This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Broadcasts.  

For March 8, 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysisÖ  

Fellow Biafrans, Friends, Brothers and Sisters:  

We start today by reminding you of this: God created the land of Biafra with untold riches and blessingsóproductive land, agreeable climate, replete with mineral and oil resources. This is by Godís doing, not man's. And then, God also created the people of Biafra with so many more personal blessings and talents: hardworking, entrepreneural, intelligent, independent-minded, wealthy. This is also by Godís doing, not man's But, do you realize and appreciate what God has wrought here? God created an incredibly rich land called Biafra ; but He also created an even richer human being called the Biafran. So divinely blessed is the Biafran that he or she can live life fully and in abundance without even having to depend on his/her over-blessed land! This is in fact triple Divine blessingóof the land, of the person, and the blessing of freedom from dependence on anything.  And all of that, by Godís doing, not by the work of man!  

Is this then what man wants to destroy? This situation that is created and supported by Godó Biafra , Biafrans? We can understand manís envy and jealousy of what man feels that he cannot attain. But, what man can thus destroy, out of manís envy, what God has blessed? What man is going to come to Godís handiwork and, feeling envious and jealous, decide that he can successfully mar Godís design? God might humor such a man, so that the man, for a season at most, may actually think that he is succeeding. But only for a season. God is not mocked. What God has erected shall stand tall and remain erect for all times, because it is the Nature of God that supports it.  

Yes, for a while, Nigeria thought that it has crushed Biafra, which it has always envied. Nigeria schemed and plotted and planned with all its might to suppress, repress, humiliate, frustrate, marginalize and even annihilate Biafra . Nigeria killed Biafrans and destroyed Biafra at will, and made sure to exclude them from any meaningful participation in its affairs, and in fact excluded Biafrans from any benefit from the aforementioned natural blessings bestowed on Biafrans by God Himself. Nigeria felt so confident that it had succeeded in destroying Biafra , the handiwork of God, that it started discounting Biafra as a nonentity. Well, God has humored Nigeria , but only for a season. Now, God shall not be mocked. It is time that God will put Nigeria in its place so that Godís work shall no longer be molested and imprisoned by Nigeria . It is time for the light that is Biafra to shine among luminous stars, never again to be covered by the machinations and evil canopy of those who envy Biafra .  

Fellow Biafrans: You are Biafrans, and your land is Biafra ! God has blessed you and your land immensely, and you ought to be proud of that. You ought to realize with great humility that this is the work of God; not the work of man; and to understand with unshakable faith that what you and your land have is given and sustained by no other than the Nature of God Himself. So we say, fear not! even at this, the hour of your redemption. We say, fear not! even though the man of envy is continuing on a rampage in his typical evil intent directed towards you.  

Fellow Biafrans: we say, fear not! In these days of intensified trials and tribulations for the nations living in Nigeria , especially Biafra , we shall be sustained by the Divine plan of deliverance for Biafrans. This plan calls for our Unity and Solidarity as a Nation of Biafra. We are glad to note that many of you have already heard the call for our Unity and Solidarity, and you have heeded that call. Our Brothers and Sisters: it is not easy to unite a people whose trait is independence of will and mind, and self-dependence. But, we are going to do it, because it is by the Will and Grace of God. For your part, do accept a little inconvenience and some sacrifice as we each give up something so that we all can gain Unity and Solidarity, which is part of Godís plan.  

The Divine plan of liberation of Biafra calls for the expression of our Unity and Solidarity at this moment in time by full and unequivocal support of APGA and Ojukwu. Once again, we understand that some of you want to be neutral, or non-partisan. Others find so many faults with their own that they will do the contrary to spite their very own. Well, that was okay--maybe--for yesterday. Today, God asks you to forgive whatever is keeping you from joining Godís people in Unity and Solidarity and in this tangible expression of such unity by giving full support for APGA and Ojukwu. God asks you to let go and forget whatever remaining obstacles that might be stopping you from joining your brothers and sisters, Godís own people, in giving maximum and total support for APGA and Ojukwu, as a way to show our Unity and Solidarity as a Nation of Biafra. Yes, we ask that you give up something personal in order that you may gain something both personal and collective by following Godís plan for Biafra .  

Today, we call on all Biafran Youth: organize yourselves into units and spread the Word to every single person in the villages and in the townships that it is indeed the Divine plan to liberate Biafra now, using the vehicle of APGA / Ojukwu to keep us united and in solidarity. We are counting on you to do this. Speak to your age-mates and to your schoolmates; carry the Divine message to them.  

If you already belong to a Society or Organization, you need to convince such a unit of the need for members to start discussing the Divine plan and playing a part in carrying out the Divine plan. It is not necessary to wait for any more signs or signal. It is not necessary to wait to see which way things are going or which way things will go. Every organization, society and every club is asked to swing into action to understand the Divine plan for Biafra actualization, to spread the news to the grassroots, and to carry out the plan en masse.  

Fellow Biafrans, we ask you to support each other in carrying out this Divine plan, because there is strength in unity, strength in numbers. Many of our people, because of the constant traumatization suffered in the hands of Nigeria , are still fearful and anxious and confused. Let us all stand together; let us all stand by one another, living in Unity and Solidarity, and expressing it as unanimous and massive support for APGA and Ojukwu.  

Those that delight in attacking what God has built will come around to woo you away from the fold, like a fox deceiving gullible sheep. They are agents of PDP, ANPP and other parties. They are agents of Obasanjo, Buhari, and other known tormentors of Biafrans. They will try to entice you with money and gifts, and next, they will try to intimidate you. If they give you money, take it from them, and still vote for APGA / Ojukwu. If you can spare any of it, use some of the money to support APGA and Ojukwu. Otherwise, spend the entire money, and even ask them for more. This is the reason: The PDP and Obasanjo and ANPP do not have any other source of income than, ultimately, Biafran Oil revenues. They stole and horded the money which by right belongs to you. What they are giving you now to buy your votes with, is like a mere farthing compared to what they have stolen from you. These are the same persons and parties responsible for withholding Teachers salaries, Civil Service salaries, Pensions and other monies due the people. Now, they are going to try and buy your votes, with your own money? Just take the money, curse them for their evil, callous, criminal, hypocritical and shameless acts; then spend the money, turn around and still support and still vote for APGA and Ojukwu. The same thing goes for food and for gifts. We know how they obtained these things. Take them openly and willingly, and at the same time, continue with your support for APGA and Ojukwu.  

These men and women and parties whose aim is to destabilize and continue to enslave Godís own people have had their season. Today, they shall not succeed. Men like Orji Uzor Kalu who was elected by the people but now prefers to protect his non-performing PDP party rather than the people who putt them in office, is a typical example; he fits in the ranks of Biafran tormentors. He shall fail, because not even he, with all his mastersí (Obasanjo and the Northern elders) stolen (from the people) resources, can prevail against what God has established.  

Yes, there is nothing that they will not try, including postponing the elections or cancelling them outright. (We have always predicted that elections will not hold, anyway). They can start pre-election riots. And, we know that they will massively rig the elections. But, whatever they throw at the situation or throw at us, united and in solidarity, and fully in support of APGA, the people and Nation of Biafra shall be guided by God so that though we would have to pass through the shadow of the valley of death, and even through the valley itself, we shall emerge unscathed.  

Fellow Biafrans: one more thing. Let us all give our support to MASSOB members who are still in jail without any charges being filed against them, and now, those whose cases have recently been brought up to a court for adjudication. We shall remind this court and all peoples and institutions involved that in the final analysis, they have a conscience, and they have morals; that honesty and justice demand that they see that it is not the habits of hapless but courageous MASSOB members that are destabilizing Nigeria, but the acts of those shameless so-called leaders starting from Obasanjo on down that have destroyed Nigeria. It is not MASSOB members that threaten Nigeria , but it is Sharia that has rent the fabric of Nigeria , a tapestry that was already coming apart at the lose seams, anyway. We urge the court to release all of them now. The danger is elsewhere, and it is present and active; but it is not MASSOB.  

Biafra lives. Unity and solidarity, vote and support for APGA / Ojukwu is our vehicle to Biafra actualization. This is the Divine plan fashioned by the same God Who has endowed the Biafran with so many blessings and blessed the land of Biafra with so much wealth and so many resources. It is by Godís power and fiat that Biafra shall be actualized now.  

Thatís the news analysis for the week, Thank you.


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