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for December 28th 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

We will continue to illustrate what is so wrong with Igbo-Biafrans continuing to be associated with Nigeria —that is, what is so wrong with one Nigeria . Gowon had the temerity to announce publicly that he would have killed Ojukwu if Ojukwu had been captured by the Nigerian soldiers at the end of the Biafran War. He claims that that was the mood of Nigerians then—they would have called for Ojukwu’s head. Since Gowon says that for that reason, Ojukwu should not run for the Presidency of Nigeria today, we assume that he must still be feeling the same way, or that he is continuing to represent the sentiments of other Nigerians in this matter. (Mind you, we are not interested in Nigeria or the presidency of Nigeria: our only interest is Biafra.)  

Gowon is such a shallow simpleton incapable of any deep reasoning; they call such, “clueless” here. He seems to forget that it was he, Gowon, who refused to abide by Aburi agreements, and then proceeded to Balkanize the then Eastern Region by dividing the region into states without the peoples’ consent, leading to the declaration of Biafra and then, War. Gowon is so shallow that he refuses to understand the implications of his own first statement when he was propped into power by a cabal of Northern Nigerian coupists: “the basis for unity of Nigeria does not exist.” Where is the morality of one who makes such a statement only to turn around to castigate people wanting to leave Nigeria ?  

And as far as that goes, it is not a secret that the most revered and esteemed Nigerian Officer even today, is in fact, Ojukwu. He was an educated and principled Nigerian Officer whose dictum is that an officer should never take orders from a junior-ranking officer. He defended this principle with his own life, as such, foiling not one but 2 coup attempts in Nigeria . For the same reason, when unprincipled officers were bowing to Gowon who usurped the position of the head of the Supreme Military Council then, Ojukwu refused to. That is the type of discipline that is worthy of emulation.  Gowon, on the other hand, represented the unprincipled and undisciplined, a fact that was borne out when he ruled or ran  Nigeria to the ground, squandering the oil wealth stolen from Biafraland, with his fellow military looting the Nigerian treasury. It is this totally inept and incompetent Gowon who today is denigrating Ojukwu. For a shame! If Nigerians allowed Gowon to live today after his incompetence and malfeasance and after causing the war, and if Nigerians allowed him to draw pension from the Nigerian government, what would they have against Ojukwu, by comparison?  

And by the way, let us point out that when Gowon says “Nigerian forces” then, he actually means the British, the Russians, the Egyptians, the Czechs, the Arab countries; and then, all others to whom he pledged away Biafran oil to—all of them ganged up against a lone Biafra. This includes Cameroonians to whom Gowon gave away the Bakassi Peninsula in return, although he would deny it today. If Gowon had any sense at all or any shame, he would not show his face anywhere in Nigeria , not to speak of making disparaging remarks about Ojukwu, and by extension and implication, Biafra . That he continues to speak in such tones  on the matter today shows how poor his intellect is—assuming that he has any of note. Anybody who exhibited such ignorance and folly while thrust into a leadership role of a country would have been impeached or declared unfit for service. Of course, only a Nigeria run by Military men of the same ilk and IQ could tolerate this situation. We advise Gowon to refrain from continuing to insult Biafrans, directly or indirectly; we also want to assure him that as long as he lives, there is always a good chance that he will be brought to trial in the International Court of Justice for his ignoble role in the genocidal war by Nigeria against Biafra .  

While Gowon was shooting off at the mouth, Babangida was in Biafraland responding to the call of his own conscience. He admitted what is well known to every Nigerian: there is no more resourceful, no more hardworking, no more courageous or more committed people in Nigeria than Igbo-Biafrans. This, of course, is no secret. The intellectual, spiritual, psychic and physical prowess of the Igbo-Biafran is unmatched anywhere. And, of course, it is no secret that it for these same traits that Nigeria wants to annihilate Igbo-Biafrans, wants to suppress them, wants to marginalize them. The rest of Nigeria truly envies Igbo-Biafrans, and have allowed this envy and jealousy to grow into real, palpable, and practical hatred. The rest of Nigeria feels so threatened by Igbo-Biafra-ness that they are willing to kill us, drive us away from the rest of Nigeria, come into Biafraland and forcibly take way our land and our natural resources, and stamp us into the ground into oblivion.  

While his conscience would not let him rest until he confessed that truth, Babangida’s Nigerianism was also coming out. If a people are that good for and in Nigeria , and there, in fact, are no better, why would anybody then deny one of these people  the post of the President of Nigeria? Babangida had no answer—or would not say. Babangida’s silence was in fact fully eloquent as an answer. He is Nigerian, isn’t he? We know what Nigeria wants for Ndigbo-Biafrans; it is not good.  Nigeria has a deliberate policy that actively and effectively seeks to keep all Igbo-Biafra from any positions of eminence, influence, authority, or importance in Nigeria . Babangida is very much part of this policy. That’s why he is mum about Igbo-Biafran President of Nigeria .  

Consider how Babangida came to be invited to Biafraland for this occasion of truth-telling. An-Igbo-Biafran was showing glowing gratitude and showering praise to Babangida for the latter giving him an Oil block contract.  Umu Biafra, please do not let the irony escape you; let’s take it slowly and by numbers. Babangida is a Northerner. The North has no oil, but they will pipe oil from and away from Biafra to a refinery in the North. The Oil belongs to Igbo and other Biafrans in the South. Babangida, who has no Oil, commandeers and usurps the Biafran Oil. He and his fellow-Northerners are getting rich off the oil. They who do not own Oil throw a crumb in the form of an Oil block contract to he, a Biafran, whose Oil it is in the first place. For every such crumb trickled down to a poor Biafran, hundreds of banquets are being hosted and attended by Northerners and their friends. Then, the “lucky” but poor Biafran, recipient of a crumb, shows gratitude to, and showers praise on his “kind” Master for flicking a crumb in the Biafran's direction.  

Umu Biafra, get this: They grab our own Biafran wealth, turn it into theirs, then, at their pleasure and mercy, they dole out a paltry, meager little to a handful of Biafrans whom they hand-pick. Then, it is the turn of the Biafran to kowtow to them. What a great irony! What a great travesty! Do you know what? It is only the structure of so-called one Nigeria that makes it possible for those who have not, to confiscate and usurp the wealth of those who have, for themselves. It is the structure of one Nigeria that places the wealth of Biafra in the hands of Northerners who have nothing.  This structure must go. It must be shattered. Biafra actualization will be the end of this structure.  

Umu Biafra! How we who have natural resources have turned beggars in the midst of our wealth! Oh how we who have, have allowed they who have not, to snatch our own wealth! Oh how we who have—who should have—grovel for mere pittance from the hands of those who have not, but whom we have allowed to seize our wealth!  How we have been reduced to the role of thanking those who stole our wealth when they “dash” us a beggar’s mite! This must change! That is why we must actualize Biafra .  

Finally, we hail the report by the Human Rights rganization regarding violations by the Nigerian soldiers. But, the report does not go far enough. First, there is no mention of the more wicked and murderous Nigerian Security agents who have a notoriety that has earned them the appellation of “kill and go” because of their indiscriminate, extrajudicial killings and lack of accountability. Second, the most important miss is the omission of the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Marauding Army, General Obasanjo.  

Recall that earlier, General Obasanjo had taken credit—without the expression of remorse—for these ruthless killings of innocent and unarmed civilians and the destruction of their villages in these murderous expeditions of his army. However, what has not been mentioned is the real obvious: General Obasanjo personally gave inciting speeches to his army—pep talks—prior to these unjustified attacks on civilians. It is also on record that the commander of the Odi operation was commended and promoted after the operation by General Obasanjo personally. Well, General Obasanjo should never rest easy. Someday, nemesis will catch up with him; he will be held accountable and shall have to answer to the court of law someday for these crimes against humanity. In the meantime, the soldiers who were involved and their commanders, you should know that the world court now has your numbers and your particulars. You are liable for your action, and you will be held accountable--someday. You should fear for your future, because the crimes committed today have been noted by the world. We realize that your plea is that you were carrying out orders, but, that’s not going to be enough. By the way, if you are upset, you should find the man who gave the orders and who talked you into carrying out the crime. Have a talk with him, find out why nobody else is mentioning his name, while the whole world now knows about you, the Nigerian soldier, the civilian-killing Nigeria soldiers.  

And now, we pause for a moment in anticipation of the New Year. Our prayer is that this year will bring to an end all the misery, wickedness and bloodshed of the structure called one Nigeria . In its place will be the rising of the glorious independent Sovereign Nation of Biafra, along with the other Nations who used to live in erstwhile Nigeria .  

Give us Biafra !

We have Biafra !

Biafra lives!!!  

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