idea—of what they are talking about. Those who know about, and practice, democracy would never tell you that what is happening in Nigeria even as much as resembles the shadow of democracy.  

Recall what we told you about the outcome of cases taken to the courts or to the electoral Tribunal—cases challenging the rigged election results? We predicted that because these organizations are in the pockets of Obasanjo, PDP, INEC and their minions, the judgment would only legitimize the fraud and crime committed by the latter. Well, we were right, as one by one, the courts have returned rulings which give the legal right to Obasanjo and company to keep what they stole from the people! What a sham! What a shame! No surprises here!  

Fellow Biafrans: where does all this leave us? The events of these short weeks are like the whirlwind which ruffles the tail-feathers of a chicken and thereby exposes what was otherwise hidden under there. These events have shown us again why we do not belong with Nigeria, and why we do not belong in Nigeria. These events along with the characters in the plot only remind us that the only place where we belong and where we can comfortably be what we were meant to be is in Biafra, our own country.  

Biafra actualization in this time frame should be our goal and focus, our pursuit and our destiny. To accomplish this, we must all take advantage of the opportunities offered by these events. To be able to do this effectively, we must all maintain our unity and solidarity as the Nation of Biafra. Without unity and solidarity, this is going to be harder and take longer.  

How is the power of unity made manifest? It is only by galvanizing efforts and synchronizing activities and focusing our acts—in short, by maintaining a common front—that we can demonstrate the reality of the power of unity and solidarity. It is for this reason that we shall support APGA and Ojukwu in these times. We shall convey our will and desire through them and to them, and they shall captain this ship to its final destination, Biafra!  

Fellow Biafrans: we must also continue to remember our brothers and sisters of MASSOB still in jail, to speak out and demand their release. We must also not forget the recent round of killings of wounded MASSOB members taken from hospital(s) there and shot by the Nigerian Security agents, according to reports reaching us. Be sure of one thing: by and by, there shall be legal accountability and accounting for all our injured and murdered heroes. We also acknowledge the efforts of other groups fighting for Biafra actualization; we salute you all.  

Today, we continue our challenge and the fight against evil by our celebration of Biafra Day yesterday. The name of Biafra stands like a cross held against the vampire—that vampire that has taken the form of the evil known as Nigeria. We have vanquished evil—we have conquered Nigeria .  

Biafra lives,  because God lives; as such, we too live—as Biafrans.  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts continues ( Thank you.