This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts  

For March 15th 2003

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

Events occurring now continue to prove the wisdom and correctness of our Unity and Solidarity movement and the tangible evidence of this unity expressed as our total support for APGA and Ojukwu. Those of you too close to the “action” probably do not realize the extent to which our success in the Unity and Solidarity drive, has spooked Obasanjo and Nigeria . Those of you under the Nigerian gun may not understand how thoroughly Obasanjo, PDP, and Nigeria have been threatened by the fact of Igbo-Biafran unity and solidarity and our resolve to cast our vote entirely for APGA and Ojukwu, and to give APGA and Ojukwu our unalloyed support.  

Let us remind you of the recent events and connect the dots for you. As you know, AD is now wooing PDP and vice versa; and ANPP is wooing PDP and vice versa. Are you surprised? You should not be. The AD has claimed the loyalty of Yoruba elements of the PDP; and ANPP is claiming the loyalty of all Northern members of the PDP. And, do you know what? They will divide the ill-gotten wealth of PDP and PDP resources between them! In the meantime, PDP is busy denying this, claiming that they are negotiating with AD and ANPP about non-violent election process and conduct. Do you believe that? We do not.  

So, then, guess who is left holding the empty PDP bag? The Igbo/Easterners, of course, who else? Guess who will try to defend PDP with their empty efforts and misguided lives? The Igbo and other Eastern members of PDP!  Do you Know what is most annoying? It is not that the Yoruba and the North are laughing at the Igbo/Eastern PDP members. It is not necessarily that the Igbo/Easterners are so dumb that they do not know what the game is, what the rules of the game are, and that they remain on the field like bewildered fools even after the game has been called over. What is most annoying is that the Yoruba and the North will spirit and cart away the resources of PDP and use them to improve AD and ANPP and to improve their respective peoples, while the Igbo/Easterners are left standing there, clueless, but still thinking that there is a PDP! What a great shame!!! Wake up! Ndigbo! Wake up! Easterners, especially if you belong with PDP!  

Fellow Biafrans: we have seen this before, haven’t we? While our so-called leaders are busy building up One Nigeria and one-Nigerian institutions, they absolutely fail to see that others are only interested in the betterment of their own regions and their own peoples. Others grab the “national cake” (which is actually baked by, and prepared from, resources of the Southeasterners) for their own regions and peoples, while the South East is quite content with losing out. On top of that, our so-called leaders look out for themselves only—for each his or her own personal interests, rather than the interest of our people and nation, Biafra . For this reason, the Northerners and Westerners “settle” our so-called leaders, and therefore, can get away with anything for the benefit of their own peoples while all the Southeast gets are personally bribed and bought individuals who call themselves Southeastern representatives!  Today, we are witnessing this occurring right before the elections with respect to the PDP party.  

Consider this; Obasanjo had a campaign rally in the West recently. Only 10,000 people came, out of an expected 80,000. For all we know, these few attendees could have been Igbos living in the West who had been bribed to attend. The point is that the West is AD country; the Yoruba do not want anything to do with PDP. So they did not even bother to show up for their own kinsman’s party. Of course, it is no surprise that they did not come out for Obasanjo. During the last election it was the Igbo / Southeast, NOT the Yoruba, who voted Obasanjo into office (never mind that he then immediately turned around and played nepotism, favoring his non-supportive kin while at the same time pursuing a deliberate policy of active repression and cheating and deprivation against the Southeast region where his votes came from). The Yoruba understand that Obasanjo is one of the worst, if not outrightly the worst person who (mis)ruled Nigeria . They do not have to show up for his rally—and they will not. They do not have to root for his party, the PDP—and, they will never!  But, do you know what? Come Election Day, and they will all now vote for him. And, they make no secret of it. AD did not feature a Presidential candidate because they do not want any competition for their kinsman, even though Obasanjo has been a disappointment, and even though he belongs with PDP party. But, they will all vote for Obasanjo, anyways; also, they will all vote AD all the way in the Western Region.  

Fellow Biafrans: compare and contrast this with what our efulefus are doing to our people in our region: Our own so-called leaders—the likes of Iwuanyanwu and Orjii Uzor Kalu—will organize large rallies in the Southeast for Obasanjo.and using intimidation, bribery, lies and propaganda, bring out the Igbo people to sing the false praises of the Igbo-Biafran hater and tormentor, a man whose own kinspeople would not even come out to see! What a great shame!  

Today, we have also learned that some “important” members of OHANEZE were also receiving money from Obasanjo / PDP and in return, were sabotaging the organization’s efforts at ratifying the Unity and Solidarity movement of our people which is to be expressed as full support for APGA / Ojukwu. While Yoruba in PDP are now fully giving their loyalty to AD and their region, and Northern people in PDP are switching their loyalties to ANPP and the Northern region, our own OHANEZE is busy being settled by PDP, giving support to PDP, showing disloyalty to our people and region, and sabotaging our effort to rally around APGA / Ojukwu, the one party that represents our entire region and the people of Biafra. How many Judas’ shall we count in Igboland / Biafraland? How many times shall Judas betray and sell Biafra ?  

Fellow Biafrans, remember this: He Who is with us is Greater than them all, including those who are with them. What God has ordained, no man can spoil; no person can alter. The harder they come, the harder they will fall.  

Now, one more point before we go to the practical steps which we now have to take! Recall how we have always predicted that the elections will not hold, in all likelihood? Now, see how they are trying to get it cancelled at least for April? If they succeed, what are the chances of re-scheduling-the elections? When the elections are postponed indefinitely or even cancelled outrightly, then what? These questions are for you to ponder. But, all this should really get you to start taking us seriously. We really know what we are talking about.  

What can we do now, fellow Biafrans? There is really only one correct thing that we can do; one correct thing that we have to do now  and "all other things shall be added unto us!" That one thing is: Unity and solidarity, which will be expressed by mass voting for APGA / Ojukwu and full support for them now. The enemy has already become anxious and jittery; the enemy will turn around and run away when they see that we are united, and that we are in solidarity as a people, and in unity with our support and vote for APGA / Ojukwu. It is already happening.  

To our Youth .the time is now: get together; unite and lead our people into a greater unity. Make it a task to each get out and convert at least 5 people or more to our Unity and Solidarity movement, and support and vote for APGA / Ojukwu. Get into the villages and townships and give them the good news of Unity and Solidarity. The same task we give to our University Students, our High School students; to all students.  

To our Churches:  do, listen to the voice of God speaking within you; let the Spirit move you; show courage to follow the lead of the Lord in your physical and spiritual liberation from the Pharaoh’s Egypt of our times, otherwise known as Nigeria. Pray for our Unity and Solidarity. Join our Unity and solidarity. Express it as block vote for APGA / Ojukwu. Pray for continuing God’s support for APGA and Ojukwu. Give your support to APGA / Ojukwu. Enjoin every member of your congregations to join the unity and act in unison during this time. God calls on you to show courage and bravery, because He is right beside you holding you up, sustaining your efforts.  

To all organizations, especially all pro-Biafran organizations: we need you now to form and be the KEEPERS of Biafran Unity and Solidarity, and you can do this by joining the Youth and the congregations in passing on the message of our Unity and Solidarity, by practicing the same yourself, and by cheering everybody up and and cheering everybody on, until victory is assured. We shall all pledge our full support for APGA,/ Ojukwu as a practical and visible expression of this solidarity this unity.  

If the enemy gives you money or gifts, take it, use it, but let it even never cross your mind that you will do anything else than fully support APGA /Ojukwu. If the enemy brags about how much money they can throw into this process, just remember: money cannot buy your support or your vote when you have already made up your mind to support APGA / Ojukwu in our Unity and Solidarity movement.  

To those who have thus far sabotaged our movement, we urge you to turn around and change your ways: it is not too late. You are going into Biafra with the rest of us, because that’s our individual and collective Divine destiny. When you fight us, you are only fighting God’s plan. It is futile so to do.  

Fellow Biafrans: there is no better protection—in fact, there is no other protection—for us both as individuals and as a Nation and people of Biafra, from all that is going to be happening from now until we get to the Promised Land, Biafra, than our Unity and Solidarity, expressed as staunch support for APGA and Ojukwu, and as block vote for them (if it ever got to that). Please, hear this: It is so because this is the Divine Plan for the liberation of our people, the blessed Nation of Biafra, a plan designed by God Himself.  

Biafra lives.  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra Interntional (VOBI) broadcasts continues (, follow Voice of Biafra link). Thank you.