This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts  

For March 22nd 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

By the time you listen to this broadcast, it is quite likely that the Gulf region will be engulfed in war. Although you are quite far-removed from that region geographically, and even though your own life and life circumstances forced upon you by the evil condition called one Nigeria, are a sufficient cross to bear, there is a high probability of your being victimized once again by Muslims of Nigeria, especially Northern Nigeria, as a consequence of war in the Gulf Region.  

Consider these recent facts: when the United States pursued Al Qaeda in Afghanistan , the Igbo and other Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria were senselessly and ruthlessly murdered, and their property destroyed by Northern Nigerian Muslims. Obasanjo and his government did nothing to stop this genocide. In fact, the state government apparatus in Northern Nigeria , coupled with some federal Nigerian institutional elements aided, abetted, supported and executed this murderous pogrom against our people. Our people provoked nobody. Their crimes?

i)                    Being Igbo or Biafran

ii)                   Having the foolish notion that they are really citizens of a country called Nigeria

iii)                 Thinking and believing that as Nigerian citizens, they could live anywhere in Nigeria  

As such, our mothers and sisters, brothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, children: they all paid the ultimate price for this forgivable error—they assumed that they are Nigerians, and therefore, welcome and safe in Muslim Northern Nigeria .  

Then, there is the matter of the Miss World Beauty Pageant. Who among you can tell us that this concerned the Igbo people or other Biafrans living in Nigeria ? Who among you or who in Nigeria , in Africa , or the entire world for that matter, could accuse the Igbo or Biafrans as having anything to do with that show? But in the end, whom did the Muslim Northern Nigerians attack and where? Was it not the Igbo and other Biafrans residing in Northern Nigeria ? Once again, without provocation, our people were victimized, brutalized and traumatized. Not only did Obasanjo and his government fail to protect our people, but he and the government blamed this cowardly, murderous behavior on an article written by a journalist in This Day. Government officials from Northern Nigeria were so arrogant and callous that they went on international radio such as BBC and announced that the journalist, an Igbo-Biafran lady, had received a death sentence called for by their Muslim religion, inciting and incensing every Muslim in the world to kill the journalist as a religious duty. What a great shame!  

We know that many of the Igbo-Biafrans living in Nigeria—even in Diaspora; but especially those still living in Northern Nigeria, choose to ignore these facts, to ignore the danger, a lethal and mortal danger totally without justification. Nevertheless, we must remind you that in the instance of Gulf war, your lives will be in jeopardy if you live in Northern Nigeria . We want to remind you that your property is not safe. We want to remind you that your families, if they are still there with you there, are not safe. We advise you to gather your family and your belongings and return to Biafraland; we pray that God will protect you. We pray that you will have learnt something, for a change.  

Fellow Biafrans: running around and away from marauding, murderous Muslims in Northern Nigeria is self-preservation. But our only real protection from them is having our own sovereign and independent nation of Biafra . Our only protection from Obasanjo and the government of Nigeria is our having our own sovereign nation of Biafra .  

We know this should be obvious to you all. We know this should make sense to everybody including even our tormentors, Obasanjo and the rest of Nigeria . What we do not know is why any Igbo-Biafran would still think today that he or she should continue to work hard for one Nigeria ? Please tell us why, if you belong to this category. But do it fast—now—because the longer you tarry with your answer or your actions, the more you hurt us, the more you hurt all our peopleyour brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts; your fathers and mothers, your own children. Why? Why do you continue to hurt us? We ask. Isn’t it enough that Obasanjo and his government are killing as? Isn’t it enough that Northern Nigerian Muslims are killing us? Must you, too, join them in killing your own self and in killing your own people? Desist! Now! Repent!  

Biafra is the answer for our people. The present electoral process offers us an opportunity to get our Biafra , to wrest our sovereignty and independence from Muslims of Northern Nigeria; from hateful people—specifically, Igbo-Biafran haters--like 0basarijo, and from the evil called “one Nigeria .”  This opportunity is part of God’s overall plan to rescue Biafrans from ultimate and untimely suffocation by Nigeria and Obasanjo.  

Fellow Biafrans: let us restate this plan for you.

  1. Unity and solidarity. Even forgetting all that Biafrans had suffered in the hands of Nigeria up to 3 months ago or so, the current humiliation, insolence, and discounting of Igbo-Biafrans should make you all angry enough to close ranks, unite, and be of one mind. This we are doing.
  1. Express our unity and solidarity by full and total and unanimous support and vote for APGA and Ojukwu. The immediate effects will include the proof of the power of our unity and solidarity to our people, and then, to our enemies; the taking over of our land, Biafraland, from the evil oppressive rulership of the errand boys paid by our enemies to continue to kill and enslave and exploit us in our own blessed fatherland. Finally, we shall force a Sovereign National conference where all the Nations living in Nigeria will get a chance to decide how to not fight over our certain separation.
  1. Do your part. God asks each one of us to do his or her own part. All that is asked of you is to forgive and forget any misgivings and any perceived wrong done to you by your brother or your sister. God asks you to forgive and forget any perceived shortcomings on the part of your brother or your sister. Having done that, join your own people in unity and solidarity. Join your own people in voting unanimously for, and supporting APGA and Ojukwu.

You see, brothers and sisters and friends; God’s plan for our salvation is not complex, not complicated at all. It is quite simple and elegant. But, we do know that for a people whose most enviable and defining trait is independence and individualism, this is quite tough. Well, did you expect any less from our loving God? Would He not base His plan for us around that which makes us unique, around a special gift which He Himself endowed us with?
God is telling us:
“I gave you independence and individualism, I also gave you the wisdom to understand when to temporarily put this aside in order that you can survive certain trials and tribulations like the great tree that survives only because it bends with the wind.”  

So, everybody, you have a task to do: first, start with your own self: be clear in your heart, in your head, and in your mind that there is one thing that has to be done now—join in the unity and solidarity of our people, if you haven’t already done so. Second, be even clearer—if that is at all possible—in your own mind, head, and heart, that there is only one way to meaningfully express our unity and solidarity: full support and unanimous vote for APGA and Ojukwu. Third, go out and spread the news of this God’s plan to all our people; do it patiently until you convince at least 5 persons around you.  

To the few efulefus among us who are going around trying to keep our people in one Nigeria , we have a question for you.  We already know you are going to fail, because you cannot beat God. But, for the purposes of reasoning, we pose this to you. You have read the news this week that Muslim youth / students are running amok in Ibadan and disrupting schools, including even Christian schools, trying to force girls to wear veils over their faces. If you were to succeed in keeping us in Nigeria (God has of course forbidden that) have you thought of what would happen to your daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, wives, and mothers? Have you considered the fact that after these Muslim youth succeed in Ibadan, nothing would stop them from Talibanizing the rest of Nigeria ?  

So, fellow Biafrans, you see that even the pompous Obasanjo who shows false power when it comes to using his military to kill innocent civilians, cannot even protect Ibadan and his people from forced  Islamization of public and Christian schools. What chance do we stand of being protected if Obasanjo continues or Buhari returns as the president of Nigeria,  and if Biafra still finds herself under occupation by Nigeria?  Zero chance! Zeuch chance!  

Only God can save Biafra and rescue Biafra from Nigeria . And, God has given us a simple-to-follow, but challenging, Plan. The challenge is easy to overcome—it takes only a willingness on our part to: put our ego and self and pride aside for a moment and adopt His plan. To put our pride aside once in a while is not such a bad thing, either. We shall do what God has planned for as. We shall all join in our Unity and solidarity. We shall all proceed to support APGA and Ojukwu fully and vote for APGA and Ojukwu unanimously (if we get to elections)! That is the Divine plan!  

Biafra lives. God planned it that way.  

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts continues ( . Thank you.