This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcast.


For April 20, 2002.


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


The news that a Biafran was arrested in Lagos because he was found in possession of Biafran Currency compels this leading analysis. First, is this not a mark of fear—Nigeria’s fear of Igbo and Nigeria’s fear of Biafra?  Consider that many Nigerians carry the US Dollar currency notes at any one time, and even use it as legal tender in Nigeria. Has that perturbed Nigeria? Then, consider that even the Nigerian currencies have Arabic writing on them, although almost half of the population of Nigeria does not speak, write or understand Arabic. Is it then not a matter laughable at best, hypocritical at worst and pitiable on the surface, that Nigeria should arrest anyone for having Biafran Currency?


Second, we have to pick up on what it is that Nigeria is afraid of, and envious of, regarding Biafra. There is in fact no culture or tradition in the world today that is richer or more interesting and intriguing than the Biafran culture and traditions. No culture or nation in the world today possesses more intellect than Biafra. No culture or peoples in the entire world today have a deeper spirituality than that of Biafra (and we are not speaking of religiosity which is only a tertiary and relatively more recent attribute).


Just because Biafrans have been lulled into a comatose state does not mean that this cultural, intellectual and spiritual root of Biafra has been uprooted, nor that the umbilical cord which attaches the individual Biafran to mother-Biafra is severed, neither that the moorings that connect the collective Biafran to the Rock, Biafra, have been cut. For the unseen onion bulb lying seemingly dormant, leafless, and lifeless is in fact alive well, yielding produce in its season.


We feel so much sympathy for, and empathize with, Biafrans today who are completely oblivious of the greatness of the Biafran culture. We feel sympathy for Biafrans who are only just a little aware of the large size of their intellect. We are in sympathy with Biafrans who have no idea how deep their spirituality runs, who have no clue that spirituality does not get any deeper than the spirituality of Biafra.


We trust that the actions of Nigeria against Biafra will hasten the awakening of Biafrans at last. The British, out of sheer envy, thought that they could destroy Biafra. They did not succeed. Neither will Nigeria. Nothing can destroy Biafra because she is Chi at Chi’s best,  manifesting that which only Chi can manifest. Biafra lives. Biafra shall be actualized. The Biafran Currency will circulate again as legal tender, not just in Biafra, but in other nations.


We return to the “Abachanjo Syndrome,” an affliction that corrupts the rulership of Nigeria, those that live as parasites off the inflated egos of rulers of Nigeria, and the peoples of Nigeria themselves who can be bought for so cheap, or who are merely discounted as nonentities. Today, General Obasanjo has developed all the signs of this syndrome. The parasites are ministering to his ego singing his (false) praises and demanding that he continue in office for another term even though he has done nothing to benefit the hapless peoples living in Nigeria. These parasites have no shame at all—but why should they? The peoples never disgraced the parasites following the parasites' performance with Abacha—the parasites got away with it. Those that hunger to rule Nigeria did not learn anything from the Abacha-parasite conundrum, as General Obasanjo is demonstrating now.


But consider the peoples of Nigeria. Shall we not feel pity for them? They sat and watched and bought the same thing with Abacha. They are now sitting and watching and buying the same nonsense from the same parasites, and this time around, from General Obasanjo. Consider one of their [parasites'] arguments: nobody else is qualified to rule Nigeria than General Obasanjo. So, does that then not mean that these parasites are going to foist the General on Nigeria for life? And you thought Idi Amin, who gave life to the phrase, “President-for-life,” was a clown, and the Ugandans stupid? Think again, and think of Nigeria and Nigerians. For these shameless parasites whose only game is catering to their own selfishness, we have an answer. For Nigeria, we have one answer. For General Obasanjo, on his way to becoming President-for-life of Nigeria, we have but just one answer: Biafra.


Only Biafra can cure this madness, this malady. And it shall be cured, because Biafra shall be. Biafra is!


Moving on...

General Obasanjo finally took credit for the recent killing of civilians by the armed forces under his command—by his own admission and words, to the Financial Times, in a recent interview. The General also vigorously defended and justified (in his own mind) his actions. Nice going, General! For your information, there’s now a permanent court in Hague to try persons for crimes against humanity if such persons are too powerful and or too arrogant to be prosecuted by their own people. You got away with genocide against Biafra. You got away with Odi. You cannot get away with this one—you admitted it to the entire world. Hague awaits you, by and by. Remember Pinochet and Milosevic? That was even before the permanent court was established. You do not have a chance!


And on...

We take this opportunity to address the sitting Nigerian State Governors in Biafraland. We have seen reports of your involvement—some of you—in the killing and tear-gassing of Biafrans. We have seen the internecine battles that you are waging with lethal outcome for Biafrans. We have learned of your direct role in the wasting of Biafran youth and Biafran braves using Nigerian laws with trumped up charges and Nigerian security officials to place them in jail without bail or trial and without even a pretense at justice. We have seen how brazen your involvement has become at killing Biafrans—not even the fear of God has stopped you—never mind respect for God. You are involved in the killing of Biafrans in their homes, in their places of worship, on their streets, in their campuses, and in your jails.


How long do you think you can get away with this? If you escape the wrath of man, are you so sure that you can avoid the judgment of God? If you think that your power now can protect you, what will happen when you fall out of power? Do not for one moment assume that perpetual self-succession will work for you—it has not worked for anybody yet! And, if you manage to protect your own self, how are you going to deal with “the evil that men do lives after them”? How are you going to prevent your offspring from paying for your actions today? “The sins of the father are paid for by his children” is not a prediction—it is experience. Think!


What have you accomplished for the people that voted you into office? How have you improved the lives of those under your charge? Have you advocated for the people, or are you only minding the business of PDP, the no-good Hausa-Fulani party, the party of those that have sworn to destroy Igbo people and Biafra? PDP, the inept and corrupt party which is spending and squandering the wealth of Biafra on the party itself, and on entrenching itself as a one-party system, all to the detriment of the people?


Let us tell you what the problem is. Please try to follow—it is not so difficult. You got into the gubernatorial business with good intensions to help the people. We know that truly, you had it in you, and you meant to do good for the people. When you got in, you found out that it was like making a deal with the devil—except you didn’t know it before you got in. You found out that you had authority but no power and that you have obligations to the people but no money to fulfill them. You found out that your ideas were trumped and thrashed by the Party’s own priorities, which, incidentally, had nothing to do with helping the people. You found yourself constantly trying to stabilize your own self because the Party was too busy undermining you—how could you think of helping your people when you couldn’t even stabilize your own office and your own self? Eventually, not only did you fail to pay attention to your people’s needs, but out of sheer self-preservation desire, you turned against the people.


Do you know who controls the power? Yes! PDP, equals General Obasanjo, equals the Hausa-Fulani who own the party and who own Nigeria
Do you know who controls the purse and keeps the money? Yes! General Obasanjo, equals PDP, equals the Hausa-Fulani who own the party and who own
Do you know who benefits from
Nigeria and from this setup? Yes! The likes of General Obasanjo and the Hausa-Fulani. 
Do you know who the victims are? Yes! YOU. YOU. YOU. Igbo people. Biafrans.


But, do not feel bad yet. What is the Hausa-Fulani record of Nigerian rule? Didn’t they run Nigeria to the ground—even the General stated as much in his recent interview with the Financial Times. And speaking of the General, how is Obasanjo himself fairing with ruling Nigeria? Has he done any better than his predecessors? The answer is of course, No; if anything, he has performed much worse!


Now, do you see the problem? Nothing works in one Nigeria. Not only that, the best of intentions are turned into corruption and murder in, and by, one Nigeria. Whether you serve at the LGA level, the State level, the National level or as the President in the system called one Nigeria, you will fail, but you will also turn against your own people, and become something you were not as a person, especially if you come from Igboland / Biafraland, an area and a people specifically targeted for repression and annihilation by Nigeria.


One Nigeria has corrupted you! One Nigeria will continue to corrupt you. One Nigeria will corrupt the new crop of persons entering into politics in Nigeria. There is no way to be in a cesspool without smelling like excrement. There is no way to be in the cesspool and still be the same person that entered in there in the first place. If you ever get out of the cesspool, you will never be the same. One Nigeria is a cesspool


So now, we appeal to you: see the light. We must shun one Nigeria. We must look to actualizing our own nation, Biafra. There, you can heal and settle with your Chi and with your people. There, you might make up for what you have been compelled to do to the people under the evil aegis of one Nigeria. You have a choice to make. We trust that you will make the right one.


Regardless, Biafra actualization process remains on course. Biafra is the only answer. Biafra is the only option. Biafra lives.


Biafra lives! 



That’s the news analysis for the week.


Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, : follow Voice of Biafra link.)