Beloved Biafrans,


Exactly twelve months ago, we declared our New Biafra State. We also resolved to pursue the realization of our independence from Nigeria through non-violence.

We affirmed to fight against injustice, marginalization, inequality and annihilation of our people in Nigeria. We are satisfied that our efforts have brought a new sense of hope to our people. We are happy that the cause for which millions of our people were massacred has once again stared Nigeria in the face. We are overwhelmed that Biafra, through a peaceful process, has become a reality. We cannot be part of a Nation where injustice, inequality and marginalization are the order of the day. We cannot be citizens of a country where corruption is a way of life. We cannot belong to a country where dictatorship, violence and intimidation are principles of State policy. We cannot belong to a nation where our children have no future.


It is better to die in struggle for liberty than to live as slaves.


In the past twelve months, we have made tremendous achievements in our struggle. We have established the Biafra Intelligence Agency (BIA). We have also established the Biafra Police. On September 29th 2001, by the Grace of the Almighty God, we shall commission the first New Biafran Embassy in Washington (USA).


We have also enhanced peaceful co-existence among our people through the establishment of Biafran courts. These courts have jurisdiction to try civil and criminal matters. While the Biafran Police are not authorized to carry arms, the Biafran courts are not permitted to commit persons to imprisonment.


MASSOB will continue with the establishment of primary aspects of sovereignty under our third stage. The fourth stage shall commence on the first quarter of the year 2002 with the call for Referendum, in the Eastern Region from the United Nations.


MASSOB shall not permit elections to be held in the Eastern Region come year 2003. The priority of the people of the Eastern Region today is for freedom and not for the presidency of Nigeria. No meaningful election can be held in a country where injustice and inequality are permissible. It is the inequality in Nigeria that makes a particular tribe feel it has the inalienable right to concede presidency to other tribes.


MASSOB notes with dismay that the scarcity of petroleum products in the Eastern Region is a Federal Government policy to sabotage the economy of the Region. It therefore, has become necessary for MASSOB to open negotiation with the independent marketers in the Eastern Region with a view to selling the scarce products at the prices that may alleviate the suffering of our people. MASSOB seeks to avoid any future confrontation with our people vis--vis the sale of petroleum products at official prices.


Citizens of Biafra, we have to use this occasion to pay tribute to our twenty-eight Great Heroes, who paid the supreme price for the actualization of our dream in the past twelve months. The reactionary Nigerian police have found favour in slaughtering our members for daring to ask for their freedom. This is part of their secret agenda to obliterate in the world. We challenge our detractors to disprove our claims.


We salute our great brothers in the Niger Delta. We support the Ijaws, the Ogonis, the Kalabaris, the Ikwerres, the Efiks, the Ibibios, and others in their struggle for emancipation and resource control. We assure them that in Biafra, every community will control its resources as it is done in other civilized countries where true federalism is practiced.


Brothers and sisters, we must appreciate that fact that our existence as a people rests on the survival of Biafra as an independent state. Biafra is the answer, if we must live with the dignity as a people.

Biafra is the only legacy that we can leave behind to our future generations.


Long lives the New Biafra State.

May God bless you.

Aba, May 22 2001