This is the News Analysis Segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcasts.  

For November 30th, 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

Another occasion of mass burial of unclaimed victims—almost always and mostly Igbo-Biafrans and other Christians—victims—of Northern Muslim mayhem in Northern Nigeria ! When shall it cease? When will it stop? The current events in the cursed country known as Nigeria are a wake-up call for all those both in Biafraland and in the rest of Nigeria who have refused to see that Nigeria is crumbling. Those who have pretended to be blind to the evil known as Nigeria can no longer pretend. Those who have engaged in wishful thinking by refusing to acknowledge the huge problem that is Nigeria are no longer allowed the luxury of fantasy: they have been jolted into reality.  

That reality of Nigeria today is that Northern Nigerian Muslims have once again demonstrated that they must dictate what happens in Nigeria , whether or not anybody else likes it.  And, they will do it with bloodshed—the blood of innocent Biafrans and other Christians—and they will do it without provocation, with or without an excuse at all. They will loot and destroy the property of Biafrans and other Christians living in the North. And, they can get away with all this—yes, all of it, every time, any time—each and every single time.  

The article in ThisDay about the Miss World Beauty Pageant was just an excuse for the marauding, bloodthirsty Muslims to start drawing the blood of the innocent and burning the flesh of Christians. These Muslims say they do this in the name of their Allah, but the True Allah shall show them that they are murderers and mere criminals, cruel and inhumane people hiding behind the veil of religion to do disgusting things, mocking God by shouting, "God is great!" while at the same time killing and maiming one or more of God’s children.  

This time, they have gone too far. Because, you, fellow Biafrans, are going to let them have their own country where they can cut off all the limbs they want, stone to death all the young nursing mothers that they want, practice their cruelty on their own selves, and live in the 21st Century BC. Because, you, Biafrans, are going to leave Nigeria and actualize your own Independent Sovereign Nation called Biafra , where you shall be protected from those who do not like peace, those who are ungodly yet pretend that they are righteous, those who prefer cruelty and death over joy and life.  

Fellow Biafrans: you have no option but to respond to our call for Biafra actualization now. There is nothing left for you in Nigeria . There is no future for you there in Nigeria . The violent Northern culture makes it impossible and unlikely that you shall have anything in common with the Muslim North. Their bloodthirsty and wicked ways shall never be our ways.  There is not a chance that unity can exist between us; there is no reason for us to be in the same country as they who would murder us any time as a matter of principle, as a matter of their religion, and as a matter of their culture. We shall not be lumped together with people who kill and destroy without conscience.  

Fellow Biafrans: remember that you do not have any protection in Muslim North. Did you hear what General Obasanjo said about these recent events? He placed the blame on the newspaper article. Oh, he conveniently forgot that all along, the problem and the issue was that the Muslims had sworn to not let the Miss World Beauty Pageant take place in Nigeria —at all cost. The General had insisted that the pageant could and would hold in Nigeria , to prove that Nigeria is a nice place? Of course, we did not expect anything else from General Obasanjo. His actions are always cowardly, invariably resulting in his going  after the weak, helpless and innocent, instead of facing the culprit. General Obasanjo is too busy appeasing the Muslim murderers to protect anybody else! Of course, General Obasanjo’s stance on Sharia is well known by now and does not merit mention.  

What of the so-called political leaders? Are they going to protect you? Don’t count on it. They are all too busy falling over themselves appeasing and apologizing to—yes, apologizing to—the Northern Muslim murderers! Imagine that! What do they and Nigeria get in return from the heartless Muslims for all their plea and all their appeasement? These bloodthirsty hounds have now decreed and declared that the journalist has to die; they have used the instrument of Sharia and then, their State government, to sanction and order the murder of an innocent human being! Murderers! Double, triple Shame to the government of Nigeria , to the so-called leaders of Nigeria , to the politicians of Nigeria for groveling and spineless appeasement! Shame to General Obasanjo and his hypocrisy!  

What about the Igbo-Biafrans prancing around in Biafraland, the so-called Igbo political leaders? They won’t protect you, either. They never have; they sat there in government, their lips sealed tight with Naira notes, and kept quiet while the Northern Muslims took over the entire Nigeria and occupy Biafra ; and now, these Muslims are forcing Sharia on all of us. The other Igbo-Biafran organizations with their petty internecine agenda look, for all intents and purposes, like people chasing mice while their house burns. They cannot protect you.  

The only thing that can protect you and all of us, today and forever, is a Sovereign and Independent Nation of Biafra. Therefore, we have to actualize Biafra , and we have to actualize Biafra now. There is one way to do it in relative peace and without taking up arms. That way is a SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE. We must all now begin to ask for and get ready to achieve this Sovereign National Conference. This conference is designed to ratify and recognize each Nation living in Nigeria as Independent and Sovereign, and to recognize each nation’s choice of, and right to form, relationships with one another—or not. That’s what the Sovereign National Conference is all about; that’s what we must be pledged to actuate.  

Fellow Biafrans, if you have not heeded our repeated advice and warning to leave Northern Nigeria and return to Biafraland, you are witness to what can happen. We again advise you to return to Biafraland. Some of you moved from other parts of the North to Abuja , thinking that all is safe there. We do not want to insult your reasoning—but, do take a look around you and Abuja : is there anything about Abuja that fails to remind you that you are still in Northern Nigeria ? And others say, “Nothing will happen.” Really? we ask you. How can you be so blind and so forgetful?  

For those Biafrans in Biafraland who engage in retaliatory acts: know that the blood of the innocent shall be on your own head! The rationale that Northern Nigerian Muslims will change their behavior and their acts towards Biafrans and other Christians living in Northern Nigeria because you retaliate against Northerners or Muslims living in Biafraland has no merit. It does not work and has not worked that way. The fact remains that hateful, bloodthirsty Northern Muslims in Northern Nigeria really don’t care about anybody else: all they want is to kill Biafrans, steal, loot, and destroy Biafran property. If you here in Biafraland go after anybody whose only offense is that they live among you in Biafraland and you want to retaliate the wickedness of Northern Nigeria Muslims, if you do this, you are acting contrary to Igbo-Biafra spirituality, Igbo-Biafra wisdom, Igbo-Biafra principles, Igbo-Biafra custom and Igbo-Biafra practice.  You are on your own, and you shall certainly answer to your Chi, if not to Biafran law.  

But instead, fellow Biafrans, each and every one of us must turn their anger into purposeful effort in the direction of Biafra actualization. We must all turn our indignation into positive action towards the realization of Biafra at this time. We must harness every urge to retaliate and transmute it for the benefit of Biafra actualization. The best retaliation, the sweetest revenge of all, isn’t it to have our own Biafra , our very own Biafraland? That is where we shall place our efforts and our energy!  

As you go about your business hereinafter, take a solemn oath that you shall work day and night, to the best of your ability, for the actualization of Biafra ! Vow to actualize Biafra , the only home that you have; the only protection you have from Nigeria and the murderous Northern Muslims. Commit yourself to Biafra actualization around the clock, your only recourse to corrupt and effete politicians.  

The bloodthirsty Northern Nigerian Muslims and their governments have decreed and declared openly that they want to murder Isioma Daniels because of her article in ThisDay. Fellow Biafrans, therefore,

let the mention of the name of Isioma Daniels at any time and in any place and by anybody be a reminder of all that is evil about Nigeria and Northern Nigerian Muslims;

let such be a reminder that only in Biafra can we be safe from those who are only too eager and too happy to taste our blood and see it gush out of us;

let such be the motivator to defend Isioma Daniels and to defend Biafra .

Whenever you hear that name, Isioma Daniels, double—no, triple, quadruple—your effort towards her protection, towards our protection, through the actualization of Biafra .

Whenever her name is mentioned, renew your vow to defend her and to defend Biafra .

Every event in Nigeria points us to Biafra . Every machination of the evil enemy calls for Biafra actualization as our only protection. How can we say that we have not heard or do not realize that Biafra is our only safe harbor and our only destiny?  

Know, then, that Biafra lives, and that Biafra is ours—now! We shall do everything possible to actualize Biafra .  

That’s the news analysis for the week.


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