This is the News Analysis Segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcasts.  

For January 4th 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

2003 is the year of the final awakening of Biafra, in the continuation of her journey into the Divine Promised Land of Biafraland, Biafra . Behold, Biafra: your Star riseth again! Behold, the Star that is Biafra shines, and shines bright, and shines to the ends of the world, and shines for as long as the world is.  

Although it may not seem so to many, especially to those who are not just skeptical, but those who love to deride and mock Biafra , the Divine wheels are turning, and the waters are churning. After years and generations of wandering in the wilderness, so to speak, Biafra and Biafrans shall enter the Promised Land: now. That land is Biafra .  

For sure, there will be more years of Biafran nation-building and more generations to lay a sound foundation and an enduring moral, social, economic, spiritual and political infrastructure. Although this will be tough and rough at times, we shall accomplish it with the same Divine dispensation that ordained Biafra in the first place. But, we shall not allow the anticipation of the rigors of nation-building deter us from picking up our baggage and joining in the final march into Biafraland. There will be no more delays: this train has already left the station for its Divine destination. For those who still want to vacillate, we feel sorry for you. Do understand one thing: God will raise Biafrans out of inanimate rocks, if need be, to fulfill God’s will of a Biafra in these our human times, in this world.  

Biafra is the symbol of the final defeat of slavery in Africa , and for that matter, in the entire world. It makes sense, after all, doesn’t it? Most of the slaves came from Biafra . That was the very first example of real, massive brain and brawn-drain; the forcible extraction of Africa ’s best and strongest from Biafra and dehumanizing sale to the rest of the world, where, though handicapped, these Biafrans built up the wealth and riches and consequent influences of America and Europe . Can you imagine what these Biafrans would have accomplished for Africa and the rest of the world if they had not been forcibly uprooted from their homeland and forced to work in chains and in bondage for a cruel and immoral foreign system?  

But, Fellow Biafrans, you have to stop imagining that. You do not need imagination now. Right here, in this space and time, you, Biafrans, have been living as slaves under Nigeria . You are experiencing slavery—same inhuman, immoral and unconscionable slavery that existed two and three hundred years ago. We do not have to recount your lot and situation in Nigeria for you; there is no need to rehash the awful conditions that you have been subjugated to under one Nigeria . What you have to decide for yourself is whether it is any different: to be enslaved in your own land by Nigerians—foreigners—with the help of a few of you, or to be enslaved in a foreign land by foreigners, having been captured with the help of a few of you. Think of it.  

2003 marks a departure. Biafra Actualization will characterize that departure. Biafra Actualization is the defining moment of the final emancipation from slavery of Biafrans and Africans, of Biafra and Africa , from the Nigeria ’s of this world, from the slave-dealing world. Biafra actualization marks not just the emancipation from slavery, but the total defeat of slavery, the stamping out of slavery from our psyche and from the psyche of the entire world, the washing and scrubbing off of slavery from the fabric of Biafra , from the fabric of Africa , from the fabric of the entire world. That horrible stain shall have been bleached out and clean by Biafra actualization. Biafra is not just about Nigeria , but where better for this drama of both world and heavenly proportions to unfold than in Nigeria ?  

Never mind the elections scheduled in Nigeria starting April 2003. We predict that they will not hold, and even if they do hold, will not be completed. If completed, the results will not be any thing of benefit, rather, bloody chaos and utter confusion, and at best, the return of the same cabal of characters that are riding this horse called Nigeria straight down into the abyss. These people do not care, only their own selfish interest is all that matters to them. They are like viruses that attack a weakened body; they will continue their attack until that body dies and rots and disintegrates. It is their type of business, it is their business, and it is business as usual with them, for them.  

However, April 2003 signifies that the clock has been started, and is now running, in Nigeria . Fellow Biafrans: everyone has to pay attention. Everyone needs to be alert. You will be able to tell that the elections are going nowhere because the candidates do not mention Biafra actualization. Biafra actualization shall also lead to the liberation of other Nations that used to make up Nigeria in the past, a liberation that those nations need, too, perhaps not as badly as Biafra .  They talk about Nigeria and democracy in Nigeria , as if they do not know that Sharia and democracy could never live side by side in the same country. You will never hear them talk about how they are going to deal with the odious spread of Sharia, which, even as we speak, has now totally engulfed Western Nigeria . They won’t say how they are going to wrestle Nigeria out of belonging to Islamic Nations of the world, since everybody knows that almost one half of Nigeria as currently (mis)constituted are non-Muslims. Rather, General Obasanjo and the rest of his fellow- hypocrites insist that Nigeria is one and shall remain one; insist that we are truly brothers and sisters, and that their prayers are going to keep Nigeria one. It is usually from such prayers that the Muslims in Northern Nigeria rise and immediately begin to attack and kill non-Muslims and destroy their properties. Correction: they rise from their prayers and kill Igbo- and other Biafrans living in the North.  

Fellow Biafrans: you can understand what could lie in store for you in Nigeria if the elections succeed when nobody is addressing the fact that there is already an autonomous and independent Northern Nigeria who have, and hold up, their own laws different from the constitution of so-called Nigeria . Then, they insist on grabbing, controlling and monopolizing the oil wealth from Biafra , and will not even begrudge a little to those people from whose own natural land the oil comes from, all in the name of one Nigeria . They have their own Muslim land and region, a place that you, as an Igbo or Biafran, are not welcome, even if you claim that you are Nigerian; yet they insist that Nigeria is one, should be one. Nobody is addressing these issues now. That is a sure sign that Nigeria is going nowhere good soon, elections or no elections.  

We feel sorry for the Igbo and other Biafrans vying for political offices in Nigeria . These persons do not have the nerve to place Biafra actualization in the limelight as the most important issue, and at the same, they do not have the sense, never mind nerve, to challenge, attack and resist what is clearly wrong with Nigeria: forced union of unwilling and different nations, with the Muslim, Shariarized North now virtually independent and acting with autonomy and dominion, though compelling other nations to stay in one Nigeria. What do these persons say to themselves when they look at themselves in the mirror?  

So, Fellow Biafrans: we return to 2003. Do not be dismayed when some people’s hearts are hardened against Biafrans and against Biafra actualization. You recall what happened to Pharaoh after “his heart was hardened.” That was just a prelude to God’s will being carried out in the liberation of God’s people by God Himself. Have faith. Fear not! If you must fear, don’t be too worried about that either: God shall win out, and that means, Biafra !  

Fellow Biafrans: you have no idea what God has prepared for Biafra . Our imaginations are not rich enough; our thoughts are not elevated enough; our best dreams are dull compared to what God has designed and called Biafra ! It is to this Divine design, this Divine Biafra , that we are called.  

Fellow Biafrans: answer the call. Answer to Divine Biafra ! Answer to Biafra actualization!  

Give us Biafra !  

We have Biafra !  

Biafra lives!!!  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


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