This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcast.  

For August 3, 2002 

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

July 29 1966 General Aguiyi Ironsi was brutally murdered by a cabal of Northern Nigerian Military Officer-coupists under the leadership of Danjuma,, with Gowon in toe to be foisted on the peoples of the then Nigeria by the marauding coupists, and to force himself on the then government of Nigerian.  

General Ironsi was a brave, distinguished and decorated soldier, an unassuming man who motto was honesty, fairness, humbleness and brotherhood. He brought meaning and life to the term, “An Officer and A Gentleman.”  We remember him at this time for demonstrating to Nigeria and to the world .at large that the true and real Igbo-Biafran leaders are still men and women of honor and great patriotism.  

General Ironsi’s life and death at the hands of these criminals—low persons now living in high places in Nigeria, albeit still living as low veritable parasites off the system— also teaches the lesson of the treatment which Igbo-Biafrans have received in Nigeria and from Nigeria, bearing in mind that Igbo-Biafrans are indisputably the greatest patriots Nigeria has ever known, and will ever know. Nigeria has continued to kill Igbo-Biafrans today; Nigeria has continued to dispossess Igbo-Biafrans today, to rape the Igbo-Biafran nation and humiliate her—and, worse still, Nigeria continues to brag about it. But, this will be no more. Biafra Actualization will put a final stop to that. Our allegiance, loyalty and patriotism has been transferred to, and planted in, Biafra , where it rightly belongs.  

General Ironsi shall rest in his grave now knowing that Biafra lives. This—Biafra Actualization—is the only befitting memorial to this decent and unassuming Igbo-Biafran. General Ironsi shall live in our hearts—and in the heart of Biafra forever, there never to know death.  

For our part, we shall actualize Biafra , thus to take her out of the evil monstrosity known as Nigeria , the rotting and rotten structure known as one Nigeria .  

Let us point out to you how and why this structure is falling apart. First and foremost is the idea of a strongly centralized Federal Government in a multi-pedal supporting mixture of ethnic nations and peoples. 

The Army is a federal army—on the surface, it is seemingly okay. But then, check and see how the important offices and officers have been deliberately “zoned” to the Northern Nigerians during the periods when the Northern coupists were in power; and now, being “shifted” to the Yorubas by General Obasanjo, a Yoruba himself, ever since he came to power. As if that is not enough, see how the Igbo-Biafrans are deliberately kept out of high-ranking positions?  

Then, there is the Police Force, which is federalized, too. All the important positions are occupied by Yorubas and Northerners, with no Igbo-Biafran representation. Once again, to rub salt into injury, Igboland was “zoned” to Northern Nigeria in police matters. Northern police officers are in charge of Igbo-Biafran areas, and Igbo-Biafrans have to travel to the North for resolution of significant police cases, because of deliberate structuring by Nigeria . And, by the way, there are no Igbo-Biafrans commanding police units in the North; nor do Northerners have their Police HQs zoned to the East.  

It is bad enough that Policing, which is most effective when local citizens are used to police their own locale, is being done on  this heady Federal paradigm—a bad one for that matter—but the way this has been used against Igbo-Biafrans amounts to “Occupation.” It was used in the same way in South Africa by the whites to “occupy “ the Black nation of South Africa before Apartheid was torn down.  

In any case, it is because the Police is federalized as such that it is not effective at all, with the result that the personal and societal security is lacking in Nigeria today. When the Police acts at all, it is with mindless brutality and gross and insensitivity, with a long and large record of Human Rights abuse. The gaping local security gaps compel the germination of local vigilante groups.  

While on Security, it is known that Igbo-Biafrans are not represented at all in the National Security team of General Obasanjo federal government of Nigria, thus continuing a tradition of deliberate exclusion of the Igbo-Biafrans from the security apparatus of Nigeria .  

There must be a special case of national paranoia that afflicts Nigeria , to the extent that even LGA’s (Local Government Areas / Authority) are federalized! How can you consider it a local government when it is actually a centralized federal structure? Talk about an oxymoron! Once again, not only is this concept stupidly conflicted, but the same federal government manages to use this to teach the Igbo-Biafrans a lesson. Since the number of LGAs is used for resource allocation, the Federal government has conspired to give more LGAs to the North than the rest of the regions; but get this: just one State in the North has more LGAs than 3 Southeastern States combined. Keep in mind that the population density is much higher in the East than in the North; and when an accurate census is finally done, the previously bloated figures claimed and assumed by Northern Nigeria will be exposed.  

So we can see how in this Federal Structure of Nigeria, all the power belongs to the Federal Government. Can you not see the danger? Who is the Federal Government, anyway? Of course, it is the Presidency and / or the President of Nigeria. Not really: it is actually whoever controls the Presidency and or controls the President of Nigeria. During the Military governments, the Military leader controlled it all. With the civilian government, the Northerners are feeling and acting as if this control of the Presidency and of the President is slipping from their grip, hence, hear the North crying “marginalization!” Ya, right!  

But whatever you do, don’t include the House or Senate as representing the federal government or as wielding any power. They are a totally emasculated fixture of politics whose area of influence is concerned with their office furniture, the length of their motorcades, and the size of their allowance. It will be an even graver error to think that the peoples of Nigeria own the Federal Government of Nigeria or control or influence it in any meaningful way.

Not only the power, but also all the revenue, is practically confiscated by the Federal Government. Here again, the federal government collects the revenues from the Oil drilled right out of Igbo-Biafraland. Same federal government does not bother to take any revenues from any natural resources from any other regions. And same federal government fails to use even a tiny amount off this loot to repair the environmental and social damage caused by Oil drilling and processing—to the detriment, of course, of the Igbo-Biafrans.  

It does not stop there: the powers that be get a hold of the “federal money” and do something with it to the extent that there is not enough money to pay the wages of even the Federal Security apparatus, including even the soldiers, so the Police have learned how to go on strike, and the soldiers are threatening.. There is not enough money to re-allocate to the States, so the States cannot meet their obligations. There is not enough money to pay the LGA officials either.  

The House and the Senate say they use the same figures as the President for budget forecast and allocations calculations, but no matter what they allocate, the President only authorizes a small fraction each year saying that there is not enough money. In the meantime, foreign bank accounts owned by Nigerians otherwise without tangible means of earning money, are multiplying. Highly placed officials, friends and contacts of the federal government buy up expensive houses and land in European countries. Now you know why Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the entire universe!  

This abominable Federal structure puts the entire revenues in the hands of one man, General Obasanjo. He can use it to blackmail political opponents; advance the cause of his political party, PDP, which has not done even one good thing for the people; advance his own personal ambitions including self-believed delusion of God-sanctioned self-succession. But, he is only one man, and he can’t count too well either, so a lot of the money is unaccounted for. Nevertheless, he can still do a lot with all that money, but what matters to him most is what he will REFUSE to do for Igbo-Biafrans: he will not repair the Oil processing-induced damages there, and he will not build any federal infrastructure in Igbo-Biafraland, in a deliberate act of singling out Igbo-Biafrans—once again, to teach Igbo-Biafrans a lesson.  

How bad is this structure deliberately designed to hurt the Igbo-Biafrans? Consider the recent case of Nwada Chukwuemeka, an Igbo-Biafran athlete, and the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), as reported in one of Nigeria ’s newspapers. AFN did everything in its powers to discourage, disqualify, turn away and stop a great athlete from competing in a meet that she is fully qualified to participate in, by merit. Do you know what her crime is? She is Igbo-Biafran, and she is the best in her event. But, in the end, Nwada Chukwuemeka's tenacity won out: she captured a gold medal in her event. Nwada: we salute you! You have made us proud, and you have also shown us, Igbo-Biafrans, our destiny!  

The treatment of this great hardworking champion Athlete mirrors Nigeria ’s treatment of Igbo-Biafrans. It is also prophetic: Igbo-Biafrans shall finish with a Gold Medal; the enemy can never stop us from accomplishing that which we are capable of accomplishing; we shall overcome both the open and cleverly masked treachery and machinations of the enemy, Nigeria .  

Thus, Biafra actualization is our Gold Medal. It is indeed ours—we have it. God has ordained it. Luckily for the rest of Nigeria , Biafra actualization will also rescue the other nations living in Nigeria from the leprous grip of Nigeria . Nigeria is not good for any nation or any person. Nigeria can only bring out the worst out of anybody—guaranteed—and that is exactly what she is doing. But her time is up. It is Biafra time, now!  

Biafra lives!  

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