This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcast.


For February 9, 2002


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…



We continue to witness events in Nigeria which are heart-wrenching. We continue to grieve and to weep for all those who have lost lives, property and domicile due to these gruesome events. And we ask: for what, and for how long? Why should we continue to kill one another because we are forced into the unworkable condition called one Nigeria? Why should we continue to allow ourselves to be forced together as one Nigeria only so that we can kill and destroy one another, insult and hate one another, and only so that one group can suppress, repress, subjugate and torture the other nations? The only correct step now is to separate and go our different ways.


Why should our response to all this be: “Bring back the military”? Was the military any good? Why are we afraid to do the only right thing, to take the only correct step, which is separation into our own different and independent nations? We have tried the Military—it didn’t work. We have tried democracy (actually, pseudo-democracy), and things are just as bad, if not worse. We forget the only other natural choice, which we should have exercised long ago: SEPARATION. Thank God that Biafra Actualization is on track. We now hope that the other nations of Nigeria will see that the only hope for survival is separation; otherwise, one Nigeria will kill us all!


Who wants Nigeria one? First, some foreign countries might—that’s because, they want to make sure that they can collect the $28B or so that Nigeria owes them. Never mind that such countries have in their banks a greater amount of money stolen and looted by Nigerian high officials and stashed away therein their banks. Or they want Nigeria one because they want to protect their source of oil supply, refusing to see that as long as they fail to accept and recognize and acknowledge the rightful ownership of the oil resources—those nations in whose land the deposits are—such supply is in jeopardy. The oil does not belong to Nigeria, though at the moment Nigeria has usurped all of it—that is, those that rule Nigeria: the Hausa-Fulani. Their land and place is in the North, but they lay claim to and commandeer the natural and national resources of nations in the south of Nigeria. That type of arrangement does not last forever. These foreign countries should realize that.


Who want Nigeria one? General Obasanjo is one of them. General Obasanjo and his government have imperiled the lives and property of all those forced to live together as one Nigeria. General Obasanjo and his government are totally powerless to stop the killing of people living in Nigeria—a crime based on ethnic cleansing, now sponsored by States, and under the guise and directive of Sharia.  More people have died and more displaced under General Obasanjo’s rule than during even the brutal rule of the Northern brute called Abacha.  General Obasanjo says he will give his life for one Nigeria—we yet have to see that. Instead, all we see are people dying because they are forced to be in one Nigeria.


General Obasanjo and his government are so inept that they contributed to the events in Lagos this past week. But, he would turn around and try to blame the people. After all, as reported in the newspapers, did he not ask visiting governors to tell their people that most of the deaths from the Lagos explosions resulted from people panicking? He told them to instruct their people, in future events, to wait and find out what is happening first before they make a move. Such an insensitive and idiotic piece of advice! Consider that it was night when the explosions started; and the sky burned and the ground shook and trembled. So, when the solid ground beneath your feet is moving violently, and the walls surrounding you are moving, and the sky outside looks like a cauldron, you should wait to find out some more before fleeing? Incredible advice from the President of a grieving country! And, this is the person that wants to stay and is forcing everybody to stay in one Nigeria?


Who wants Nigeria one? All the sycophants of Nigeria. The elected officials who paid a so-called condolence call to General Obasanjo in Abuja. How much more stupid could they be? The victims of the explosions are in Lagos and surrounding areas. Obasanjo had clearly demonstrated his gross insensitivity to the people on this occasion. If these officials really wanted to express sympathy for the victims of this tragic event, they could have gone straight to Lagos. Or, they could have saved the money from the trip-expenses and sent it to the victims. But, they had to go to Abuja, to sing their master’s praise, so as to curry some favor. These are the same people that want Nigeria one, so that they can keep their job where they have demonstrated that they only care about themselves, at the people’s expense.


The same sycophants said nothing while the police force was suffering from lack of pay and benefits, though the top officers lived very well. Where is all the money that should have gone to pay them before now? Most likely stolen, looted and embezzled by the higher-ups. When the police go on strike, these same sycophants have the guts to arrest them for some offence? The only offence we can see is the deliberate negligence of the police force by one Nigeria. The real criminals here are one Nigeria and her officials, and the top police brass. They need to explain what happened to the money allocated to the police all these years. But, of course, they are untouchable. And, they are the ones that want one Nigeria, so that they can continue to reap where they did not sow. Predictably, the Military may follow in the footsteps of the police, and the sycophants will act the same way, then we shall see.


Who wants Nigeria one? The Hausa-Fulani. They have their Sharia, and if you are not Muslim, you are an infidel. But, they will not let us infidels alone to go our own infidel way. They want to conquer us (Kwara and Oyo States—are you ready?). Worse still, they want to enslave us while they get their long fingers at our resources which they will use to better only themselves, while at the same time treating us as second-class citizens. One Nigeria is the only condition that will make that possible, for that reason, they want one Nigeria. They refuse to get together and talk about how we shall relate to one another as independent and equal nations. They resist the conduction of a census, where we can prove at last that they do not have the majority in numbers that they have claimed. They do not speak out when they kill at will Igbo-Biafrans and other Southerners in the North, and without provocation. But they insist on one Nigeria.


Who wants one Nigeria? The sycophants are not limited to outside Igboland. There are Igbos who are benefiting from the murderous treatment of Igbo-Biafrans by Nigeria. They want one Nigeria. Shame, and woe unto them!. Never mind that the reports suggest that the recent round of Yoruba Vs Hausa battles in the West was started because some Muslims asserted  that a Yoruba desecrated  their mosque and therefore killed him (sound familiar?), notice that Northern leaders are vocal in threatening that there will be repercussions and retaliations in the North if this melee continues in the West. They stood up for their people. They spoke up for their people. This, in spite of their people being the provocateurs.


Compare this to the behavior or lack thereof of these Igbo sycophants who do not have the guts or the sense to protest the bad treatment and unceasing murdering of Ndigbo by the Hausa-Fulani and their one Nigeria. Understand: we do not advocate retaliation and reprisal, because all that results out of this reflex is the victimization of innocent ones—and there is no justification for that at all. These sycophants still want one Nigeria so that they can protect their contracts and posts and share of the loot. Never mind that they only serve at the pleasure of their Hausa-Fulani masters who routinely teach them who is boss and who is the dog, by regularly arranging a reminder.


BUT ALL THE RECENT EVENTS IN NIGERIA TODAY ARE COMPELLING EVERY IGBO-BIAFRAN TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AGAINST INJUSTICE METED TO NDIGBO IN ANY FORM by Nigeria. All these events beg Ndigbo to disavow one Nigeria. These events are pleading for Ndigbo to pursue with seriousness and with determination and single-mindedness a Biafra Actualization agenda in order to counteract the activities of these sycophants. In Biafra, we shall finally get out of the injury that is one Nigeria.


Look, all the Northern leaders, including the Military usurpers who raped Nigeria (and are still raping Nigeria), all support Sharia and their Northern agenda. They are of one mind. None of them comes out and says to the North, “look, it is wrong to kill Igbo-Biafrans all the time; it is even more wrong to expect them to want to stay in the same country in the face of this type of outrageous behavior.” You never hear anyone of them condemn the inhumanity of Sharia, nor do you hear them asking the Muslims to show restraint in their avowed plan to Shariarize the rest of Nigeria.”  But, to the person, they all want one Nigeria. Are the rest of you so blind that you cannot see where this is going, where this is leading? Now, they want the Military back in power. Ask yourself: who benefits when the Military is in power in Nigeria—isn’t it the same Northerners?


What is happening today in Nigeria can only intensify—yesterday, it was Odi and Tiv-Junkun; today, Liama town in Bayelsa; and tomorrow, it could be YOURTOWN. The only reprieve will be a temporary lull now and then, until when you all begin to see that one Nigeria is leading to the destruction of us all—everything; until you all begin to see that the only hope for survival is the quick breakup of the crumbling political structure called one Nigeria. And if you think another military takeover is the answer, we are truly sorry for you!


The other sycophants to be mentioned here are all those who run around and make the “tolerance and patience” speech. Please, go home! Get a life! 10,000 persons have died in less than 3 years since you started saying your useless words. Many more have been displaced or dispossessed since then. Like those of a useless sermon, what have your words done for anybody? May be you are learning how to talk and appear “wise.” We feel sorry for you. Go and practice on your self. These speeches will not change the fact of Sharia. These speeches will not change the reality of Nigeria: different nations forced to live together, for the benefit of the Arewa / Hausa-Fulani nation and a few others; but now the oppressed nations are tired of the arrangement and begin to stir for inevitable independence. The only wise thing to do is to separate, most preferably in peace, and go our different ways. Feigned patience and sweet words will not suffice any more.


That’s what our analysis of the current news has concluded.


Awake and arise Biafrans! The place falls apart; don’t be caught unawares! We encourage other nations of Nigeria to separate—peacefully, preferably. We can do it. We shall do it.









That’s all the news analysis for this week; God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, follow Voice of Biafra link.)