This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcast.


For March 9, 2002.


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


We start today with the Savannah Bank crisis which has correctly been described by the Igbo-Biafran depositors victimized by the bank’s license revocation as financial terrorism. Here we witness robbery in broad daylight, committed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, against Igbo-Biafrans.  Who made the decision? Check out the national make-up of the Board members who made this devastating decision, and see for yourself that typical of such Nigerian Institutions, Igbo-Biafrans are not equitably represented. Moreover, we now understand that also typical of such institutions, their Boards are anti Igbo-Biafran, to the core.  They will do everything in their power to hurt the Igbo-Biafran in any and all spheres and any and all walks of life where they have control.


Our brothers and sisters, the Onitsha victims of this economic terrorism, we ask you: are you now convinced that


1)      Nigeria will never work for you, as Igbo-Biafrans?

2)      you, as Igbo-Biafrans, are second class citizens—if that—in Nigeria?

3)      Nigeria is actively and deliberately working to make sure that you, as Igbo-Biafran, are reduced to nothing?


Where is due-process? Why is due-process so conveniently and unabashedly abandoned when Igbo-Biafrans are involved, in order to hurt them?


Isn’t it ironic that it is the same General Obasanjo and his cronies who presided over the decision to insult and condemn Biafrans after the war with

a flat amount of ₤20? Isn’t it the same Nigerian Government run by individuals who hate Igbo-Biafrans so much that without conscience and without remorse, they were willing to perpetrate such callous injustice? These are the same people who were proclaiming, “No victors, no vanquished.”


Well, brothers and sisters: we hope that you keep protesting every day. We hope that you will do more than that. We hope that you will now begin to acknowledge openly that Biafra is our only protection from the vagaries and malicious actions of those who hate us with a passion and who pretend that Nigeria is one.


We hope that you have been compelled to see the light if you hadn’t before now.


That’s assuming you hadn’t connected the dots earlier when General Obasanjo’s government sought to ban the importation of autos older than 5 years. He and the Nigerian government knew very well that Igbo-Biafrans will predominantly feel the negative financial impact of this decision, and yet, they proceeded. So blinded are they in their hateful efforts against Igbo-Biafrans that they were willing to forgo the substantial tax revenues which this auto trade brought to the Nigerian government.


Remember 1966 and 1967? They did not want us anywhere else in Nigeria. They chased us and killed us and destroyed our property, and when we returned to the safety of our own homeland, they still pursued us there and continued to kill us, with ample help from their foreign friends. Well, they are doing it again financially / economically today. Did they not kill us again in Kano and Kaduna and Jos recently? Did they not burn us out of Jos market, which was deliberately set on fire according to a high ranking official, destroying our financial base and our property and merchandise? Now that we have returned back to our homeland, they are going to try to continue to take away our financial means of livelihood..


Ladies and gentlemen: the only thing that will protect us from certain annihilation by Nigeria is Biafra. Only Biafra will prevent any further hurt and humiliation to us by Nigeria. There is no future for us in Nigeria—there never was, there never will be. We must have the courage to see and acknowledge this.


And, are these the people Okorocha wants to make peace with? Is this the Nigeria that the misguided one wants Igbo-Biafrans to accommodate and make peace with? How can you make peace with your tormentor from a position of oppression and suppression? Pity, the wealthy but poor man has no clue at all. How do you make peace with a system whose only goal is to stamp out your nation, your culture, and your people—any way they can? How do you make peace with a system which is deliberately designed to grind you to nothingness, and enjoys doing that with relish?  He is going to make peace with those that blame the Biafra war on Ironsi—those with short memory who love lies and excuses. If Ironsi caused the war by insisting on a strong centrally governed one Nigeria, which upset the Northerners, then pray, tell me, what was Gowon, the Northerner, protecting and fighting for?  What did the string of Northern military coupists do with Nigeria—did they regionalize or confederate Nigeria? How does one make peace with Shariarists who regard one as an infidel fit only for scorn until one is either converted to Islam or is killed by the Shariarists? The only peace comes when Biafra is independent and sovereign. True peace will happen when we leave Nigeria to and for the Shariarists, and we go off, and on with our own Nation, Biafra.


Lest you have any doubts about the fact that we are going to actualize Biafra, listen to the Biafran group called  “Generation 1960-70+”:

“Ndigbo Generation 1960-1970+, is an umbrella body uniting and subscribing Ndigbo including those in the Diaspora, born under the stated generational period. Our motto is "Our Distinct Destiny is in Our Hands. And our ultimate goal is to attain independence as a Sovereign State, the Sovereign State of Biafra (SSB). This is not negotiable. More than 50% of our members presently carry Birth Certificates with Biafran Nationality. We do not in anyway feel less of who we are. We are unashamedly, BIAFRANS! We have no reason to believe otherwise having been born in Biafra and been victims of genocide, war, hunger and blockade. We have no  reason to believe otherwise having been subjected to a quota system that denied us access and equal opportunity to our educational needs and been classified as from educationally advantaged even when we lost 3 years as a result of an unjust war. We have no reason to believe that we are anything else but BIAFRANS as they continue incessantly to slaughter us as though we are nomadic cows. Our hard earned investments daily looted and destroyed in that failed State called Nigeria. We cannot feel to be anything else but Biafrans, for daily as hard as we try, we live with the pains of our reality, the pains of millions of our playmates and other loved ones callously cut down before their sun could rise, through air raids on civilian population, ordered by Rtd. General Yakubu Gowon and death by hunger as directed by Obafemi Awolowo and Anthony Enahoro through their hunger and blockade policy. We live with the pains of our brilliant and beautiful uncles who stood firm against injustice and made the supreme sacrifice. We live with the pains of having had to contain with the harsh realities of life at such a tender and highly impressionable age, as our parents struggled to bring us up with a handout of a paltry sum of £20.00 from whatever they were worth by the abomination that is the Nigerian State. We are a generation who were stripped of a peaceful childhood and their innocence thrown to the dogs by some dark and retrogressive forces in Nigeria aided by the former colonial power, Britain. That is the Ndigbo Generation 1960-1970+. We are resolved to take our distinct destiny into our own hands for a better today and a guaranteed tomorrow for succeeding generations after us. There will be no compromise on this resolve.”


Pretty much speaks for itself!


We revisit the police strikes. Now, even the military wants to strike, too. Perhaps, now, General Obasanjo and his inept government have realized that the way to face these problems is not to stigmatize the striking police and try to jail and punish them. Perhaps, General Obasanjo and his government do now understand that the grievances of the striking police, next the striking army, are real. These striking police and soon-to-strike military are tired of the corruption of the government which has kept them working for months without due pay. Who are keeping the payroll? How and where did the payroll disappear? Let’s drill down and find out. At the bottom, you will find the same unscrupulous and greedy cabal, supported by the same evil machinery called one Nigeria. Of course, it will be too much to expect General Obasanjo and his government to look that deep. They will only sack the incompetent top echelon of the Police—which is well-deserved (guess who dominates that level, and it’s not because of merit, either)—but cannot explain to the people where the money went. Nor will they bring the money-mongers to justice. These are all signs of a rotten and rotting structure called one Nigeria. These are the types of things which are surely pushing Nigeria down the steep slope of fragmentation. But they will find scapegoats to falsely blame for “destabilizing” Nigeria. How can you destabilize that which is already unstable?


Next, we expect the army, then the congress, then the teachers, then the rest of the workers in Nigeria to agitate and demand their due wages lost to greedy and corrupt high officials whose criminal behavior is supported and nurtured by one Nigeria.


We hear Buhari has been tapped by his own sycophants to run for Nigerian Presidential elections. Vintage Nigeria! A group of the same old political hags get together, feel that they need to get back into milking the system, find their own candidate, and then, crown him President. Once in office, the President rewards his kingmakers who waste no time in extracting every possible perk, exploiting unimaginable situations, and looting the national treasury. Buhari has no vision and no leadership qualities. That he is even picked is not just a symptom of a corrupt kingmaker-system but also of a dearth of qualified candidates in Nigeria. Add this to the cancer eating up Nigeria. Add this to the reasons why nobody in their right mind should stay in one Nigeria. Add this to the list of reasons why there won’t be a successful election, come 2003.


Biafra remains the only viable option for Igbo-Biafrans. The breakup of Nigeria remains the only effective antidote for what ails Nigeria and what is going to kill all nationalities living in Nigeria. Biafra lives!



That’s all the news analysis for this week.




God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, : follow Voice of Biafra link.)