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For January 25th 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

Never before has the importance of Unity and Solidarity of a Nation—the Nation of Biafra—and the expression of such unity and solidarity, proved to be so crucial as now, at the end of January 2003, in the sociopolitical nightmare known as Nigeria. We, the Nation of Biafra, have been drifting in the wilderness of politics and sociology, drifting in time, for over 40 years. The detractors of Biafra , those who truly hate Biafra and what Biafra stands for, those who hate Biafrans, have exploited our disarray. No, they have done more than that: they have calculated on our disarray, and knowing that, they have completely discounted us. They formulate their evil plans in high places where Biafrans are excluded from; from there, they figure without Biafra , without Biafrans, as if we did not exist.  

Unity and solidarity of a people is a good thing, any day. We shall not preach to you about the need for, the value and the result of, a focused collective action based on unity and solidarity. But, what we are telling you today is that at no other time is that unity and solidarity called for more so than at the present moment. Save for the decision to defend ourselves from the murderous and marauding Nigerians in 1967, there is no more momentous occasion or act than what we are asking you to do now.  

We require a show of unity and solidarity of the Biafran nation now. We express this unity and solidarity of Biafra by supporting fully the APGA / Ojukwu campaign. By doing so, we send proof of our unity and solidarity as the land of Biafra , the nation of Biafra and the people of Biafra . It is this act—this most important act, supporting APGA / Ojukwu in all and every way—that we are asking of you. It is a simple and natural act for many; a sacrifice for a few; it may even appear unsavory for others. But we do it for a credible show of unity and solidarity of Biafra . That is the goal and objective. That—unity and solidarity—is where the result, the benefit and the power of our action lies.  

Fellow, Biafrans: please can anyone of us truthfully say that a united Biafra in solidarity is not a desirable thing at this time? Is there any wisdom at all in not being united in solidarity as the Nation of Biafra at this moment in time? There may be good individual reasons for not acting, but there is no wisdom at all in that. Wisdom dictates that our unity and solidarity and actions supporting that should be of paramount concern and consideration; wisdom dictates that our support ought to be complete. Every Biafran ought to contribute to the unity and solidarity of the Nation of Biafra expressed in a visible and practical manner as full and total support for APGA / Ojukwu.  

As you all recall, we have always maintained that the elections will not hold. We have stated that even if the elections hold, the results will not be conclusive. There will be a lot of chaos, and we believe, unfortunately, this chaos will be characterized by bloodiness. We all know what happens when blood is shed in Nigeria for any reason: invariably, it is Biafrans that disproportionately bear the bloody brunt. We do not have divining powers; we have only gone by experience, facts, predictability, and most importantly, candor. We are always candid—honest and clear—with you, about these elections. Even as we speak, the storm clouds are gathering, and you can feel it. If we are in unity and solidarity as Biafran nation, we shall be in a much better position to deal with the situation as it is and as it is predicted.  

While we have honestly predicted to you what is bound to happen, people like General Obasanjo are busy telling you not to worry, that nothing will happen. They tell you to expect a peaceful time this election time. We know from his track record that General Obasanjo along with administration has never prevented violence in Nigeria , even when he had ample warning. Nor have they put a stop to violence early enough to make any difference, in the few instances that they intervened at all. Like an ill-equipped Fire Brigade, he and his men arrive after the fire has caused complete destruction and burned itself out. It is only the unity and solidarity of Biafra starting at this time that can afford us any protection, not the false promises and the ineptitude of General Obasanjo and his administration.  

Although General Obasanjo has lied to you to expect no violence, he is doing everything possible to create the circumstances for violence with these so-called elections. He should know, assuming that he understands the history of elections in Nigeria . In the PDP contest, General Obasanjo bought the votes of those who voted for him. He paid them very large sums of money. Where did he get the money from? When did he become a millionaire? Has he been dipping into the funds that Nigeria originally stole from the Oil wealth of Biafra , which were supposed to be for the peoples living in Nigeria ? This is a government that cannot pay its military, cannot pay the Police, and cannot pay pensions. For goodness’ sake, General Obasanjo and his administration are not even paying the utility bills of Nigerian foreign missions , including in New York, are not paying the staff working there; but they have money to buy votes! The same man comes out at the other end of this process, and declares that it is God that nominated him! Is it not this type of travesty that ultimately arouses the people’s anger, when they can take no more? Is it not the frustration caused by this type of behavior that finally lights a match to a charged situation?  

If General Obasanjo only bought votes with the people’s money, that may not be enough to expect a predictable storm. But, he and his operators actually intimidated voters at the primary, marking the voters’ ballots, in an exercise that was supposed to be secret balloting. This is how far the General and his men are willing to go in order to rig the elections. What really is most annoying is that the same General Obasanjo will go around speaking of and preaching democracy to the people living in Nigeria, as if we are either totally ignorant of how and what he is and what he is doing, or too weak and dumb to notice or protest. Then, tell me: isn’t it this type of situation that predictably leads to election or pre-election violence?  The same man that is going around telling you that nothing is going to happen is actually doing everything to make the predictions of violence and chaos come true. That is why we are united now and are in complete solidarity as Biafrans; because it is only in so doing can we protect ourselves from what is certainly coming. To show our solidarity, we shall support APGA and Ojukwu; that way our people can take back our land—Biafra—and her people, Biafrans, from occupation by Nigeria and Nigeria’s surrogates in the land; that way, we can shield our people and our land from darkness which General Obasanjo and his operatives are going to bring upon Nigeria.  

Fellow Biafrans: we need to stay united and in solidarity in order to prevent our people from falling deeper into the bottomless pit of a trap set for us by Nigerians, such as Buhari. Buhari will talk about democracy and experience. Well, Buhari has never had any experience with democracy, coming from a culture that is totally feudalistic. Maybe he is trying to claim that as a military strongman, he ruled by democracy. Well, that’s fine for him, but not for those who know what democracy means. This man wants to make the so-called federal government of Nigeria more powerful—as if the federal government of Nigeria does not control enough already, including even so-called local government areas (LGA). Of course, everybody understands what this means. He wants to turn Nigeria and Biafra into a sheikdom where he will rule, and where Sharia is the only religion, a model that is true to Buhari’s Northern Nigerian culture and upbringing. To achieve this, he and his machinery are ready to rig the elections, using phantom votes from phantom voters. We ask you, are you ready to live in a Biafraland still occupied by Nigeria , especially by Buhari’s people? Are you willing to continue to live as slaves under subjugation by feudalists and feudalism, a system alien to you?  

Fellow Biafrans , Nigeria has no future—we have always known that, and everybody else, too. If there were any doubts, current events should prove that to you. When Nigeria goes down, do you as a people—Biafrans—want to perish with evil Nigeria , or do you want to pull away to allow the clay giant to tumble and shatter without falling on you? This is why it is important to demonstrate unity and solidarity today by voting for APGA / Ojukwu 

When our people all decide to support APGA, we shall have the solidarity to wrest control of our land from Hausa-dominated, and Obasanjo-corrupted, and generally inept, PDP and its governors who are killing our people.  

When we support Ojukwu, we are forcing the rest of Nigeria to acknowledge our existence, to stop discounting us, to understand that the elections are not a done deal—just a 2 way who-can-rig-and-intimidate-most race between 2 incompetents, Obasanjo and Buhari. When we support Ojukwu, we make an impact and affect the results of these elections, forcing a three-way situation and tie that will result in a Sovereign National Conference to decide on how each nation living in Nigeria shall relate to one another on the basis of each nation’s sovereignty and independence.  

Remember, this is an exercise of first and foremost, Biafran Unity and Solidarity; the vote and support for APGA / Ojukwu is an act of substance that confirms our unity and solidarity. For, our salvation lies not in the political process going on in Nigeria , but in the fact of our unity and solidarity, in which state we can accomplish any goals we set our collective mind on. Biafra is our only goal; and we shall thus accomplish it. It is up to us. With unity and solidarity, Biafra actualization is ours for the taking at this time. With unity and solidarity, we shall survive the impending chaos much better and intact, and move on to Biafra Nation-building.  

Fellow Biafrans: act out our unity and solidarity now: support and vote for APGA / Ojukwu.  

Biafra lives!!!  

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