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For December 7th, 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

We continue this week with the reaction of various constituencies to the Northern Muslim-initiated riots that killed hundreds of innocent Biafrans and other Christians living in Northern Nigeria .  

With regards to this bloody event, the shameless President of Nigeria, General Obasanjo, a toothless bulldog, can only invite the nations and peoples of Nigeria to “pray” with him. He fails to use the authority and power invested in him as the leader of the Federal Government of Nigeria, to ensure fairness, security and safety of those who assume that they are truly citizens of Nigeria ; and the secularity of so-called country. And, he fails to use this power because he is afraid of the Northern Nigerian Muslims and their leaders. Let us remind the General that he was not elected (actually, selected by Northerners) on the basis of Prayer; he was not placed there to “lead us in prayer.” There are more qualified people, better people, and more effective people who are already doing that. In case General Obasanjo does not get it, we shall ask him: what do you think that the murderous Muslims were doing right before they started killing innocent Biafrans and other Christians, and destroying the churches and property of the Biafrans and Christians?  Had these marauding Muslims  not just risen from prayer? This General and his administration have not only run out of ideas, they have also run out of guts, of which they had none to start with, anyway. As such, the General begins to substitute his personal religion for his politics, and Nigeria continues its downward spiral, her track marked with the blood of innocent Biafrans and other Christians, and littered with their destroyed property.  

The most annoying aspect is that General Obasanjo wants to stay in power for another term; now, he is going to use the power and authority to rig and buy his way into another term, another four years of hell! For a shame! Only in the abomination called Nigeria can this happen.  

As for the Northern Muslim leaders who say that the Muslims were provoked into murder, arson, mayhem, and the victimization of innocent Biafrans and other Christians living in Northern Nigeria , we say, Shame on you! If your holy book and holy man are so fragile and so vulnerable that a little newspaper print will throw you into such frenzy in their defense, then, we can say that you have placed them below even man and man's weaknesses.  When you can see clearly, you shall find out that you have only managed to project your own human frailties, human insecurities and human ignorance on him and on that whom you would revere. We trust that someday, you can see that you have only served your own little insecure egos and your own small selfish purposes rather than that of any other larger Being. You all owe Allah a genuine apology for making Him look so weak as to be threatened by a simple sentence in a simple journalist’s article; you owe Allah an explanation for killing and destroying what Allah has created. If there is blasphemy, it is you who have committed blasphemy because your acts and the defense of such acts are a mockery of Allah, and then, you turn around and claim that you did it in Allah’s name. You are the ones that have committed blasphemy because you shout “Allah is great” at the same time that you are committing hideous crimes and sin—doing horrendous evil things—using the name of Allah. We leave you in Allah’s hands.  

We now turn our attention to the Igbo and other Biafrans, the so-called political leadership. The Angels weep because you have stayed quiet in the face of great evil, not just any evil, but evil committed and directed against you! Oh, how the Angels weep! We have not seen you take a stand and seek accountability for the spillage of the blood of innocent Igbo-Biafrans—your own people, your own relatives! The Angels weep because you have been having an illicit affair with those who would rape you, maim you, dispossess you and murder you—and you do not even as much as raise a brow, never mind raise a voice in protest! What kind of a nation are you? What kind of people are you, anyway? Oh how the Angels cry: you have walked into the jaws of the enemy, willingly, gladly, knowingly, and the enemy feasts on your blood and flesh with malice and with relish, yet you go on, you carry on as if nothing has happened. The Angels weep: it is not enough that you cheapen your own self by this despicable behavior, but now, you also cheapen the Essence—the God in you; you truly mock God.  

Consider this: Alex Ekwueme claims that he is running for the Presidency of Nigeria as the Igbo candidate. Ekwueme never spoke out against the murder of Igbo-Biafrans and other Christians by the Northern Muslims—not one word. Alex Ekwueme knew of the Muslim State Governments' sanctioned call for the death of an Igbo-Biafran journalist for her article in ThisDay. Everybody in the civilized world knows that this is immoral and it is murder. What did Ekwueme say or do? Ekwueme walks over the forgotten, unmarked and mass graves of Igbo-Biafrans killed during the now cyclical Northern Nigerian Muslims’ ritual murder of Igbo-Biafrans living in the North. There, standing on the dried blood of Igbo-Biafrans maimed in recent and previous unjustified attacks by the Northern Muslims, balanced on the ashes of their burned churches and other property in Northern Nigeria, Ekwueme declares his candidacy for the Presidency, right there in Northern Nigeria, right there on Northern Nigerian soil, the graveyard of innocent Igbo-Biafrans murdered by Northern Nigerian Muslimsmurdered for no other reason than that they are Igbo-Biafrans.  

Ekwueme did not declare his candidacy in Onitsha or Enugu , not in Aba nor Owerri or Umuahia, or in Port Harcourt nor Uyo or Calabar. No; these places were not good enough for him, because this is Igboland-Biafraland. Yes, Ekwueme traveled away from Biafraland, to the land of the enemy, and only there could he find to declare his life-ambitions, there in Northern Nigeria . Was he so afraid of the body-bags and coffins now returning to these Biafran towns and cities, that he fled to the North, where these people were murdered in the first place, to declare his candidacy? What was Ekwueme thinking? What is he thinking? It is not enough that he never protested the killing of these Igbo-Biafrans in Northern Nigeria by the Northern Nigerian Muslims; but must Ekwueme now go up to the same Northern Nigeria and make this declaration, knowing what has happened, what is still happening? Must he go up there to seek the approval and coronation of those who kill his brothers and sisters with such calculated impunity? We are at a loss for words to describe Ekwueme’s action. We commend him to his Chi.  

Now we come to Igbo-Biafran elite and intellectuals. We know that you are some of the best in the world, and that you can practically achieve any goals you set your sights on; and even to an extent, within Nigeria itself, in spite of formidable opposition and huge obstacles. You give the impression of “Why Biafra?” We remind you:  “…Ask not for whom the bell tolls…” While you may remain relatively protected from the vagaries of living in Nigeria , or from the attacks of the marauding Northern Muslims, remember that your intellectual lineage will die with you if Biafra is not actualized. There is nobody down the line to pass on your talents to if Biafra is not actualized: even your own children will not know Biafra ; all they will know is the suppression, repression, oppression, enslavement and exploitation called one Nigeria . If they are lucky, they will escape into Diaspora, and there be subjected to the psychological trauma of being known as a Nigerian. Now, on the other hand, everything that you are doing successfully now, stands to be even more successful and more fulfilling in Biafra and as Biafrans. You are all smart; we need say no more.  

Fellow Biafrans: Fear not, and do not lose hope! If the people will not act, then Mother Earth Herself will! The Land—the physical representation of our Father/Mother, Chi—and the Spirit shall be revulsed and shall convulse and cleanse themself of those persons who have humiliated them, those who have shown no bounds to their spinelessness and cowardice, no bounds to their insensitivity, their callousness, and no bounds to their tolerance of evil—evil being meted to their own selves. The Land and Spirit of Biafra shall raise fresh Biafrans, if need be, Biafrans worthy of the endowment bestowed on them by our Chi. Make no mistake about this. Choose your side!  

Fellow Biafrans, let us then begin to appreciate the efforts of MASSOB members and all like-groups, men and women, boys and girls, children—those on the side of our Chi,  those who are sacrificing everything in order that Biafra comes alive in the physical plane, where the Spiritual plane has already been established. Let us realize that it is our God who has awakened the flame in the hearts of MASSOB members and members of other similar organizations and it is as such that God is asking us to join Him in faith that we may accept the physically actualized Biafra. These persons are not saints and are just as fallible as any one of us; when they err, do forgive them; when they fall, please pick them up; when they move, do move with them and support them. Do your part for God; God has done His part for you, and it is called Biafra !  

Biafra lives!  

That’s the news analysis for the week.


God bless and keep Biafra ; and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International Broadcast continues (go to http://www,; follow “Voice of Biafra” link for the web version).