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For December 21st, 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

General Obasanjo says that
he knows and understands the interests of Ndigbo
he has been working to satisfy the interests of Ndigbo during and following the Biafran War
since he has done this so well in war and post war times, he can do that even better today and in the future!
therefore, Igbos should forget Igbo candidates for the Presidency of Nigeria and vote for him!  

We are not sure if this makes us want to cry, to laugh, or to vomit. For, if the General is indeed correct, we should all go home and weep. If he is right, we should cry buckets of tears. We should cry until we are all dried up like stockfish, with no more fluid in our body to make tears.  Because, that would mean that the Yoruba tormentor of Igbo-Biafrans, in all his wickedness to Igbo-Biafrans, still would appear to have satisfied the interests of Ndigbo-Biafrans. One would have to shudder to think that one’s interest has been served and protected so well by a known and sworn enemy whose only objective is the thorough annihilation of one’s race, and failing that, total humiliation, deprivation, oppression, suppression and marginalization of one’s race.  

Umu Biafra: can you imagine General Obasanjo’s guts? At a time when all he had for Northern Muslim killers of Igbo-Biafrans (in Kaduna during the Northerners ongoing cyclical exercise of genocide against Igbo-Biafran), was an apology for the Muslims saying the Muslims were provoked, the General swoops into Biafraland with his entourage to tell Igbo-Biafrans that he is the one who is protecting the interests of the Igbo in Nigeria. Imagine that! At a time when the General should have offered an apology to bereaved and grieving Igbo-Biafrans victimized by this bloody event masterminded by Northern Muslims using the instruments of government, he instead blames the Press and blames an Igbo-Biafran journalist as causing the problem; and he now says that he is the one to protect Igbo-Biafran interests? He did not even consider due compensation for loss of property and for the medical treatment of injuries sustained by the Igbo-Biafran victims. Need we remind the Ndigbo-Biafrans that the man who claims to protect their interests did not protect them from the marauding Northern Muslims in Northern Nigeria even though he has the constitutional authority to do so? And, this was not the first, second, or even the third time he has failed to exercise this power as the Northern Muslims enjoy their orgy of Igbo-Biafran killings. Ordinarily, this type of folly and stupidity would make one want to laugh in sheer mockery, but this is no laughing matter; not even in ridicule.  

But, this could make us definitely want to throw up, to vomit, out of sheer disgust; because the likes of Iwuanyanwu not only support General Obasanjo, but have the poor taste of announcing that he, Iwuanyanwu, will convince Ndigbo-Biafrans and Ohaneze to join him in supporting Obasanjo. Recall, Umu Biafra, that the said Iwuanyanwu was the chair of the Ohaneze committee whose task is to find and elect an Igbo President. What a disgrace to Ohaneze! What a disgrace to Ndigbo-Biafra! What shame Iwuanyanwu has brought to the peoples of Biafra . General Obasanjo, having profiled Igbo-Biafrans, was confident that he could pluck any Igbo-Biafran out of Biafraland and make him or her do his bidding, no matter what place, post or rank he or she occupies in the sociopolitical structure of Igbo-Biafraland. Iwuanyanwu was there to oblige the General, as were errand-boy so-called governors of some so-called states in so-called Southeastern Nigeria . Iwuanyanwu makes us not just want to vomit; we are actually vomiting, out of shame and disgust, hoping that we could at the same time literally throw up and get rid from our system any part of it that harbors Iwuanyanwu’s type of thinking.  

This Iwuanyanwu had the guts to tell Ndigbo-Biafrans that he is supporting General Obasanjo out of principles, or because he is a man of his words? We ask, what principles, Iwuanyanwu? Just what principles? A robber comes to your house, kills your children, and steals your property, and you make the robber an honored guest and place him at the head of your family table? Is this “principled”? A fox comes to you and asks to be the guardian of your chicken farm, and you are too happy to oblige him and you make the fox foreman and give him the key to your chicken farm? Where do we draw the line between stupidity, sabotage and perhaps, avarice—the latter, of course, knowing that Iwuanyanwu does nothing without receiving money? As far as being a man of his words, so also are all the Judas’ of the world and the Sabots’ of this world. It is not a matter of being a “man of one’s words,’ but a matter of being “man” in the first place, and then, of having honest words.  

It is people like Iwuanyanwu who give Igbo-Biafra a bad name. It is definitely people like Iwuanyanwu who make the Northerners and the Obasanjo’s really happy, because the latter feel overconfident that they can always buy the Igbo and or cause a split in their ranks. Yes, we Biafrans have the Iwuanyanwu’s to thank for the way that Igbo-Biafrans have been profiled, predicated and treated by the rest of Nigeria. At the moment of Biafra actualization, we shall have broken this mold, shattered this profile, and proven their predictions wrong because no Biafran will act like Iwuanyanwu and the likes of him, in the Nation of Biafra.  

Mind you, we do not believe that anything good will ever accrue to Ndigbo-Biafrans in Nigeria . Anything which a Biafran does well in Nigeria , he or she will do it much better in Biafra . We have predicted that the elections will not hold in Nigeria , and even if they are held, they will be massively rigged. We also know by experience that no matter who is elected the President of Nigeria, whether Igbo-Biafran or not, assuming the elections even succeed, he or she cannot change the downward spiral of Nigeria . He or she can not stop the Northern Muslims from adopting and practicing Sharia as their only constitution, law, politics and culture, over and above and in place of whatever Nigeria claims is Nigeria ’s constitution and laws. He or she cannot stop the Northern Muslims from killing and expunging Igbo-Biafrans and other Christians living in the North. He or she could not even stop the continuing Shariarization and Talibanization of the rest of Nigeria . He or she could not stop the ongoing Northern Nigeria exploitation of the natural wealth and resources of Biafra , using the instrument of the federal government of Nigeria . So, how is this going to benefit Biafra ? How is this Nigerian Presidency thing going to benefit Biafrans? Not at all! Since the Presidency of Nigeria is unable, unwilling and cannot exercise the authority of the constitution of Nigeria with equity over all of Nigeria , what good is it? No good! It is merely just another cover which enables continuing Muslim Northern Nigeria domination of the rest of Nigeria . We reject this situation; that is precisely why we shall actualize Biafra .  

Speaking of interests and exploitation, General Obasanjo vetoed a bill passed earlier overwhelmingly by the National Assembly; the result of this veto is to deny Biafrans ownership of the oil resources on their coast.  These Biafrans, thus far, in spite of their natural endowment, are the poorest and most marginalized in the whole so-called country. In the meantime, Northern Nigeria states that do not produce a drop of oil compelled a refinery to be built in the North, the oil to be piped to the North, and are enjoying all the benefits which the rightful natural owners of the oil can only imagine in their deprivation.  

So, how bad can hypocrisy get? Is this not the same General who boasts that he knows and can satisfy the interests of Biafrans? Is he not standing in the way of the decision and better judgment of hundreds of lawmakers? Oh yes, the Delta people now know General Obasanjo for what he truly is. Tomorrow, when he goes there to tell Delta people that their enemy is Ndigbo, the General would now first have to explain himself.  

Here again, the complete selfishness of the North was conveyed by the decision of all their 19 state governors to challenge the bill at this late hour, and to lobby against veto-override. Perhaps, now,  those Southeastern and South-southern governors prancing about all the time talking from different sides of their mouth at the same time, never pulling together to accomplish anything, perhaps they can now wake up and take note of how the North has pulled together to try to take away what is naturally due the South. When the North wanted Sharia, they instituted it, without bothering with the South. When the North wanted Nigeria to be officially recognized as an Islamic Nation, they registered Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC, without asking the opinion or input of the rest of so-called country. The North now is practically autonomous, and are killing Igbo-Biafrans and other Christians living in Northern Nigeria as an exercise of their autonomy; but they will resist any other segment of Nigeria considering autonomy, just as much as they resist anybody else challenging their autonomy. Now, the North is going to deny the South the right of the South to have and control the South’s own resources. What do you call this? One Nigeria ? Yes, It is slavery and exploitation—colonialism, but of the worst kind.  

Fellow Biafrans: it is for these reasons that we must now all join hands and effort to actualize the independent and sovereign Nation of Biafra. This way, the North can have their North. And we can have our own land, Biafraland. This way, the North will not only not take away our resources, but also, will not take away our right to control and manage our own resources. Those waiting and thinking that things will turn around in Nigeria for the betterment of Biafrans, you can stop deceiving yourself now—it will never happen. The Northern agenda is set and is active; that is what Nigeria has become and will remain if nothing is done. Let them have Nigeria ; we want Biafra , and we shall get Biafra .  

We remember those wrongfully detained and jailed because they are exercising their right to be Biafrans. Your suffering and efforts shall not be in vain. We also remember their families. We also recognize those whose continuing efforts are keeping the candle of Biafra burning; the good Lord will keep the lamp and the light well-supplied and blazing.  

We wish you the peace which this Christmas season promises, and the freedom which it guarantees. Do not allow anybody to take your freedom away.  

Give us Biafra !  

Biafra lives!!!  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you


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