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For December 14th, 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

We are happy to report some progress: finally, significant elements in Igbo-Biafraland have refused to kowtow to Obasanjo, PDP, Northerners and their minions. When Obasanjo went to Enugu last week to launch his campaign for an ill-advised self-succession bid for the presidency of Nigeria , first, our noble youths said, no! Although other misguided youth succumbed to the lure of money and false promises of influential positions and hence supported the Obasanjo event, we actually won a victory: for once, Obasanjo got the message that Igbo-Biafrans can no longer all be bought.  

Absent from the event were so many responsible Igbo-Biafrans that those few efulefu’s who attended found themselves clearly alone and on the wrong side. These attendees claimed there were thousands or a million Igbo-Biafrans at the rally, and tried to cheer themselves up by claiming that they were in the majority. Fools. Wishful thinkers—we shall get to them later. Clearly, they were alone, and if they do not mend their ways, they are sure to paint themselves out of the picture of Igbo-Biafra, all by themselves, and by their own doing.  

Soon after the event, another group of mindful and uncompromising Igbo-Biafrans correctly challenged the brainless and heartless Igbo so-called State so-called governor who hosted the event, on the effort and the use of the people’s funds for Obasanjo’s personal event. Bravo: we are no longer going to let non-thinking so-called political leaders misrepresent the people who voted them into office in the first place. We are not going to allow these bought and paid-for servants of Obasanjo and errand boys and girls for the Northerners continue to sell us out, continue to trample on our humanity for the sole purpose of collecting a few Naira and squatting under the banquet table waiting for crumbs from their masters—those whose sole focus is to humiliate and annihilate Biafra. We appreciate this new group of sensible Igbo-Biafrans who are finally willing to challenge and confront the swindlers that go by the name of Igbo-Biafran politicians.  

Following this detestable Obasanjo event, Igbo-Biafran elders—the Traditional leaders—also spoke up and weighed in with their wisdom. They practically scolded all those politicians who attended Obasanjo’s event who in their baseless praise of Obasanjo and his administrations’ purported accomplishments in Biafraland would shamelessly claim that all is well with the infrastructure, especially roads, in Biafraland. These elders exposed the lies of the straight-faced Igbo-Biafran politician-liars and warned them to stop lying. The elders went on to address what the attendees to the useless Obasanjo event failed to do: remind Obasanjo and his government that they have done nothing to stop the cyclical and now predictable violence meted out to Igbo-Biafrans by murderous Northern Muslims in Northern Nigeria; and remind him and his government that they have done nothing to provide protection for the Igbo-Biafran victims of Northern Muslim and state government sponsored and well-executed violence and mayhem. We say: Bravo to our elders. About time! For a while, we wondered how long Igbo-Biafrans would stay quiet. Now, we do not have to wonder any more.  

Because, the same Igbo-Biafran elders sent out a warning not just to the hypocrite and bully called General Obasanjo and his useless administration, but also to the Northern Nigeria Muslim vandals who have made it a habit, a ritual and a religion to kill Igbo-Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria while at the same time destroying, looting, or usurping Igbo-Biafran property there—all without justification. These Igbo-Biafran elders have given notice to everybody that there are going to be consequences if this violence, unprovoked and unjustified, continues. And we say, Bravo! We can assure our Igbo-Biafran elders that the Northerners are going to kill Igbo-Biafrans again, and destroy their churches in Northern Nigeria . When that happens, we trust that there should be no hesitation on anybody’s part to get our Igbo-Biafran Nation and peoples out of Nigeria . When this happens, there should be no arguing but that Biafra actualization is the only thing left to do, and that we should do it.  

In the past we have spoken about the Igbo-Biafran efulefu’s, but nowhere were they as evident as last weekend when they attended Obasanjo’s party in Enugu . Nowhere else did they exhibit as much hypocrisy or stupidity or both as at that event. People like Iwuanyanwu and Nzeribe—what did you expect? Inept so-called governors who have no good ideas on governance, who are mere lackeys for Obasanjo and the Northern Muslims. There they were, praising Obasanjo and his government, for what? For denying Igbo-Biafraland of federal infrastructural development—never mind that Federal money is really Biafra money derived from Biafra Oil revenues? They praised Obasanjo and his government for what? For Obasanjo failing to protect Igbo-Biafrans from unprovoked attack by marauding Northerners—again?  Or were they praising Obasanjo and his administration for Obasanjo failing to place blame squarely and deservedly on Northern Nigerian Muslims for this uncalled for orgy of killing and arson and brutality perpetrated on Igbo-Biafrans? Perhaps, they were praising Obasanjo for not apologizing to Igbo-Biafrans for their bloody misfortune which was caused by the Muslims using the excuse of the Miss World Pageant, an arrangement personally brokered by Obasanjo himself? Yes, these stupid Igbo-Biafrans must have been praising Obasanjo for his blaming the press and the Igbo-Biafran journalist at THISDAY for this mayhem, instead of those who actually committed the barbaric act. What else were they praising Obasanjo and his administration for? It has to be for the fact that Obasanjo actually apologized to the Northern Muslims for the Northern Muslims killing Igbo-Biafrans because Obasanjo felt that the murderous riot was provoked.  

What a shame, that Igbo-Biafrans can act like this in broad daylight! Imagine what they will do when it gets dark! Without an ounce of guilt or a pang of conscience, they stood there and extolled the imaginary virtues of Obasanjo, a leader who is known as a failure even by usually nonchalant peoples living in Nigeria , and as inept and ineffectual by the rest of the world; and nowhere is his failure more evident than in Igbo-Biafraland! These persons who must have driven on road-less roads to the rally stood there in the stadium to declare that Obasanjo and his administration have done well for Biafra and by Biafra —imagine that, if you can. Isn’t it unimaginable?  

We understand that the same Igbo-Biafran so-called state governors who were in attendance at that rally had refused for Igbo-Biafran corpses—victims of this latest round of senseless and unprovoked Kaduna massacre—to be brought home to Biafraland and given a decent and well-deserved burial because the so-called state governors did not want bereaved and grieving Igbo-Biafran families to become incensed. For that reason, most of these murdered Biafran brethren were buried in a mass grave in the accursed land of their torment and their tormentors, Northern Nigeria . How much more insult can you add to injury? While we grieved, they—the so-called governors—kept a conspiratorial silence, never speaking out against evil. They never organized any protest marches. But, they were quite willing to host a party for Obasanjo whose decision and personal intervention brought the Miss World pageant to be hosted in Nigeria in the first place, the excuse that the murderous Northern Muslims used to victimize innocent Igbo-Biafrans. Yes, he—Obasanjo—and they, the so-called Igbo-Biafran state governors were willing to celebrate their party on Biafran soil while at the same time they refused to mention anything about our victimized Igbo-Biafrans. Tell us, can there be a greater tragedy?  

It is too painful to even mention that these Igbo-Biafran people would rather support a Yorubaman, a known tormentor of Igbo-Biafrans, over one of their own, and are willing to show this support in the heart of Biafraland: Tufiakwa!  

The worst part of this entire event is that some of our youth was blinded to the truth of all other surrounding issues, kept blind, paid blind, and deceived by the likes and lies of these governors and persons like Iwuanyanwu and Nzeribe. These youth are being taught early in life how to lie and enjoy lying even in public, even when the evidence stares you in the face, even when the evidence is hurting and killing you, your own brothers and sisters. For corrupting our youth, who shall forgive these men and women? Who shall forget the extent of their depravity—against even their very own?  

To these wayward youth, we say, we do not blame you. But, you must come to your senses and rejoin your mates who have retained the honesty and candidness typical of the youth. You must reject Nigeria and all that it stands for, her leaders and what they stand for. You must see that your problem is the structure called one Nigeria . Were it not for this structure, Northern Nigerian Muslims would not kill and maim you at will. Obasanjo and his cabal would not stomp on the graves of your brethren in Biafraland—a fate caused by Obasanjo and his government and the machinations of Northern Muslims in the first place. Your present plight of lack of education, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, lack of safety, lack of hope and lack of living itself, in spite of rich natural biological and environmental endowment, is caused by one Nigeria. There is now only one alternative: Biafra .  

We must all now work together for Biafra actualization. Our people are now awake, no longer fooled by the pretenses of brotherhood by the rest of Nigeria who only woo us for our Oil resources which they have taken away from us to develop themselves. We thank all those who have challenged Nigeria , who have challenged Obasanjo and Northern Nigeria , these past few weeks. We must continue.  We praise those who have always challenged the cursed condition known as Nigeria . We pray God grant them stamina. Our cry, from now until it is done, should be: GIVE US BIAFRA!  

Give us Biafra !!!  

Biafra lives!  

That’s the news analysis for the week.


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