This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcast.

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

We start this week by expressing to you that we are not trying to bore you with the litany of the ills of Nigeria: Nigeria is in fact nothing but ills—you know that, we know that. Rather, we come to chronicle to you the last days of Nigeria. We accomplish this by analyzing the news and events of relevance to Nigeria from anywhere in the world. Nor do we stop at being analytical  contemporary historians. We never fail to point out the main problem with, and of Nigeria, the problem that is Nigeria. Along with that, we always state what the true and lasting solution to the Nigeria problem is: Biafra actualization. 

Biafra actualization will naturally lead to the breakup of Nigeria, in so doing, also effectuating the actualization of the other nations living in Nigeria. At this point, and for over 40 years, all these nations have been chained together and forced to drown together in an impossible colonial contraption known as one Nigeria, as if oil, water, sand and air could be forced into one. This is in fact the root-problem of Nigeria, the problem that is Nigeria.  

So, as we chronicle the death throes of Nigeria, we shall always refer to the main (only) problem of Nigeria, and to Biafra actualization, the sole solution to the problem. We shall wade through issues to get to the basic problem; we shall analyze events and action and speeches and write-ups so that we can relate them back to that basic problem and the compelling, basic answer. 

An ex-military officer from the former Midwest who fought against Biafra on the Nigerian side now threatens secession of his people from Nigeria and expresses regret for fighting for Nigeriaconsidering the continuing utter marginalization of the Midwest. It is not just that the Midwest has been neglected, but that the revenues from oil drilling from the Midwest have  been used to enrich other Nigerians and to develop infrastructures hundreds of miles away from the Midwest, while the Midwest is left to languish in abject squalor and abject poverty. 

Well, we are glad to hear the “s” (for secession) word from a soldier who fought against Biafra for justifiable secession; we are glad that it is now not only politically correct (because it is justified), but that it is fashionable to threaten secession to get anybody’s attention at all. Too bad, unless you actually follow through, nobody is really going to pay attention, because the idea of secession  is no longer considered minority, but is commonly shared. Action is what the people are waiting for. If all the nations of Nigeria agree to each secede, we will have done the only thing necessary to save our nations from certain choking and suffocation by the entity called Nigeria and from a miserable death in Nigeria. Welcome to the growing club! Get a name for your nation, a flag and an anthem. Support a Sovereign National Conference where all those nations in Nigeria will come together as individual, independent, sovereign nations in a meeting to determine how best  to associate with one another on an inter-national basis. 

On the subject of oil revenue, what has Nigeria done with all the money? We know that certain individuals stole quite a bit of it. The military dictators of Nigeria and their leadership stole quite a bit: they are still doing so today under General Obasanjo’s very nose—perhaps, even with his tacit approval, considering that  he benefited from the practice directly or indirectly, in the past, maybe even presently . The rest of the money is stolen by the low-life (now, illicitly wealthy of course) that hang around the corridors of power—any government in power. Then, there are the politicians who have realized that a quick road to wealth is to enter Nigerian politics where you can get government contract money without actually performing the work, and where you do no governance at all —the thing you were elected to do in the first place—and when the time comes, all that needs to be done is to buy your way into self-succession by buying votes or buying muscle  to maim and kill your opponents. 

The rest of the revenue is squandered by the government, including General Obasanjo, the President. He builds an expensive stadium but there is no money to provide potable water for the peoples of Nigeria. He takes off on foreign trips with usual entourage, spending a total of 1 year on such trips out of his 3 years in office, far out-traveling any other head of State in the world. And he has no shame, no qualms, no remorse about this. 

In the meantime, Nigeria has become the only country in the entire world where Government workers are owed several months of back-salary and years of benefits, with no hope that the debt will ever be paid. It gets worse every day. There is in fact no hope that anything will change, except for the certainty that things will definitely get worse. 

In the meantime, some persons suggest that a change in governance, from Obasanjo to the previous hands who ruined Nigeria through dictatorial military rule, would make things better. Such naiveté! Others blame the elite class for supporting whatever status quo--AGIP: "any government in power"  because it suits their purpose; the elite are thriving in the midst of social, political and economic upheaval in Nigeria. Of course, history shows that this is not an unusual role or attitude for the elite, and the same history shows that the elite as a class pay dearly when the masses are finally driven to revolt against an oppressive and evil government. The worst mistake of the elite is to assume that it is their turn or opportunity to rule Nigeria; hence they have to preserve the teetering structure of Nigeria in order to try their hands in this experiment. They are so ignorant that they do not see that others, who were better than they are, have failed before them. 

And, what a colossal failure, too! States in Nigeria are broke, and cannot pay their workers either. State governments have been paralyzed, not just by insufficient funds, but by deadly political wrangling fuelled by partisan concerns and selfish interests and political self-survival instinct. At least one Sate is running 2 parallel governments. State Governors and their Deputies often disagree and fight in the open. Even General Obasanjo himself who, earlier in his now disastrous reign, used to say there were no “no-go” areas for him in Nigeria has now discovered that Kano is definitely a no-go area for him; most likely, the entire Northern region. Does he want to risk the Delta regions? 

Elections—what elections? We had predicted earlier that elections will not happen in Nigeria any time. The failure of the 2002 elections to materialize is a sure sign that our prediction will come true. What leads to the elections not holding could be a cause for worry for the common peoples living in Nigeria. If a Sovereign National Conference happens at this time, and therefore, obviates the need for elections because Nigeria is no more, then, that augurs well for everybody. That,  in fact, is our prayer and our goal; to support our prayer, we are putting efforts in this direction. But, if elections are not to be held because of continuing political and economic chaos, then, it is going to be more miserable times for the peoples living in Nigeria. Should the military attempt a coup, then all hell will break loose. There is no scenario that will not finally kill and then bury this now comatose thing called Nigeria. This fixed fate of Nigeria is a good thing. 

Amid all this turmoil comes a unique event: the celebration of the Igbo landing on the coast of the state of Georgia in the US. The story is told of one of the most courageous and inspiring acts of a race in history. A set of Igbo slaves captured from Igboland  during the Slave Trade was being disembarked on the  Georgian wharf. Rather than get on land and be sold to serve the whiteman as slaves, the entire group willingly and willfully jumped into the ocean, one by one,  one right after another--women, children and men—every single one of them. This awe-inspiring act has left an indelible aura in the region since then. 

On August 29th -31st this year, Ekwe Nche, one of the sponsoring organizations for the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts, with the support of Biafra Foundation and Biafra Actualization Forum , is sponsoring Igbo-centric ritual ceremonies to commemorate this occasion and to finally lay to rest the spirits of our departed brave  brethren, employing traditional and customary Igbo rites. 

This singular act of courage and bravery typifies the Igbo-Biafran spirit, an indomitable spirit that bows to no human being, even at the risk of corporal death. We ask: You Igbo/Biafrans out there, can you sense what heritage you are endowed with? You shall cherish this blessing, and you shall continue to exemplify it. In this is your eternal pride! 

It is worthy of note that all African Americans in the US who can trace their roots to the Igbo landings share this heritage. The same goes for any Igbos anywhere in the world who got there by the Slave Trade winds. We welcome them as our blood-brothers and sisters; together, we shall rebuild Biafra in honor of, and as a lasting tribute to, our brave ancestors who demonstrated to the world the meaning of dignity. This of course makes Biafra actualization a phenomenon with world-wide reach participation and context.  

One last thing. General Obasanjo will be in Jamaica this week. Considering that Jamaica has no strategic, tactical, political or economic ties to Nigeria, what else would compel the globetrotting General to pay a visit to Jamaica? Considering the timing, we suspect: the answer is the Igbo landing event. We would not be surprised if he is there trying to foment opposition to the ceremony, any way he can. Remember that nobody hates Ndigbo as much as General Obasanjo does. No other person is as obsessed with hatred for Ndigbo as much as the General. He has recently been mortified by the phoenix phenomenon of Biafra revival, after thinking that he, under the conspiracy and active participation of Britain, Russia, Egypt and others, had annihilated Biafra in the 1967-1970 Biafra-Nigeria War. He was mistaken then; he is still mistaken now. Biafra is here to stay. When he listens to the lyrics of the musician who is synonymous with Jamaica, Bob Marley, if the General is really smart, he will recognize in such lyrics the call to Biafra to arise and defeat oppression. The spirit of Jamaica supports the spirit of Igbo landing. Jamaica sings the struggle-songs of Biafra. The General will soon find this out. Bob Marley’s music is Biafra’s liberation songs. 

Biafra lives! 

That’s the news analysis for the week


God bless and keep Biafra and you, until next week. VOBI broadcast continues. (Audio version part of weekly VOBI broadcast posted on Biafraland website, : follow Voice of Biafra link.)