This is the News Analysis Segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcasts.  

For October 26th 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

Let us devote this week’s news analysis to the scores of innocent Biafrans held in illegal and unlawful detention in various jails in Nigeria just because they are members of MASSOB, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, and other pro-Biafra organizations. The fact that these brothers have been held for this long without charge is by itself a crime against humanity; it is contrary to United Nations laws and Charter to which Nigeria is a signatory. This is even assuming that our brothers have committed any alleged crimes to start with. But we all know, and Nigeria knows it, that our fellow Biafrans whom Nigeria has thrown in jail with great malice have done nothing wrong.

First, MASSOB is a non-violent organization. Members do not carry arms, do not use weapons, and the organization does not support any plans that use violence as a means to achieve Biafra Actualization. It is not enough for Nigerian Security personnel to visit violence on our non-violent MASSOB organizations, shooting some members to death, maiming and wounding others, destroying their property, and terrorizing them in an inhuman campaign of unimaginable cruelty. But, Nigeria in addition has to cart off unarmed, non-violent Biafrans and dump them in jail.

Second, these members of MASSOB so wrongfully and so wickedly thrown in jail are left to rot therein, in conditions not even fit for dogs. They are neglected; those with medical conditions are ignored, and refused medical treatment while their condition gets worse. Those that were originally healthy before they were thrown in jail then develop serious physical and psychological illnesses attributable directly to the jail conditions.

Third, no charges are filed against them all this time, and thereby, our brothers are denied the opportunity of the legal mechanism which would have given them a chance to defend themselves against the charges and prove themselves not guilty of such charges. This deliberate act is calculated, wicked, cruel, sinister, crude, and barbaric. No country that considers itself civilized would ever practice this type of barbarism and terrorism against hapless civilians as Nigeria does.

Who are these Biafrans still languishing in Nigeria’s jails today? They are fathers. They were breadwinners up to the time that their ordeal started. They are our brothers. They come from all walks of life. They are professionals, elites, commoners, artisans, students, traders and unemployed. They have families—small children, and spouses; grown up sons and daughters; they have fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins. They have grandpas and grandmas. They are just like you and me, human beings trying to make a living and trying to make sense out of life, trying to make life livable and worth living for themselves but mostly for everybody else too; trying to make the world a better place for their families—all our families—and especially our children. For this, they were thrown in jail by cruel Nigeria.

Some of these our brothers were thrown in jail for flying the Biafran flag. But the Nigerian Military flies the equivalent of Arewa Nation’s flag at some of their headquarters. How many of the military have been arrested for this?

If the waving of the Biafran flag threatens and frightens Nigeria to the extent that Nigeria is out shooting and killing and imprisoning the Biafran flag wavers—unarmed, non-violent Biafran civilians, then—Nigeria is indeed finished!  Nigeria is afraid. Nigeria is in fact sick!

Today, the National Assembly is in disarray, neglecting the business of the governance of Nigeria . Is this not more of a threat to Nigeria? The Senate is in a bitter fight as self-serving, unscrupulous persons like Nzeribe stoke the fires and pursue their own personal agenda. Is this not more of a threat to Nigeria? Should not these players be the ones to be put in jail?

General Obasanjo spent Nigeria ’s funds on the purchase of an executive jet airplane, then proceeded to set a travel record that will be difficult to equal or beat in the entire world, spending one third of his term in office on the road and away from Nigeria . Meanwhile, he declares that he has no interest in tangible things like road-building and road maintenance in Nigeria, much to the detriment of drivers and passengers and pedestrians who are victims of often fatal automobile accidents which can be traced to such bad roads. Pray, tell me, who then is more of a threat to Nigeria: the non-violent MASSOB member or an insensitive and callous non-performing, extravagant President of Nigeria? Who should be in jail, then?

Who is using the resources of the country to buy over members of the National Assembly in order to avoid impeachment? Who is manipulating the laws and the so-called constitution of Nigeria for personal / political gain and egotistic pursuits? Who is spending so much time on self-succession and avoidance of impeachment that he has so little time to do his job as a President of Nigeria? Now, do you see who actually is a threat to Nigeria, how and why? Should Nigeria not throw him in jail?

Everyday, even as we speak, some individuals in high places in Nigeria are busy stealing from the coffers of the country—in broad daylight. These individuals are known to be untouchable—above the law. In fact, other people line up to get their share of the loot from these untouchables. General Obasanjo and his administration are fully aware of this. But he says nothing. He and his administration do nothing about it. In fact, the General owes his election victory in 1999 to this type of largesse. If this is not a threat to Nigeria, what is? MASSOB?

If there is anybody out there who likes what Nigeria has been doing to Biafrans, especially Ndigbo since 1966, let him step forward and tell us why. If there is any Biafran out there who is still in doubt about the fact that Nigeria has a deliberate policy aimed at ignoring, rejecting, humiliating, insulting overlooking and excluding Biafrans from positions of authority, influence and power in Nigeria, let him come out and show us how blind and un-sensing he or she can be. At what point do you say, “Enough is enough”? How much and for how long can you be squished before you can wiggle out from under your tormentor and find your way to safety and freedom? When will you seek justice, and not finding it at the hands of Nigeria, what are you waiting for to apply the justice yourself?

Fellow Biafrans: our people are in jail today because they seek freedom—God-given freedom—which Nigeria has sworn to take away from us by force and by design. Our people in jail today have committed no crimes—instead, Nigeria is the party guilty of crimes because Nigeria threw our innocent people in jail without cause, and without charging them. Our people are in jail because they said, “Enough is enough,” and took a stand.

Fellow Biafrans: we appeal to you to remember these our Biafran heroes who are now in jail. Do not let Nigeria rest until every single one of them has been released. Do not stop talking about them, raising the issue of their case, before the news media, before the courts, before all government officials, at all stages and no matter what government; before Human and Civil Rights Organizations, before the Law institutions. Those lawyers among us, we appeal to you to take on their cases.

Pray for our jailed heroes in your congregations, asking that God release them immediately from the bondage of evil Nigeria. At the same time, do not forget their families—ever! Whatever you can do to console them, to cheer them up, to help them, and to uphold them, please do. Remember them in all your prayers.

To our Biafran brethren wrongfully placed in jail: if you can hear us, do know that we are thinking of you—each and every single one of you; that we shall never abandon you. Know that although we can never feel all that you have experienced—are experiencing—we are in total sympathy and empathy and support; we share your pains and the pains of the families which you have been taken away from. Every single one of you is in our prayers; and God has heard our cry, your cry. and shall break the shackles that the evil Nigeria had bound you with, and shall heal your bruises.

Biafra remembers you and thanks you—you who are in jail for her sake and the sake of her citizens. Biafra lives! Thus, you live!

Nigeria : we ask you to release Biafrans—MASSOB members—whom you have thrown in jail unjustly and without charge. Nigeria , we demand that you immediately let our brothers out of your hellish jails. The judgment of the world and of God shall be visited upon you, Nigeria.

Biafra actualization is the definitive and complete answer for Biafrans to all the injustice and injury suffered by Biafra at the hands of Nigeria.

Biafra shall be; Biafra is!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, : follow Voice of Biafra link.)