This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International Broadcast.


For January 5, 2002


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…



First off: happy New Year.

 We think that this is the year when good things will happen to the Nations of Nigeria. We desire that this be the time to put an end to the misery called Nigeria, that peoples of different Nations that make up Nigeria will once again return to their respective roots and actualize their respective cultures.


The functional phrases for this year, 2002, then, are: Take our nations back from Nigeria! Give us Biafra—we have Biafra! Sovereign National Conference! That’s our working motto for this year.


In the news, General Obasanjo thought he could get away with sneaking his own rules into the Electoral bill—in fact, he almost succeeded: he and Anyim called it “democracy in action.” Having been caught, and as the people wizen up to his ploys, General Obasanjo did what he does best: he tried to shift the blame for this thievery to another person.


Can you detect the pattern? General Obasanjo sent soldiers to destroy Odi. Later, he failed to apologize for the unnecessary carnage by his army. Then, he sent his soldiers to destroy Tiv-Junkun villages. When the people rose up with indignation, he failed to take responsibility. Not only is he the Commander-in-Chief, but he actually incited the Army into this action during a prior speech, which he cannot deny. The Press and the people let him off the hook, and placed the blame instead on Danjuma.


Almost 1 year ago, General Obasanjo did nothing as Shariarists in Kaduna, backed by the State, killed thousands of Igbo-Biafrans and other Southerners  and non-Muslims. General Obasanjo’s reason: he couldn’t intervene because the State Governor had not invited the Federal government to protect citizens of Nigeria who were being mauled and murdered by that State’s bloodthirsty apparati.


"Is he a mad man or ignorant? If the president wants to tell a lie,

let him know the kind of people who he can lie against," Speaker

Na'Abba fumed.” General Obasanjo cannot pin this one on Na’Abba.

“’...Respect your age,’  Na'Abba tells Obasanjo...”


As Bola Ige’s death or assassination goes unsolved, people are more interested in out-mourning each other, and making pathetic plans for security. Some even foolishly think that Ige’s death is going to motivate people in the direction of one Nigeria. Pity!


Truth is: Ige’s death is the result of one-Nigerianism. No amount of security is going to protect the peoples of Nigeria from the murderous machine and monster called one Nigeria. The only effective protection is the actualization of different sovereign nations out of Nigeria.


Curiously, Ige turned against the most important issues that could have changed one Nigeria: Sovereign National Conference, Resource Control, and the challenge of Sharia subjugation—issues that he had earlier supported. Those who now cannot stop singing his praises may do well to pay heed to these issues: otherwise, we shall all die—at the hands of one Nigeria, and there will be no one left to sing anything at all. Is this an exaggeration?


Not if you consider the words culled from a recent interview of Gani Fawehinmi (Vanguard, January 5, 2002) regarding the recently announced and planned hike in the prices of petroleum:


“...mad decision by those who have no regard for Nigerians, no regard for our future, no regard for children, for women, for the aged or pensioners. This government has no regards for anybody. It is doing more job of destruction than that of governing. As a matter of fact, government is not governing us, but killing us ...”


Check that out: “...[government is] doing more job of destruction...” “...government [is] killing us...”


disaffection... see hell...  kill Nigerians...   create difficulties...   make life unbearable...   make us suffocate... the poorer the people become... reeling in the pain of blood-letting and blood-shedding all

over the country...  insecurity of life and property, a more terrible insecurity of social life, insecurity of well-being...  insensitive to compound our woes...”



“...actions are not democratic... these people already are suffering....   lacking the basic things of life already...  only an enemy of progress... this government is an enemy of progress...  did not wish us well at Christmas and new year...   no security of lives and property...  breeding problem... abuse of power...”



and concluding:

“...we cannot take it anymore. Enough is enough...”

(Emphasis, ours.)


Well, only the actualization / crystallization of the sovereign independent nations of the peoples that make up erstwhile Nigeria can help Gani’s conclusion. It is our opinion that until people wake up and take their nations out of Nigeria, all the above woes can only multiply.


Moving on...

Do you want to be countrymen and countrywomen with a region / city of whom 70% of babies are named Osama, after bin Laden? Poor babies—branded as such for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, they will not be raised as such. But, more pity for the parents that are trying to tell us today that what bin Laden did needs defending. We hope that they can have their own country, and we can have our own country in the sun, different and apart, to do our own things. We do not want to be under any system whose adherents claim so seriously and so vigorously that their god supports and commands them to do heinous evil.


And then…

Debt repayment time! How is it that a so-called country that is so rich with mineral and human resources, but especially Crude Oil, is in so much debt, considering that the average person living in Nigeria is poorer today than before the oil was discovered and sold commercially? Where did all the money go? Where does all the money go? All that the commoner gets is higher cost for petrol and petroleum products! Civil disobedience may or may not help, Argentina example notwithstanding. The only effective solution is to actualize and be our own independent nations, there, to develop our own resources and live within our own means, taking care of our own needs and aspirations, applying our own mores to our own national life.



Another visit to the Electoral Bill. The plan is to have the Presidential election one year, and the other elections the following year! Have you ever read or heard of a more stupid plan? Consider that in Nigerian politics, campaigning for elections takes the better part of 2 years, during which nothing of substance is accomplished, as the SELF-SUCCESSORS work everything in their power to be re-elected, including the use of intimidation, bribery, thuggery, and even murder. So, between the Presidential election and the legislative elections one year later, there will be a 3-year hiatus during which no governance will be done, during which the affairs of the people will be left untended as greedy politicians go about getting re-elected! What a sham! What a shame!


If anybody can reach any other practical and effective plan than Independent Sovereign National Actualization of the different nations of Nigeria, please come up with it. Let your plan explain to us in practical terms how one Nigeria can work any better than it does now.

But, we have seen all those failed and failing plans. It is time for the only one that works:


Sovereign Independent Nations! Ours is called Biafra!


That’s all for this week; Voice of Biafra International Broadcast continues—please stay tuned.



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