This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Broadcast.


For May 4, 2002.


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

We start by pointing out the typical inconsistencies of General Obasanjo Government. Several months ago, when Southern governors sought to meet with the oil companies operating in Nigeria which are causing huge ecological and material damage to the South, the natural source of the oil, General Obasanjo and his government “called foul” and stopped the meeting because, in their mind, this meeting would destabilize Nigeria. They accused the oil companies of interfering in the internal affairs of Nigeria. This week, though, the US government went out of its way to make an exception and declare that Nigeria has “an emergency,” and therefore, was qualified to receive monetary aid for military purposes.

We now learn that the Nigerian government was unaware of the plans for the aid, and unaware of the “emergency” in Nigeria that justified such an aid. But, the Nigerian government would gladly receive the money when it gets to Abuja. So, tell me, General Obasanjo, how is it that Mr. Bush decides that Nigeria has an “emergency” which calls for financial and military aid, and you don’t even know about it, and it is quite okay with you—that is, as long as you get the money? So, we ask: who is in charge in Nigeria—Mr. Bush or General Obasanjo? For a government always paranoid about destabilization and interference with her so-called internal affairs, what a shame! A little honesty and a little consistency is what the peoples ask for. But, we are sure that we will never get that from this government.

Yet, General Obasanjo reminds the whole world every single day that he fasted and prayed to God for a long time before he decided to decide to run again for the Presidency of Nigeria. The General needs to be reminded of what is thought of those who delight in the public exhibition of their piety and fasting/praying prowess. The General only gives Christianity a bad name after advertising his religiosity only for him and his government to continue to practice hypocrisy in governance, and hypocrisy in dealing with the peoples of Nigeria. For, have we not always known that the General was always planning to, and running up to, re-contesting, long before he supposedly was consulting with God? It is one thing to deceive the people, but it is quite another thing to solemnize such deceit with the name of God.

One of the State Governors finally gave a partial explanation of why the State and local governments never pay the workers from year to year—sometimes, owing the workers 18 months arrears of pay; and most times, failing to pay entirely. He said that a good portion of the State Monetary allocation from the Federal government is paid back to Abuja. Paid back to Abuja?

The States are making payments to Abuja? What for? The State, which is supposed to spend the money on her ward, her impoverished and brutalized people who provide service for the State, or who rely on the State to provide security and other services.

The State is sending money back to Abuja? Which people are in Abuja who are entitled to receive this money? Is it the ruling party, PDP? Is it the Federal government officials taking kick-backs from the State?  Is it the Federal Government herself? Please tell us.  And, pray, tell us: is it the Southeastern States alone that pay this levy, or are other States in Nigeria practicing the same? What does the levy buy the States?

Does anybody really care what is going on in Nigeria with respect to unpaid wages, delayed wages? Has anybody followed the Naira as it makes its way as oil revenue, and is disbursed among the States, to when and how it is spent? Does anybody really care? Does anybody know how PDP is being supported financially, as it poises to become the one-party for Nigeria? In the former communist countries, the communist party stole, kept and spent the wealth of those nations. What is the difference now in Nigeria?

We turn our attention to Igbo one-Nigeria apologists. We ask them what their reaction is to the recent appointments of 16 AIG’s in Nigeria, of which none of them comes from Igboland. We would like to remind them that all of Igboland is under the police and security command of mostly Northerners and some Westerners, and not a single Igbo; but the converse is not true either. Of course, we know these Igbo one-Nigeria apologists will amuse themselves with an excuse or two which they will try to elevate into a reason or reasons.  We recommend that these Igbo one-Nigeria apologists take a good look at their own selves in the mirror. Let them see that the injustice meted to Ndigbo is also meted to them. Let them see that the constant, deliberate humiliation that Ndigbo are suffering at the hands of the rest of Nigeria does not spare them: they too are similarly humiliated. When they look at themselves in the mirror, we trust that they will not fail to see beyond their prejudice against Ndigbo, their own kin. They will find out that no amount of hypocrisy or blind support for one-Nigeria can change the fact of how Nigeria has oppressed and derided all Igbo, including these apologists.  Change your ways, we implore you.

Next, we visit those Igbos big and small who are busy supporting General Obasanjo. What goes through your mind when you go out and root for a man who has sworn to dis-empower you and your people? What goes on in the mind of the person who gives support to a sworn enemy, and places the enemy in a position where such a person shall continue to be molested, brutalized, and raped by the same enemy? How is it that General Obasanjo himself can insult the Igbo, incite others against the Igbo, and then allow his staff to insult the Igbo, and yet, you go out and campaign for him and cheer on his team? How are you, and Igbo, going to explain this to yourself, not to speak of your children and their children? Shame!

There is little hope that 2003 elections will occur, based on Nigeria’s track record. As election fever heats up, nothing is going to be accomplished during the rest of the year except for vote-buying and murderous intimidation, and planning for election-rigging. The British set the example of election-rigging in Nigeria, and their chosen Northern friends have not forgotten how.  We will, once again, see this in action, perhaps with help by the British government once again, until fate finally overtakes Nigeria.

We urge all Nations in Nigeria to be alert and take the next opportunity to arrange a convocation to settle what type of international relationships they will have with one another. We urge all Nations in Nigeria to realize that the main problem is one-Nigeria, and the solution is for a non-violent separation into Sovereign Independent Nations. We encourage all Nations in Nigeria to look around and see who is benefiting from one Nigeria—it is the politicians and power-mongers, the military dictators and coupists and their friends, greedy money-grabbers who see politicking and government as the surest way to wealth and fame and lucrative pension, and who care nothing about the common person living in Nigeria who is left to grovel and wallow in abject poverty. You can break the cycle now.

Say “no” to politicians. Say “no” to corrupt government and corrupt government officials. Say “no” to military dictators, reigning or planning to return, or retired. Say “no” to opportunists who take advantage of the evil structure called one-Nigeria to line their pockets. These people do not want anything good for you—that’s why they insist on one Nigeria. They live rich and happy while you suffocate and suffer because of one Nigeria. You can say “no” now.

Support Sovereign National Conference—now. Stop one Nigeria, and you shall have stopped those who thought you were stupid and did not matter. Show them that you know what is going on! Get your own independent nation!

Biafra lives! We continue our appreciation for, and laud, those who are making sacrifices on a daily and continuous basis for the sake of Biafra actualization. We remember those who have been placed in jail unjustly for the sake of seeking and doing what is right—freedom for Biafra, freedom from oppression by Nigeria, freedom to be what God has made us in the first place. We remember our brothers and sisters in MASSOB and other Biafra organizations—especially those still held in hideous Nigerian prisons and those constantly being harassed by General Obasanjo’s forces. How could we forget our fallen MASSOB and other brethren, whose only crime is that they stood up for their freedom? We must let everybody know that at the end of this long, hard day, anybody involved in these crimes against humanity will be charged by Biafra and brought to trial by Biafra in the International court for human rights abuse. Laugh now, if you want; but Pinochet, Milosevic and others are not laughing any more.

That’s our news analysis for the week.


Biafra lives!




God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, : follow Voice of Biafra link.)