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for February 8th, 2003 .  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis...

Fellow Biafrans:  

Our call for unity and solidarity of Igbo-Biafrans is yielding results. We are appreciative of the efforts of all Biafrans who are working to make our unity and solidarity movement come true, efforts at this time, whose immediate and practical goal is to support APGA / Ojukwu fully, and to vote for APGA / Ojukwu in these elections. Remember that whether or not the elections take place (and we realize that chances are great that the elections will not hold) when we are united and are in solidarity, we have already won. As a united people in solidarity, we can do anything we collectively set our mind to, and more importantly, we can accomplish such a task; that includes our main prize, Biafra Nation actualization.  

How do we know that our unity and solidarity movement and actions are working? Well, ask Orji Uzor Kalu. Orji KaIu is an example of the malady afflicting wayward Igbo-Biafrans, and their insane Nigerian counterparts--and we shall get to that later!  From the news reaching us recently, Kalu has just started to endorse General Obasanjo in an unprecedented about-face, for the umpteenth time. Of course, the reason becomes obvious in a minute. Kalu is bright enough to see that a now united Ndigbo-Biafrans in solidarity are supporting APGA / Ojukwu.  Recall the first thing we predicted will result from our unity and solidarity when we vote en masse for APGA / Ojukwu? We said that the first effect and benefit to our people will be to wrest control of our land from the PDP governors who are misruling our people, imprisoning and killing them on behalf of Obasanjo and the rest of Nigeria , using the partisan weapons of PDP. Kalu had one of 2 choices: join the people in unity and solidarity even if it means shelving his personal ambitions at this time; or stay with PDP and fight against the united people of Ndigbo-Biafra--his own people, on the side of Obasanjo and the rest of Nigeria--those well-known for being Ndigbo-Biafran haters. If we are to believe the recent newspaper reports, Kalu has gone over to be with the enemy rather than stay with his own people: what a shame. He ran over to the very man that he absolutely cannot stand, a man he has good and justified reasons to loathe and to detest; he ran over to the rotten, corrupt, and inept system called PDP which he hates. All in all, Kalu acted in the blind pursuit of his own personal ambitions at the expense of his own personal principles and at the expense of his own people. What selfishness!!!  

Fellow Biafrans: this is the type of behavior that we wish to address. We know what is wrong--we have always known. We know that Nigeria and Obasanjo are wrong for Ndigbo-Biafrans. We know that they are hell-bent on hurting, humiliating and subjugating Ndigbo-Biafrans; hell-bent on killing and annihilating Ndigbo-Biafrans. We know all that. Even if we have forgotten, were we not amply reminded of this by the current electoral process? But, in spite of what we know so well, we are still willing to go with that system, willing to cross over to that system, when we are given a choice to move away. In doing this, Kalu just reminded us about where the blame needs to be placed for our sorry state and hapless condition, our only lot in Nigeria , and in Obasanjo’s dispensation.  

One will most likely forgive or ignore an idiot for getting into messy and injurious situations because such a fool does not know any better. But, what do you say to, and how do you treat somebody who is smart enough to understand what is going on, and yet places himself or herself in the path of injury and danger and death, all in the blind pursuit of selfish and personal goals, at the expense of everything else? How do you set about counseling this undoubtedly smart person about his or her actions and behavior when he or she remains oblivious of the mockery, jeer, laughter, loathe, disgust--and all of that, truly well-deserved—which his or her acts and behavior are drawing towards and against him or herself?  

Thus it is that our elders, our youth, our so-called leaders. the elite—practically everybody—save for those so despondent and depressed that they have given up on life in Nigeria—practically everybody else has thrown out good judgment and followed the path of evil, the path to evil, well-known and understood by them, rather than do what is right, what is correct, and what is obvious even to a baby. The tragedy, as in the case of Kalu, is that these are people who should know better! These are people who know better! What a tragedy indeed!  

Sometimes, we do it for money, earning us the loathe of other people and the rest of Nigeria . We have become the butt of money-greed jokes, and we have come to actually resemble those jokes. At other times, we follow the obvious wrong path in the presence of evident right course out of a selfish streak, out of ego pursuits, a true measure of our smallness given in fact that we are quite smart. Worst of all, we follow the wrong path fully knowing that the life of our loved ones and the welfare of our collective nation will certainly be jeopardized. What a shame!  

Our people used to have a strong tradition of protecting the young—our youth—from indoctrination and corruption, knowing that the future of the nation/race depended on clear-thinking and clear-minded youth. But in this dispensation, we have also allowed this to be violated. We now hear of a group of Igbo youth who claim that not only is Obasanjo their man, but also, that he was chosen and ordained by God to rule Nigeria and Ndigbo. So we have proved the saying: “the seed does not fall far from the parent tree”! Our youth have caught the same affliction that has infected us. Bought with money, blinded by cash, the youth fail to observe that they lack educational opportunities, job opportunities or any opportunity at all, for that matter. Their parents lack opportunity and/or have not been paid their salary or pension for months, making it impossible for the families to feed these youth or pay for their education or support them. Because the youth were offered a little cash-bribe, they forget the deprivation of their own parents and families, even their own deprivation. Then, they go off praising the same man who is directly responsible for the condition which they and their families find themselves in. They endorse an administration and a system which has only and always hurt them personally, directly and indirectly; and their families, and our people.  

Fellow Biafrans, as if this was not enough, the same corrupting influence that bought our youth with money also corrupted the youth’s spirit and mind by feeding them the superstition that Obasanjo was chosen by God to rule Nigeria and Ndigbo. What arrant nonsense! Alas, our youth can no longer tell the devil apart from an angel, nor an evil and wicked man apart from an upright and honest leader—not even when the facts are so obvious and borne out by direct present experience. 

Fellow Biafrans, there is hope! There is a cure for what ails us. And best of all, it does not cost money, and it does not place a burden of servitude on us. The solution to our problem is unity—the unity and solidarity of our people. United and in solidarity, we can never be played one against another. We can never be bought to work against one another. We could never again be split so as to make easy pickings for anybody, least of all, Obasanjo and the rest of Nigeria . Our youth shall once again become safe from unscrupulous and shameless operators among us and from the outside. 

United and in solidarity, we have the collective power of a determined people on our side; as such, we take our destiny as a people in our own hands, and then proceed to fulfill that destiny with confidence and boldness. It is in fact thusly that we shall rendezvous with our pre-ordained destiny, Biafra .  

And we shall express our unity and solidarity by voting en mass for APGA and Ojukwu. As such, we will take our land back from the likes of Kalu, and we shall rescue our youth from Iwuanyanwu and Obasanjo and we shall force a Sovereign National Conference, there to declare our non-negotiable choice of an independent and sovereign Nation of Biafra. We continue to ask all our brothers and sisters to join us in our unity and solidarity expressed by our vote and support for APGA / Ojukwu. This includes all those who are presently serving PDP and all other parties in any capacity. We now request that you abandon those parties and return to the fold of your people; return for the good of your people; return for the sake of your people. This way, we shall arrive at the gates of Biafra together, enter together, and start and continue our Biafra nation-building together.  

We call on our youth to learn the truth about our people. We call on all PDP governors in Biafraland to join us in our unity and solidarity, to support APGA / Ojukwu now. We are not going to give up on your joining us and we have no intentions of leaving anybody behind, so you need to join us now.  

Unity, solidarity, APGA , Ojukwu—our ticket to Biafra Actualization, Biafraland!  

Biafra lives!!!  

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