This is the News Analysis Segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcasts.  

For September 28th 2002  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Current events in that abomination known as Nigeria lead us to start thus:  

For too long, Nigerians, foreign governments and organizations have wallowed in this grand delusion that Nigerian is one country. Some have even gone as far as calling Nigeria one nation. What a joke!  General Obasanjo claims that God has sent him to keep Nigeria one and that he will die for one Nigeria . It is precisely because of people like this that Nigeria will never be one—not that it was to start with.  

The few Nigerians who pretend to love One Nigeria do so only for their own selfish ends – to steal as much money as they can from the treasury. They are people who have been benefiting from the corruption known as one Nigeria . Some, in high places, are known by their motto: “Serve any government in power” which really translates into “join the looting and pillaging of what is known as Nigeria by current government officials in power, be they military or civilian.” For them, one Nigeria is an opportunity to either take a turn at, or continue in, exploiting the hapless peoples living in the accursed region known as Nigeria . And then, there are other ignorant persons who still believe that Nigeria is a “great country”—great in what? we ask. Corruption? Poverty? Bad government? Infrastructure? Education? Self-sufficiency? Great in what?

Some foreign governments erroneously believe that the solution to Nigeria ’s problem is the establishment of democracy. They forget that Biafrans have been practicing strict democracy for thousands of years—the real democracy—light-years ahead of what the same foreigners have foisted or pretended to establish on African countries that they strapped together, including Nigeria herself. These same foreign governments pretend not to notice that their version of democracy, tailor-made by them for Africa especially Nigeria , does not work.

Nigeria ’s problem is not democracy—which we know has never applied. It is not oil money which is being stolen from the Southern Nations, and it is certainly not inability to run a government, of which there is no capability at all at this time. Bad as these are, they are not the main problem with Nigeria .

The real problem with Nigeria is STRUCTURAL. In order to change anything, the STRUCTURE of Nigeria must change first. Three major Nations (Hausa//Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba), along with other less populous Nations, that have nothing in common have been yoked together in an unworkable political unit called Nigeria . Consequently they have engaged in a deadly war of control, and subjugation for more than half a century. Millions of innocent civilian lives have been sacrificed in this mindless experiment. It is time to call off the experiment.

These Nations have different cultures and sociopolitical organizations. The Igbo-Biafran is republican, democratic and is ninety five percent Christian. The Yoruba is monarchial, fifty percent Christian and fifty percent Moslem. The Hausa/Fulani is feudalistic, sixty percent Moslem and forty percent Christian.  These Nations do not speak the same language, do not share similar dress code, and do not share the same philosophy of life. These differences in language, culture, religion and fundamental philosophy of life have made it practically impossible for these Nations to live harmoniously together as one country. Since the amalgamation of these Nations in 1914 by colonial fiat, the Igbo have frequently been attacked regularly and their property looted by the Hausa/Fulani and sometimes, the Yoruba.

Hausa/Fulani oligarchs have ruled Nigeria for more than 30 of her 40-year history. In this time they succeeded in destroying all the sterling qualities of the different Nations in Nigeria . The Yoruba were beating their chest and proclaiming that if they rule Nigeria they will turn it into a modern state. They have ruled Nigeria for about 8 years. During this time they dragged the country into a mud pit of manure and Nigeria continued to smell like pig dung. The Igbo have also claimed that they can cure the ills of Nigeria if they rule. They did it for 6 months during which time they tried to weld the country into a workable unit. Paranoid Nigerians thanked them by perpetrating a holocaust on the Igbo and other people of Eastern Region of Nigeria. By the time their paranoia ran its course, they had slaughtered 50,000 innocent Igbo babies, children, and women and starved to death more than 2 million more, including many other Easterners. They had looted and burned everything that industrious and enterprising Igbo and other people of Eastern Region owned.

Today, Ndiigbo are seeking the presidency of Nigeria and promising that they can cure the ills of Nigeria . We do not oppose the Igbo presidency project but we do not believe that any Igbo man or woman alive or dead can cure the cancer eating away at the few strands of flesh holding Nigeria not-so-together. Nigeria is like a cancer patient in the final stage of the terminal illness. Her cancer has destroyed all her internal organs. She is now a living dead.  Nobody can rescue Nigeria —no matter what Nation they come from.

Ndiigbo and other people of Eastern Region: stop wasting your time on Nigeria . You are beating a dead horse. Since the basic problem with Nigeria is STRUCTURAL, it makes sense that the long lasting solution—the only solution—will be STRUCTURAL.  We state once again that the problem in Nigeria is not a democracy problem. The problem is a STRUCTURAL problem.  We must restructure the country into its component Nations.  We recommend that Nigeria be restructured into the sovereign and independent Nations which currently reside in that geographical area.

We urge the only super power in the world as well as all the people of the free world to uphold for Biafra and the other nations in Nigeria the principle of self-determination that is the cornerstone of the freedom and liberty championed by the United States of America , European Union and other people of the free world. We ask these other peoples and other nations not to stand in the way of the breakup of Nigeria —the only healthy thing that can happen to the peoples living in Nigeria .

If immediate separation has not occurred spontaneously and naturally in the next several weeks, we suggest the convoking of a Sovereign National Conference of all the Nations that live in Nigeria .  At such a conference, each Nation shall determine the nature of the relationship she wants to have with her neighbors.  This might be followed by a United Nations-supervised referendum and / or observation to ensure that the stand of the delegates at such a conference is actually the will of the people.  

Most Nations in Nigeria have actually been calling for the convocation of this Sovereign National Conference. Despite prevarication by Nigerian political leaders, it is obvious that this is the will of the peoples of Nigeria .  General Obasanjo, the current President of Nigeria, is on record as having agreed to this concept.  Igbo-Biafran and Yoruba leaders have also been calling for such a conference, and a few Northern leaders have argued openly that a restructuring of Nigeria is absolutely necessary.  What are we waiting for?

An analysis of the current news, a reflection of the state of Nigeria supports our plan for Sovereign National Conference. The current voter registration exercise is so flawed and has set the stage for massive election rigging, months before the elections—if the elections ever hold. Look into this future: what do you see?

The current crop of presidential candidates, including General Obasanjo, is made up of persons that have looted and ruined Nigeria in the past and present; persons without vision, persons who ran out of ideas even before they .usurped power—correction: they had no ideas at all to start with. If one of them should become President, what can they do different than before—except do worse? Do you hear an outcry from the people in protest? No, instead, these criminals are supported by their kin for the presidency. Can you peer into this type of future? 

As for other offices at all other levels, who are vying and killing for self-succession—who other than the same inept, corrupt, self-centered, egotistic non-performing politicians who have taken their slots among the thieves, cheaters and oppressors of the peoples? This is the future of Nigeria ? Do you now see why this structure called one Nigeria has to be finally broken now?

Biafra actualization is the right step at this time, the only effective and correct course to pursue.

Finally, we wish to remind Ndiigbo-Biafrans to be vigilant. If the government of the United States of America carries her war against terrorism to Iraq, Moslem Jihadists in Northern and Western Nigeria are likely to attack Christian Igbo-Biafrans living among them as they did in 2001 after the 9/11 incident. Ndiigbo-Biafrans: you must be prepared to get out of harm’s way—the earlier the better. You may not get another warning.

Biafra lives.

This is the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, : follow Voice of Biafra link.)