This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts

For April 19th, 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

We know that you are stunned by the results of the elections thus far--stunned by the cheating acts of PDP, stunned by the brazenness of PDP, stunned by the audacity of PDP and its arrogance in the course of doing great evil.  Of course, we knew that PDP was going to rig the elections, and we warned you before hand.  What you could not figure on is the extent to which PDP would go to accomplish this; the scope of the illegal actions, and the number of officials and thugs that would be deployed in this act. Before you despair, listen to what we have to say. All is really well; all is indeed going according to plan.  

Fellow Biafrans: relax, because God knows the hearts of men, and knows their acts even before inception in their minds and heads.  As such, nothing man can conceive of or plot or scheme will take God by surprise, instead, God uses all that to make God’s plan come to fruition, in spite of and because of man. God knows exactly what PDP was going to do. God took that into consideration. God is using the PDP plans and actions to pave the way to the achievement of God’s own Plan.  

God’s plan is to release all the Nations living in Nigeria from the bondage, shackle, and evil called one-Nigeria. God’s plan is to burn whatever chaff, like PDP, is trying to reduce the freedom which God has willed for His creation. Biafra shall be free.  So shall other Nations in Nigeria . God is going to turn the tables over PDP. Because of PDP’s cheating and intimidation and theft of the elections, the people are going to rise up and reject the election results. Once this happens, it is all over for one-Nigeria. The final nail in the coffin of one-Nigeria has been driven in by the fallout from, and the actions per se of PDP during these elections.  

So, do not be shocked by what PDP is doing. Do not be discouraged. PDP is only going to be destroyed by what it has perfected. The dishonesty of PDP has ended up destroying PDP and destroying the institution that supports it. That institution is one- Nigeria . It is the destruction, the breakage of this one- Nigeria that will allow the freedom of God’s creation in this region. The sins and evils of pompous PDP have led to the destruction of one-Nigeria as well as its own death. That is the Divine plan. And, it’s working out perfectly.  

All you have to do is to do your own part. That part is simple: fully support APGA and Ojukwu. Fully vote for APGA and Ojukwu. No matter what! Yes, no matter what PDP is doing; no matter what INEC is doing; no matter what anybody else does. Regardless of what is happening to Nigeria , even as it falls apart with resultant chaos, we must all do our part, which is to continue our full support for APGA and Ojukwu. This is a show of unity and solidarity as a people, unity and solidarity of a people, the people of Biafra..  

Why is it important to be united and in solidarity as a people? Let as remind you of the recent events. First, INEC disqualifies many eligible Igbo-Biafran voters and we are not given a reason for that. Then, INEC gives a figure for Igbo-Biafran voter-population that makes Igbo-Biafrans the new ethnic minority in Nigeria . Imagine that! We are now a minority in Nigeria ! Tufiakwa! INEC says so. Nigeria now happily and merrily accepts that. Perhaps, the whole world will accept that, too. If we are to resist and counter and correct this nonsense, we must stay together in unity and solidarity.  

Why is it so important to stay together--to stay united and in solidarity? Do you realize that over 80% of the population listed as “South-south” is actually Igbo Biafrans? Do you know that of those listed as Lagosians, at least 20-30% are Igbo-Biafrans? In the North, there are probably at least 10-15% Igbo-Biafrans making up the figures attributed to the Northern population. Only when we make a deliberate effort to stay united can we show and prove that the Igbo-Biafrans are either the largest or second largest ethnic Nationality in Nigeria . Yet, we are treated as if we do not even exist.  

Why should we stay united and in solidarity? Recall what happened when our gallant MASSOB members tried to go on a peaceful rally 2 weeks ago? They were mercilessly cut down, killed, maimed, injured and jailed, ambushed by armed Nigeria security agents, although MASSOB is a non-violent movement and bears no arms. Now, remember, this rally was going to take place in Igboland—not in the North, not in the West—but right there in Igboland? When you cannot hold a peaceful rally in your own father’s compound, it is time for us to change something. The first thing we need to change is our attitude: we must now vow to stick together, and stay together. Bound in unity and solidarity, no Igbo-Biafran can attempt to sell out; if he or she tries, he or she will fail woefully.  

Why should we remain united and in solidarity? Obasanjo, in his failed regime, can go to anywhere in Igboland to campaign. In fact, he does not even campaign—he merely rains insults on us, and then says intimidating things. He can do that freely, aided by Igbo turncoats and efulefus who are too busy picking the crumbs from Obasanjo’s table to recognize that each unchallenged insult heaped on Ndigbo by Obasanjo only makes Obasanjo loathe these Igbo sycophants and errand boys more.  Yet, they will go out and buy a crowd of Igbos to attend Obasanjo’s rallies in Igboland. But, when Dim Ojukwu campaigns in the North and draws a respectable and admiring crowd, the Nigerian Police, without rhyme or reason, and without provocation, breaks up a peaceful political rally pre-election—with teargas, no less. Why, we have always known that there is a deliberate policy of the Nigerian government and Nigerian society to repress and suppress Ndigbo; but to use the armed  Government agents—the Police—to disrupt, disperse, harass, and intimidate a peaceful rally of unarmed and orderly audience congregated to listen to a Presidential candidate is still quite unbelievable.  

If you think that the Igbo-Biafrans are being treated with wickedness by Nigeria , the Nigerian government, Obasanjo and all, have you ever wondered why the Nigerian Press and Media outlets never publish and analyze these actions and events? At best, they spend a quick paragraph, writing a watered-down version of what happened, usually using the opinion of either an Igbo apologist for Obasanjo/Nigeria, or an outright Igbo antagonist. At worst, they refuse to mention anything at all. They maintain a deafening silence in the face of great evil being visited on Igbo-Biafrans. How bad is it? APGA is never even mentioned in most of the election reporting during this polling period. How much more can you snub a people, a nation?  

When you are being deliberately snubbed and ignored, why would you join the ranks of those who perpetrate these crimes against you? Any Igbo-Biafran who is still today asking for a reason for Igbo-Biafran unity and solidarity is either a fool, or he or she is deaf, dumb and dead. For those who do not ask that stupid question, yet do nothing to join in the unity and solidarity of Igbo-Biafrans, we ask you: what are you waiting for? Do you think that you are any better than the previous one asking that stupid question? Get up, get out and integrate yourself into the unity of our people and be in solidarity with them.  

We reserve our disgust for the Igbo-Biafran efulefus who are actively working against us by their joining other parties, by their supporting Obasanjo and his wicked machinery, those Igbo-Biafrans who not only look the other way as Ndigbo are being killed, injured, insulted, and repressed and belittled, but actually enjoy it, instigate it, participate in it, and get paid for this dastardly behavior.  

Fortunately for us, the hand of God is guiding Ndigbo-Biafrans. Even when it appears that “Pharaoh is being stubborn,” it is indeed God that is hardening Pharaoh’s heart so that Pharaoh can get what he deserves in the end. So, in spite of and especially because of these evil machinations of Obasanjo, PDP, Nigeria , Igbo-turncoats and the Igbo Nigerian apologists, Biafra shall be, ordained by God, redeemed by God, freed at last by God from the bloody and grimy grip of one Nigeria .  

For this reason, you must all keep the faith. Whatever happens, we must all stay united and in solidarity. We must all support APGA and Ojukwu with all our heart, with all our might, and at all times. We must all vote for APGA and Ojukwu. When the time comes, we must reject Nigeria and all that Nigeria stands for. We must reject the results of the obviously rigged elections. We must speak up at that time for separation and Sovereign National Conference, if there are nations to conference with; otherwise, we shall move alone and away from the destructing and self-imploding Nigeria , into the promised land of Biafra , a land prepared for us by God who created us and placed us there.  

Biafra lives because God lives! Because God has willed it so. Everything that is happening now and that will happen later will all work together towards Biafra actualization, no matter what it looks like at first look. Trust God in this. God’s time is now!  

Onward to Biafra ! APGA / Ojukwu. Unity and solidarity.  

We must do our part.

Biafra lives!  

That’s the news analysis for this week. Thank you.



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