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For April 12th 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysisÖ


Fellow Biafrans:  

Regardless of what has happened today, you are called upon to continue to show Unity and Solidarity, expressed as full support for APGA and Ojukwu, and block-vote for APGA and Ojukwu. It could be that elections have been postponed by an orderly process, or by a disruptive or chaotic process. Either way, you are to remain united and in solidarity, with unwavering support for APGA and Ojukwu.  

If the elections are holding, we count on your block-vote for APGA and Ojukwu, and your unflinching support for APGA and Ojukwu. These actions signify and prove our unity and solidarity. In this state of unity and solidarity, nobody can defeat Biafra any more. But more importantly, when we remain united and in solidarity and act with focused and uniform resolve, we are only participating in Godís plan for the actualization of Biafra ; we are in obedience of Godís instructions designed to keep us free against those who thought they had succeeded in enslaving us.  

Fellow Biafrans: for those of you inclined to despair because of the ongoing systemic and systematic policy of Biafra annihilation as evidenced by lNECís recently published voter registration numbers, we ask you to keep your chin up. We ask you to pick yourself up and awake from your depression. The reason we ask you this with full confidence and full understanding is because we know that our case is in the hands of God. We understand with certain clarity that our destiny is under Godís control, and. this destiny is in Biafra , it is Biafra , and is about us as Biafrans.  

You see, yon cannot foresee how God is going to liberate us especially when you base your predictions on human wisdom and human knowledge and human reasoning. God moves in mysterious ways, it is said. We can go to ancient history and reference the case of the Israelites being liberated from Egypt , against formidable odds. Or, we can start from today, as the strangulating hold of Saddam on the hapless Iraqi people is broken by the brave and courageous US military acting as Godís agent to set the people of Iraqi free.  The same in Afghanistan . The same in former Yugoslavia , Bosnia , Kosovo. East Timor was set free.  Unknown to, and unseen by, human insight, God has been working mysteriously, setting Godís creation free. Believe us--no, believe God--Biafra shall be actualized, in Godís way and in Godís time. That Divine timetable for the liberation of Biafrans is now.  

All that is required of you is to do whatever you have to do to your own self to accept and support our unity and solidarity, not just among us, but to join us in unity with God in Godís own plan. All that is now required of you is to do your own part, to bring yourself to participate and join in our unity and solidarity. This calls for each one of us to swallow our pride. This calls for each one of us to forgive one another. This calls for each one of to care for one another; to respect and accept one another. This calls for each one of us to put aside, for the time being , that which makes us unique and strong, that which makes us ďspecial,Ē that in which we take special pride--our individualism and our strong sense of independence. So, do not think that God does not understand or know what He is asking of us. On the contrary, God knows this better than we could ever know or understand, because He created us that way. There is a time and a place for everything. Now is the time for this. You shall not refuse God.  

Fellow Biafrans, while we appeal to you with all human modesty and persuasion, we want you to understand that at the end of the day, you cannot stand in the way of Godís plan. If you refuse to participate in Godís plan, God will turn rocks into His own children and work with them towards Biafra actualization. This Divine plan will be accomplished with or without you, by God, and in Godís own time--which is right now. Therefore, get a hold of yourself; sober up, join our unity and solidarity, and express such unity and solidarity with the pride befitting a great achievement, by fully supporting APGA and Ojukwu and unanimously voting for APGA and Ojukwu.  

Let us reveal a little insight into this Divine plan. The liberation of Biafra is also Godís mechanism to liberate His other children in the other nations living in Nigeria . When the chains are broken to set Biafrans free, the same shackle chaining all together will have been broken too, allowing all the children of God in different Nations living in Nigeria to obtain their freedom.  You see, God is not mocked. The burden of oppression which we Biafrans strain under so much, is also an issue and a problem for the other peoples of other Nations living in Nigeria . God is just as eager, and just as concerned, just as interested and just as serious to relieve them of this unjust, cruel and inhumane imposition. The only losers will be those who have caused this untold suffering of the peoples; those who have gained personally from the suffering of the people; those who have exploited both the suffering of the people and the people themselves. It is these unscrupulous elements who have worked so hard to keep the chains on the peoples and keep the shackles working: these wicked ones will be the losers, and their lot will be determined by God Himself.  

Further more, the liberation of Biafra and consequent liberation of other Nations living in Nigeria shall serve as a model for the liberation of the rest of the Nations of Africa and their oppressed and hapless peoples. You didnít really assume that God would neglect Africa for ever, did you? Why would God create the most resource-full and most beautiful continent on the planet and then allow the peoples and the lands of such a continent to languish for ever and perish? God is not mocked, fellow Biafrans!  

The destiny of Biafra is tied with the destiny of Africa , and vice versa. The agony of life for Biafrans living in Nigeria is a microcosm of the agony of life for all peoples living in Africa . That God would continue to allow such agony for much longer is un-God-like. It is for this season that you must pay attention to our message. You are part of a larger plan; however, your own part must be played quite well and exactly by you--by each one of us--for the plan to proceed according to the way it was conceived to work by God. Himself.  Now, we have passed on to you a little piece of the puzzle. We trust that this will motivate you to do your own part.  

In the recent movie about Biafra called ďTears of the Sun.Ē  the last statement warns that all that has to happen for evil to take root and for evil to thrive is for good men and good women to be silent. In this light, we are asking our brothers and sisters, our leaders--everyone: why do you remain silent when dozens of innocent unarmed MASSOB members were senselessly cut down in a hail of bullets fired by trigger-happy Nigerian security agents? Why do you remain silent when hundreds of them were injured and maimed by this unjustified attack on unarmed civilians on their way to a peaceful rally?  

We ask you again: why have you not found your voice to raise it in decrying and condemning the unjustified imprisonment of MASSOB members and their leader, Uwazurike following this toxic incident in which MASSOB was the obvious victim? Why have you not called vociferously for their release? In the past and in the present, has keeping quiet in the face of egregious wrong and obvious evil helped us in any way in the evil country known as Nigeria ? Our people have been killed in Kana Kaduna, Jos, Abuja , Lagos , Onitsha , Owerri, Enugu , Okigwe and many other places. Each time, you said nothing or said nothing much; and you hurried to forget, lest you dwell on it and be compelled by your own conscience to shout and speak out, to scream at the-top of your voice, unable to contain the anger and injustice perpetrated on you by murderous Nigerians. When are you going to speak up? When will you say, No! This is wrong? When? When? When?  

We strongly advise all our leaders and all our people to speak with one voice and ask for accountability for the murders of MASSOB members and the injuring of MASSOB members. We ask our leaders and our people to demand the immediate release of Uwazurike and all other MASSOB members being held in various Nigerian jails. Letís do it today--now!  

We continue to express our sorrow and continue our mourning for all MASSOB members killed or wounded or jailed by immoral and amoral units and elements of the Nigeria security apparatus. We have notified the world of this tragedy and of your victimization.  We commend you, our brave and heroic brothers and sisters, to the care of our God.  

Fellow Biafrans, we conclude by once again asking of you that we do the right thing, the right thing by God and by man, in order that we can say with satisfaction, pride and pleasure, that we have done our part, that we have contributed what is required of us, in the Divine plan for the actualization of Biafra, that effort being all of as joining together in unity and solidarity of our people, and the expression of this unity as total support for APGA and Ojukwu, and giving every single vote to APGA and Ojukwu, should the elections actually hold. This is the God-paved road to Biafra .  

Biafra lives!

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