Casualty Toll on MASSOB Between 2000 and February 2006

Killed By Nigeria Police and ARMED Nigerian Security Agents

The  following  are the  names of members of the Movement for the  Actualization of the Sovereign State  of  Biafra (MASSOB) from various parts of Nigeria  killed  during MASSOB Rally by the  security agents of Nigeria.

10 MASSOB  Members from Aguata  were  killed at a rally an  Aba, Abia State  on  August 23, 2002. The  victims are as follows.
1.    Hyacinth        Umuezinwa          Trader
2.     Lawrence         Umuezinwa          Trader
3.     Cajethan        Nwosu                   Farmer
4.     Nicholas         Ijeogu                       Transporter
5.     Linus         Ezeobinwa         Trader
6.     Emmanuel  Afrake Igbom             Transporter
7.     Emeanu        Umeojiego         Transporter
8.     Celestine         Azodo                    Farmer
9.     Ferdinand  Ofor              Civil  Servant
10.   Edwin         Okpalaonyia          tudent
MARCH  20, 2003.
On  March 29, 2003 at Umulolo  near  Okigwe, the Nigerian  police  laid  ambush  against MASSOB  Members  on  their  way to a rally and killed  over 70  unarmed MASSOB   Members.  Among  those  killed  are as follows
1.     Michael        Nnadi                        (Okigwe)
2.     Peter         Muokwe             (Awka)
3.     John          Umerika             (Ekwulobia)
4.     James          Ezendiokwere       ( Awgu)
5.     Donatus     Umenji                      (Ozubulu)
6.     Romanus          Azubuike            (Umuahia)
7.     Paul  Umeanu   Oluo           Onitsha)
8.     Simon   Ezendiokwere             (Awgu)
9.     Josephat  Nweje                       (Afikpo) 
10.   Thomas  Umuoduagu               (Awka)
11.   Charles   Ezeamama                (Owerri)
12.   Josephat  Okpalaonya                (Abakahki)
13.   John  Umeudu                            (Aguata)
14.   Bathlomew  Ezeamasiobi              (Enugu)
15.   Alexander   Enwelu   (Njikoka) 
16.   Ifeanyi   C.S.O (Uwazuruike’s  body guard) and the  others 53  members.
These  victims  of 29th  March 2003  has  been  buried at their various  communities. Though,  most of the  corpses were not  recovered because  the security  agents  collected their  corpses  and   speed away, and have refused to deliver the corpses to the  relations  of the  diseased and  we suspect  that  they were buried in a secret mass- grave.


April, 22, 2000.  UMUAHIA

On April  22,  2000, Mr. Udoariri  Anyanwu and  ten other  MASSOB  Members  were arrested by the  police  at  18 Abriba  and Item  Street Umuahia  while  they are having  a peaceful  meeting. They  were arraigned at the Magistrate Court  Umuahia  on a  2 count charge of, “ Conspiracy to commit felony and having  the  intention to depose  the  President of the  Federal Republic  of  Nigeria. D.S.P Kayode Adetumbi attached  to  central police station Umuahia was  the  prosecution officer who  testified agents the MASSOB  member’s. Also A. S.P Alex Ubong  the  presiding  judge was  His worship  J. E  Adiele (Mrs.) and  Chief  Magistrate. The  MASSOB  defense council Bar Nnamdi  Uchendu, C. O. Ekeke, C.O. Nwankwo (Miss). The  offence committed  by  MASSOB  members  is  that  they were in possession of T- Shirts  with Biafran/ MASSOB Inscription, a Speech  presentation of  Chief Ralph Uwazuruike,  Biafran Flags, Membership forms and MASSOB  I.D Cards. They  were discharged and  acquitted by the court on December, 10 2000. Attached is the case file for verifications.
MAY, 9TH  2001, AWKA
The  following 16 MASSOB  Members were  arrested by the Nigerian  Police men  at  Umunze, Anambara State  on March , 5TH , 2001, and  arraigned to  court  on  the  above date. 
They  are as follows:-
Chukwuka  Nnelanya            M      26 yrs)
Godwin   Achoda           M        (30yrs)
Sunday  Okpara             M             (38yrs)
Collinus  Olua                  M           (29yrs)
Solomon Okafor              M           (29 yrs)
Benjamine  Ekwenugo     M  (40 yrs)
Christian  Umeaka           M  (35 yrs)
Ikechukwu  Nwafor M           (39 yrs)
Anthony  Nwankwo          M          (41 yrs)
Simon  Mgbeahuekwe   M     (30yrs)
Osita  Nwankwo           M  (27 yrs)
Nicodemus   Okolie   M        (27 yrs)
Sunday Okoye              M     26 yrs)
Kenneth Uncha             M       ( 30 yrs)
Peter  Okonkwo            M      (35 yrs)
 Okonkwo  Obinji.
The  police  arrested them while they were having a peaceful  meeting. They were detained for months, the court  adjourned  the case to Friday 11/5/2001 for a  Ruling  they  later regained freedom after  fulfilling  all  the  conditions for their bail. The  case was held at Chief Magistrate grade I court in  Awka before  his worship  Mrs. V. N.N Ibeziakor,  the prosecutor is  Mr. F. C. Uwakwe while Mr. C. I. I  Obasi  was MASSOB defense  council. The  case  file is even available  for more  inquiries.
At  the High Court of Justice in the Federal  Capital Territory Judicial Division  holden  at  Wuse Zone11  Abuja.
1.     Chief   Ralph    Uwazuruike.
2.   Adigwe              Nathaniel
3.     Elias                  Aniegboka
4.     Mavitn               Ekpere
5.     Nelson               Chukwura
6.     Augustine          Mbanefo
7.     Ignatius            Okorie
8.     Oliver               Okocha
9.     Kelechi
10.   Elias                  Ugwu
11.   Ifeanyi               Nweke
12.   Francis             Nwankwo
13.   Samuel              Ogbonna
14.   Udoka               Eze
15.   Donatus             Utuagha
16.   Valentine          Enweleazu
17.   Sunday             Okah
18.   Reginald           Nwaigwe and 26 others
were  arrested  at  different  locations  in Eastern Nigeria  over their  membership and  support for  the movement  for the Actualization of the sovereign  state of Biafra  (MASSOB) by the Nigerian  security agents after they were detained  and tortured by the police for some  months they were arraigned at the  Abuja high court for trial.
The  MASSOB defense counsel are Jonathan  Inegbu and Kelvin  Emeka Esq.  their  offence  was that they  organize a rally to campaign for the freedom of  Biafran people. They  were charged for  conspiracy to commit treason and to overthrow the Federal Government of Nigeria.  Each of the MASSOB  Members  paid
N 20, 000 for bail and  produced two  sureties before the court  granted them bail  on May, 14, 2003.
                          Sunday 7, July  2002
Men  of the Nigerian police  force attached to Okpoko divisional police Command  attacked the  office of MASSOB  along K /M7  Onitsha/ Owerri Road  which was  commissioned  by Chief (Dr) Ralph  Uwaruruike  on Saturday 6th  2002.  The leader of the police team Inspector  Onyekwere  from Afoha  Mbaise  in  Imo  State  Stormed  the MASSOB  Secretariat at  about  4: 25am with a truck  load  of  mobile police  men well armed, they destroyed the building  after  ransacking the whole house and  removing hundreds’ of  dozens of Biafran police  Uniforms,  Biafran  Map,  Calendars, over  N500,000  raised on a free will donations, the  men of the Nigerian  police  force after  destroying the MASSOB office, they stormed No 2 Lawanda Street Okpoko, the  residence of Dr. Linus Ngah, a MASSOB  Chieftain,  arrested him  and members  of  his house  hold,  beat  them  mercilessly and took them away to an unknown  destination  the  police looted MASSOB  first aids box and other Biafran  materials and  documents.
It  will be recalled that on May 22, 2001 the same heartless  Inspector Onyekwere  led an attack which left six MASSOB members dead along Obodoukwu road Okpoko during MASSOB first  Anniversary. God  gives life  to MASSOB members  but  the  heatless cop Onyekwere  take it. See  an attached document filed by Comr. Uchenna Madu for  confirmation .
                             26th  Sept  2003
 On  26th  September 2002, the Federal High Court of Nigeria  in the Umuahia  Judicial Division in a case Between the Federal Government  of Nigeria and 11 MASSOB members ruled  that you:  Lambert Anyanwu, Vincent  Ugochukwu, Tobias Nkenjika  Godwin Njoku, Basil  Iheme  Banabas  Mwonye, Michael Adonye, Philip  Ike, Albert Ejiobi, Gabriel  Ukwe  and  Isaac  Ujam  on  or  about,  10th August 2002  along  Urata road  Owerri,  Sports  Club  Owerri, Conspired with yourselves  to commit  Felony and  levy war  against the state in  order to intimidate the  President of the  Federal Republic  of Nigeria by propagating  a movement for the Actualization of the  Sovereign State of Biafra, and in pursuit  of this  unlawful purpose you  hoisted a  pair of camouflage uniform, two  pair of  black boots, 16 Biafran  cap,  one face cap,  one black jean trouser, six  MASSOB  I. D  Cards  two Biafran  badges, one  filled membership form one MASSOB exercise  notebook, one old  NISSAN Car  with  Reg. No AA 826 EHM and  key, some  Biafran  documents,  two packets  of cabin Biscuit, one  stainless  tray, one  cooler, one red cross flag, six Biafran  flags , one  American flag, one  jacket, on old  coat, one  black beret cap, one spare tyre, which is contrary   to and punishable  under section 37 (2)  of the criminal  code  act cap  77 law of the Federation of Nigeria.  It  was signed by the prosecutor  R.N  Chenge Esq.  Federal  Ministry of Justice.
                             May 10, 2000
 Mr.  Joseph Ifeanyi and 11 other MASSOB  members  were arrested by  the police while  having  a peaceful meeting  at Umunze  After they were detained and tortured  by the police they were later arraigned  at Federal High Court  Umuahia  on treason  offences. They  were granted bail on  30 July 2002 after paying  the sum  of N 100, 000 each.
                                 June 06,  2003
 Mr. Mark Anozie and 32 others  who  are MASSOB members were arrested by the  police at Onitsha  while holding a peaceful  meeting. They were detained  tortured while  in police  custody and were later arraigned  at the High court of Awka Judicial  Division before  His  lordship  M.A. Onyiuke. Their  case no is, suit No A/MISC 54C /2003. They  have been released on  bail with the sum of N30,000 or  each.
                             26th  Jan.  2003
15 MASSOB  members who are, Mr. Udo  Gregory, Eno Ubi, Innocent Ugbo, Kalu Ibe, David Eneh, Chukwudi  Onukogu  Onyedikachi, Enyinnaya Innocent Uzor, Julius  Okafor, Jacob Eboh, Ndubuisi  Amah, Samuel  Onyeiwu, Thomas  Choke Sunday,  Ogwuoke  Francis  Onu  where  arrested by the  police along  Enugu / P/H express  way, Osisioma  Junction Aba and in  different  locations  in Eastern Nigerian for  attending MASSOB  meetings  and rallies, they were arraigned at Chief  Magistrate Court  Wuse Abuja  on 12 March  2003. The  MASSOB Defence  counsel are  Kevin  Emeka Okoro Esq.  C.M  Agu Uzoukwu Esq. They were  later granted bail after  fulfilling the Court  conditions.  Their  offence was that they  hoisted  Biafran flags  and wearing  Biagran T. Shirts, they were accused of  intent  to levy war on Nigeria by  clamoring for a sovereign  state of  Biafra, and for being illegal  organization. They were  granted bail  on 10/9/ 2003,  but the police refused  releasing them. They were  granted  bail  with the sum of N 500,000.00.
                          December 18, 2002
 On  December 18,  2002  the  men of  Nigerian  police  attached to New Benin Police Station arrested 13 MASSOB  members  who  came  to ask for permission  of the  police to accompany  them  in a  Peaceful  rally  in the state. Sam Ike  had  led a  team of MASSOB members to  the police  station to seek for permission to organize a rally  before the D. P. O  ordered for their  arrest. They were arrested beaten and detained at the  police  Station till 20/6/ 2003 before they were granted bail.  The MASSOB members  are  as follows: Sam  Ike, Rufus Alozie,  Fidelis  Ohams, Innocent Obazee, Kingsley  Chukwu, Eze Ben,  Joseph Sunday Ani,  Leo Atubolo, Igwe Nnaji, Nicodemus Ogu, Victor  Ifeacho, Ekemzie Desony, Thadeus  Ndidi,  their  only offense was that   they  come to seek for Police permission to organize a rally and for admitting to be MASSOB  members  and were in possession of Biafran  tag, MASSOB I.D. Card,  membership  form  and pamphlets  bearing  MASSOB  / Biafra.  The MASSOB legal counsel is  Chief  Nkemnacho. The suit  no is. MB /119C /2003  at the  Magistrate Court  Edo State before  his worship S.A Omonua  Esq. on Friday 20th  June  2003.
                             May  2004
Mr. Titus Chukwudi Nwaro and other members of MASSOB were arrested and  detained by men of the Nigerian police at  Divisional police office Ikom. The  DPO  Mr. Matthew  Firima  admitted  that  his  men  arrested  the  MASSOB  members  because  they were  preaching  about  Biafra and  wearing  caps and  T. Shirts  with  Inscription of MASSOB, I  love  Biafra, Biafra  is alive  and was preaching  that Biafra  has  come  to  stay. They  were arraigned  at  the High Court  of  Cross  River State, Ikom  Judicial  Division. The  suit No  is  HM /MISC  30/ 2004.
                          Tuesday  24th August  2004    
Mr. Enoch Iyiegbu  and  5  other MASSOB  members  were  arrested  by  the police  at  Orumba North and were arraigned  to the  Chief  Magistrate  Court,  Orumba  North after  spending  one month of torture  at the police station. They  appeared  to  the  court on treason  offense,  their offense  was that  they  are  in  possession  of Biafran  Materials  such as  calendars,  T- shirts  with Biafra / MASSOB.   The  MASSOB  defense  counsels  are B. N  Agulue  Esq  while  Sgt Samuel  Abugu  was the prosecutor the presiding Magistrate  is His  worship I . I  Udeze ESQ.  Bail  was  granted to each accused  person  with N50,000 .00  before they were  released
                             5th June 2004  
 The  men of Nigerian  police attached  to Aguogbu Owa  Police Station arrested  15 MASSOB members and subject  them to  torture, ill  treatment  and detained  them,  they  are:  Uzoechi Charles,  Ogwudile  Augustine,  Madu  Boniface,  Geoffrey  Udeh,  Augustine  Osukwuaku, Augustine  Mgbechi,  Fredrick  Eze,  Desmond Chigbo,  Fabian  Oguanya,  Agu Victor,  Festus  Onyebuchi,  Ejiofor  Udebunu,  Ofor  John, Charles  Okpimo and  Osmond  Ofoegbu.  They  were  later  arraigned at the High  Court  of Nigeria  holden at Enugu on 6/7/2004. The  MASSOB members were arrested  at  their respective homes at  different location  and  at different  time at  Ezeagu  L. G. A  in Enugu and were charged to Court  based on order from Above according  to  Supol  Shuaibu  Ahmed, Ezeagu  Police  Division. All  efforts  by relations,  friends and  counsel of the  accused to secure  their  bail has been futile,  Ostensibly  on  orders from above. The MASSOB  defense  counsel  was Barr Obiekwe C.O.Z Esq. They were later granted  bail on 29th July, 2004  after fulfilling  the conditions for bail.
                             3rd  June  2004.
Top  official of Ebonyi State  Government  sponsored a group of armed youths to attack MASSOB members. The political thugs  went and killed two security men on duty at Akaeze L.G.A, then  robbed the sum of N113, 111. 00 from  the L.G.A Council and the government  officials  conspired with the thugs to accuse MASSOB for being  responsible for the crime  in order to give  a dog bad  name to  hang it. They alerted the police who raided  MASSOB quarters and   arrested  14 MASSOB  members who are, Mr. Isaac  Igwe, Unagwu  Timothy, Sunday Ubani,  Emmanuel  Agwu  Okpo,  Sunday Okoh,  Linus Nwagwu,  Frederick  Mark,  Ezeke  Agwu,  Oladinuwama Chukwu, Agwu Chukwu, Emmanuel Ogbuadu, Onyebuchi  Jonah  John  Okorie  Olika,  Monday Okor were  arrested by the Police in Abakaliki  and were  charged  for armed robbery  and  firearms  before a presiding  Judge  at Abakaliki  on 8th September  2004 see  case No MAB / 284C /2004  for verification.
                        18th Feb  2004 Umuahia
Mr.  Larry Odinmah and Sunday John  were arrested by men of the Nigerian  police and were detained for one month before they were arraigned at the Federal  High Court Umuahia  on treasonable  felony  and for having the intention to levy war  on Nigeria.  They were  accused of illegal agitation for the  actualization of the sovereign  state  of Biafra, and for possessing 19 copies of  Biafra  Almanac, Biafran Laminated  tags  with inscription “ I Love Biafra”  and Biafran  Pamphlets,  Biafran National  Anthem,  stickers,  the  MASSOB members were arrested at  Timber  shade Umuahia.
                        7th  March 2004, Umundugba
Mr.  Hyacinth  Okafor and 32 other  members  of MASSOB  were  arrested  by the police at Umudugba police station and detained and tortured them for 6 months, before  they were  arraigned at the Isu Magistrate Court  for illegal  assembly. The Magistrate, was His  WorshIp H. N.  Onuoha  SNR MAG  defense  counsel  was Chief M. P. S Ngene  Esq. they were granted bail  with the sum of N250,000 and  two sureties for  each of the accused.
                        18th July 2005, Abakaliki
7 MASSOB members who  are Onumaegbu  Israel, Oke Moses, James Amoke, Ani Chukwuma, Emmanuel Nweze, Obaji  Ikechukwu  and  Linus Nweke  were  arraigned at the High Court, Abakaliki  over a treasonable felony charge. They  were accused by the police for  belonging to an illegal group- MASSOB. Suit  No HAB /M/ 2005.
14 MASSOB  members. who  are  Reuben Aba, Sunday Obiora, Christopher Obasi, Ijeoma  Chukwu, Geoffrey Ogazi,  Prince  Henry Albert,  Onudinigwe  Orji,  Clement  Okoye,  Gabriel  Amadi, Vincent  Nworie,  Orogwu Nwali, Nkama  Eleanya  were arrested and detained by the police in Abakaliki and were  arraigned  before his  worship Hon Justice  E.A. Ngene on 20/july/2005, V.U Ugwu Esq  was defense counsel  for MASSOB members. Consequently  each of  the  accused were granted bail with the  sum of N20, 000 with one surety.
                        8th  December  2005.
Mr.  Paulinus  Kanu (M) 33yrs around  10. 00am was arrested by the police and  detained at  Awgu police station,  he was beaten mercilessly by the  police  and  handcuffed. His only crime  was that he had in his possession Newspapers and  documents about MASSOB  activities.   He was  accused of possessing seditious  materials with the  Inscription- Republic  of New Biafra,  and  Biafran National Anthem. They  were arraigned on 19th Dec. 2005, the prosecutor  is   Fred, Amadi,  the Magistrate is J. S. Ede  Esq. He  was released  after fulfilling  the condition for bail,  which includes N20,000 and  one surety.
                        3rd December 2005, Enugu
Mr.  Celestine  Onyeche (M)  (30yrs)
Mr.  Okechukwu  Ayogu (M) (32 yrs)
Mr. John Obamadu (25 yrs)  were arrested by the Nigerian police at  Nmamdi Azikwe stadium  Enugu. They  were detained, chained and  tortured  at the police custody. They were  later arraigned at the  Magistrate  Court Enugu North for possessing  Biafran Documents  and  Newspapers  with Biafran news  items. The police accused them of printing seditions materials  and thereby committing  an offense of treasonable felony.  They later gained freedom after  series  of  adjournments. They were  release after  fulfilling  their  bail  condition  which include N50, 000.00 each  and one  surety each. See  charge No ME /467C/2005 for verifications.
                          Nnewi, May 20, 2005 ‘
Mr.  Okechukwu Ohanwe,  a  MASSOB  member was arrested  by the police  at Otolo  Nnewi and was arraigned  at the Magistrate Court Nnewi. His  only  crime   was that  he  hoisted Biafra flag,he was accussed  of  committing  treasonable  felony  offense. He was arraigned to court on 13th  June,  2005 and  bail was granted him on 14/6/05
                     7th  November 2005 Nnewi
The men of the Nigerian  police by the order of police officer
Mr. Gabriel Akor (D.P.O)  Otolo Nnewi
Mohammed  Kastina  (A.C.P.) State C.I.D  Awka
Mr.  Felix  Ogbaudu (C.P)  Anambara State, Awka
Mr. Sunday Ehinedaro (I.G) arrested,  detained, tortured, humiliated  and  intimidated 16 MASSOB  members who  are: Sunday Azubuike, Ojukwu Nwachukwu, Anene Anumba, James Chukwuemelie, Cajetham Okafor, Kenneth Odo, Ejiofor Chukwuebuka, Sunday Ibekwe, Omema Chukwu, Kenneth Innonso, Solomon Nwankwo, Chisom Odumegwu, Canic Ojukwu, John Nwude, Chigozie Orajiuba, Walter Ani.  The MASSOB members were accused of illegal assembly and promoting a cause of treason against the federal Govt. of Nigeria. Even at Awka State C.I. D the accused demanded to be taken to court, but the police continued to infringe on their fundamental rights, the MASSOB defense counsel is Nze A. U. Abonyi the presiding judge is C.O Nweke judge . see suit No HN\ MISC. 625/2005.
                        13th May 2005,  OYI
Mr.  Sampson Ogamba M”  age 43yrs was  arrested  by men  of the Nigerian  police,  detained , tortured and  intimidated  because  he is a member  of MASSOB.  He  was  charged  for treason  as he  was arraigned  at  Oyi Magistrate  court  before the  Magistrate  Mrs.  Offor and was  granted  bail with the sum of N500, 000 and a  surety, they regained  freedom with the sum  of  N50,000 and  two sureties.  Sgt  Lawrence  Bepeh  was the prosecutor  while  Chief  C.A.C Ezenwa was the defense counsel  for MASSOB. See charge No MCI /28C/2004 for  verifications
                        26th  January 2004  Aba 
 Mr. Mba  Chima  (45 yrs) Mr. Thomas Awa, (55 yrs) were arrested  by men of the Nigerian  police at  No 147 Ikot  Ekpene  Road, Aba. They were  arraigned at the Federal High Court Umuahia over Treasonable felony. Their  offense was that they are in possession of Biafran flags, camouflages cap and shirts, two  Biafran  pamphlet seven Biafran receipts,  two bags containing  Biafran  badges, one Biafran currency.
                        13th May  2004  Bonny
The police arrested 6 MASSOB members at  Bonny for being members of MASSOB,  they are Michael  Nwamkpa, Eroba  Boniface, Wanjo Maduwuihe, Boniface Dike, Reginald Abiye Jumbo and Japhter  Cleopas. They were  detained at  Port Harcourt  prison for 5 months  after they were  detained  at  Bonny  Central  police  station for about 3  weeks. Japhter  Cleopas  (36 yrs) and  Wanjo Maduwuihe  nearly  died at Port  Harcourt  State C. I. D as a  result  of  torture and police brutality. They were later arraigned at Port Harcourt  Magistrate Court presided over by G. O. Omereji Esq.  the  prosecutor  is  inspector  A. Nwinoka. They regained their freedom after fulfilling their  bail condition.
                          December 20, 2004 Igurita                 
The  men of the Nigerian police arrested and detained the following  people  over  involvement in MASSOB’S non- violent activities. They are Augustine  Njoku, Thomas Ezekiel,  David Okorie,  Samuel Chibo, Isreal Uba, Ezego Okoye,  they wee arraigned before the Chief  Magistrate S. A. Andrew  Jaja on 24,/12/04  the  prosecutor  is M. Ishikaku (CPL)  they were granted bail on 29/ 12/04.
                        21st  December 2004 Port Harcourt
The men of the  Nigerian police on  21st December 2004 arrested  and  detained  Mr. David Ibani, Kelvin Enwerem  and Ibe  Obioha at  Plaza  Cenema  Hall  Port Harcourt,and arraigned at Magistrate Court Port Hacourt  over the accusation of treasonable felony  their  offense was that they  hoisted Biafan flags in the City.
                             April  21, 2005, Nnewi
Sunday Okonkwo (23 yrs) Edwin Ekewuba  (20 yrs)  Chibuike   Ulasi (23 yrs)  Calistus Ogwuekeri (25yrs) Ejike  Olebunne  (28 yrs) Nnanyere  Chukwurobe  (45 yrs) were all arrested, tortured  Intimidated  and arraigned to court  by men of the  Nigerian police  they  were arraigned  at Nnewi Magistrate  Court  over treasonable  felony. Their  crime was that they were in possession of Biafra/ American flags  and were  chanting  Biafran songs and  saying “  Give us Biafra, we  want Biafra”
                        3rd  Dec, 2005, Enugu
11 MASSOB members, who are James  Obasi, Chizuruoke  Amechi, Christopher  Onuzuruike.  Ngozi  Ogwuminike,  Samuel Orji, Edwin Ngoejieji, Eziaku  Achor, Chidubem Omejirichi,  Ngozi  Nwanyi, Emeka Ede were  arrested, beaten, and  treated shabbily  by  men of the Nigerian  police  at  Uwani Area of Enugu North. They were later arraigned  at  Enugu  North Magistrate Court  over  a treasonable  felony charge,  their  offense  was that police  recovered from them Biafran  pounds, Biafran flags, Biafran cap,  MASSOB  identity cards. They  were arraigned  on 8/12/2005 before the Magistrate  Obieze, while  the  prosecutor was  C. Y Ngwu. Though the accused has  been released and for verification  see charge No 446C / 2005.
Mbaitoli  Magistrate Court 2005  Mr. Nkemjika  Okoro and 34 others  who are  members of MASSOB were  arrested by the Nigerian  police over  their  evolvement  in MASSOB Activities.  After  spending about 8 months  in  police detention they were  arraigned  at Mbaitoli Magistrate  Court on treasonable  felony  charge,  the prosecutor is Inspector Mercy Edonobi, while J. C. N Achuko Esq is the defence Council of members and his worship  E. Anyadike  (Mrs.)  presided  over the case. The counsel  for the accused MASSOB members informed  the court  that for six times the  prosecutor has not been able to put in a witness and there is no  complainant , and the Magistrate  dismissed the case  for want of diligent prosecution and the MASSOB members  were discharged, on  29/4/2005     
                        15th  March 2005  IZZI, Abakaliki
Mr. Joseph Ogharu, Joseph Nwanwe, Iboko Emmanuel, Mbam Jonas, Nkwede Friday,  Amos  Nwiba, Jonah Omiyi, Thomas Nwibo  Nkwede Osondu, Enugu Godwin, Everastus Nwibo, Ignatius  Nwogar, Chikwuma Nkwede, Samuel Nwibo, Christopher Ochiali,  Nkwede Chukwuka, James Obia, Martina Mbam, Grace Mbam, Dennis  Mbam , Chinyere  Mbadikwe  were arrested  by men  of the  Nigerian police on a tip off at  Ekebeligwe  Primary School Izzi in Abakaliki. They were accused of planning to levy war against Federal  Government  of Nigeria,  their  crime is that they belong to  an  illegal organization called MASSOB. 
                        2 February 2005, Ogidi
on  2nd  February 2005, MASSOB  Chieftain  Mr. Emmanuel  Osondu dragged to court, commissioner of police Anambara Mr. Felix  Ogbuadu, Mr. Charles. A. Onugha (D.P.O) Njikoka Div Hqts Abagana,  Mr. Okon Simon, police  officer attached to Abagana police station Augustine, a  Police Officer and  Bassey. U over the  incessant arrest, detention, Intimidation and  harassment  of MASSOB  members in the area. Emma Osondu, a native of  Urofia village, Abagana enforced his fundamental  Right  by asking the court to restrict  the police from  further  arresting and  intimidating  MASSOB  members in the Area. see Suit No- HID/ MISC. 10 / 2005 at the  High Court of  Idemili  Judicial Division  holding  at Ogidi.
                        7th  JUNE  2005 ORLU
On  7th June  2005, at the high court Orlu, members of MASSOB Mr. Christians Ogbuji, Clement Ibe, Juliana Okoro (Mrs.) dragged  to Orlu High Court,  Chief  Ifeanyi Oguzie Executive  Chairman  Isu L.G.A, Philomina  Ofonagoro  P. A to the Executive  Chairman, Isu L.G. A  D. P. O Divisional Police Station  Umudugba Isu L.G.A  and the  Commissioner  of Police Imo State  to enforce their  fundament  Rights, and for the court to  Issue an order to restrict  the aforementioned  from  further  intimidating, harassing,  arresting  and detaining  of  MASSOB members.  The presiding  Judge  his Lordship  Hon. Justice B N. A Njemanze,  while the defense counsel for the accused  is E.E. Chukwuka Esq.
                          August  10, 2005, Delta
The  following  MASSOB members were arrested, tortured and humiliated  by the men  of Delta State Police  command  over involvement in MASSOB programmes, they are, Onwukeze Cyprian  Aloysius Nwuke, Choppinson, Peter Ugwu, Salvation Nwankwo,  Valentine,  Jeremiah  Oboh and  Aloysius  were arrested on August 10th  2005  at  Ezemaka  primary school while holding  a  peaceful meeting. They were detained  and  accused of illegal Assembly. They  were  detained at Asaba State  C.I.D for 3 weeks and later  arraigned at Obiaruku  magistrate  court and  were  remanded  at Agbor  prison for 2 months and 3 weeks. Delta State police command image  makers  Miss  Olabisi  Okuwobi who  confirmed the arrest in Asaba told  journalist that the MASSOB  members  were arrested for being in possession  of  MASSOB  I. D Cards,  Biafran  map, and  insignias  of  Biafra / MASSOB.
They  were released  on  26th Nov.  2005.  Attached  is the pictures  of the victims  of  police brutality,  taken at the court  premises. See  vanguard  Newspaper  Wednesday  August 17, 2005. The  MASSOB  members spent close  to N550, 000  before  they regained their freedom.
                        1st  February  2005, Okwe
 Men  of  the  Nigerian  police  stormed the  court  premises  of the  Federal High Court  Owerri on the 1/2/2005 where Chief  Uwazuruike  has  a  case for the enforcement of  his  fundamental  Rights against  the  former  Director  of SSS, Imo State,  Commissioner  of  police  Imo  state. On  that day the  police  who  do not  like  to hear any mention  of Biafra  or  see  anyone supporting  or  campaigning  for Biafra / MASSOB  descended  on  Innocent  supporters of    Chief  Ralph  Uwazuruike, brutalize them, freely used tear gas  canister  at the court  premises on both men and Women, many sustained  injuries  during  the stamped at  the court premesis, and  police  arrested, beat the  MASSOB  members and  6 buses  were  impounded  and  detained  at the premises  of  state  police command Owerri, and 22 MASSOB  members  were  detained  by the police at Owerri.
The MASSOB members are as  follows:
Emmanuel  Omenka,  Fidelis  Nwatu, Gregory Obi  Michael  Uneke,  Ikechukwu  Nnaka,  Sampson  Kuma,  James Effiong,  Anthony Okafor, Enyinnaya  Orji, Onyema  Uche,  Ufere  Oge,  Raphael Anigbo, Johnbosco  Uzochukwu,  Echaria  Udom,  Ngozi  Okwanma, Onyinyechi  Okenwa, Emma Nwaounma, Wilson  Ezuomike  Uche  Ndukwe,  Clifford Nwachukwu, Felix Okoroji.  Friday  Umeze.
Registration No of   impended  vehicles are
Mitsubushi  Bus L300         X B 529 UKP
Mitsubushi  Bus L300 X  A 434  ABA
Mitsubushi  Bus L300  X  D  334  ABA
Mitsubushi  Bus L300 X  A 517  MMA
Ford  Bus           X D  473  ABA
Vol   Bus                 X A 336 KKE
The  MASSOB  members were arraigned on 9th  February 2005 before Owerri  magistrate  Court, holding  at Owerri, they were  released on or about 18th 22nd,Feb 2005  see  charge No. Ow/ 50C / 2005 for  verification
                        May 8th 2005 Abakaliki
Mr.  Felix Emenelu ”M” 40 yrs  and other  79 MASSOB  members were arrested  by  the police at  peoples club  hall along Enugu/ Abakaliki  Express  way as  they gathered for a religious programme  aimed at  offering   prayers  for  MASSOB  members.   They were  tear   gassed,  arrested and detained  by the police/ SSS  at Abakaliki  Central  Police Station, after which they  were  arraigned at the court  of  Abakaliki  Magistrate for belonging  to unlawful  society called  MASSOB / Biafra and were  accused of treasonable felony  offense  many Reverends, Pastors, Evangelists  and Bishops  were humiliated, tortured  and wounded  by the police for associating  wit h MASSOB. They  were arraigned on 9/5/ 2005. The  prosec utor is Insp Thomas  Oyibe,  and the Magistrate is N. A. Uzoma (Mrs.), Chief  Mag GD11. They  were  later  released  after fulfilling  their  bail conditions. See  charge No MAB 229C/ 2005 for verifications.
                        21st  June  2005 Abakaliki
 The  men  of  Nigerian police  force attached  to Abakaliki and Ebony State police command  Swooped at  Spara Indeo Junction Abakaliki and raided the  building  where MASSOB members uses for their  peaceful  meetings  and  arrested  the following  MASSOB  members,  Nwabueze Okenian, Augustine  Ezeugwu, Onyeke  Thomas,  Stanley  Ohaegbulam ,Chibueze Ome, Ogbaga Fidelis, Obinna Nwibo, Nnandi  Ani Nwododo, Otobo James, Nwaobudo Innocent Afefi  Edwin,  Ogbonna  David, Iseh Chukwubuike.
                         May 8,  2005 Enugu
 Innocent  Dike, Kingsley Ezeugo, Augustine  Uzoma, Ifeanyi Onyeje  were  arrested  by the police  along Abakaliki/ Enugu  Express way  while attending a religions  conference organized by  members of  MASSOB  on  May, 8 2005 at  people  club  Abakaliki. They arrested by the police who mounted road block along the road and were  diverted to state C. I. D Enugu where  they were detained and tortured for 2 weeks before they were arraigned at  Magistrate  Court Awgu, after spending another 2 months at Awgu prison. Their  offense was that they were in possession  of Newspapers  called  voice of  Biafran  Newspapers. They were  accused of  printing and  circulating  seditions  materials  with Inscriptions  of Republic  of Biafra.the items were confisticated uptil date. They were  charged for treasonable felony on 23 / 5/ 2005 before the Chief  Magistrate J.S. Ede Esq.  The case was  adjourned to 11 /8/2005. However they  have been released  after  fulfilling  the  bail conditions. See charge No MWG/ 49C /2005 for verifications.
                     April  21st  2005, Port Harcourt
The  River State Police Command acted  on a tip off  and swooped  at life  gate  church along Ikwerre  road  mile 2 Diobu  Port Harcourt  and arrested 11  MASSOB  members  who are  having their  meeting   to embark on mobilization and sensitization  progeammes. The  following  people were arrested, “ Jerry  Nwokocha “M”  (50 yrs)  All well Orjiugo “M”  36 yrs  Godwin Anyanwu, “M” (58 yrs) Amason Alum “M” (38 yrs) Bathlomew  Ejezie “M”  (47 yrs) Chief  Barnabas  Amadi “M” (51 yrs) Christopher  Obi  Nwechie  “M”  (46 yrs) Samuel Ike “M” (35 yrs)  John Ugwu “M”  (30yrs) Uzor Nwachukwu “M” (53 yrs) Omereni  Ogbunefu “M”  60 yrs were detained  and subjected to torture,  Inhuman  treatment  and  abused for being Members  of MASSOB. They  were detained at  the  State C.I.D  Port Harcourt with  criminals  for some  months  before they were arraigned  before the Magistrate court  in Port Harcourt. Though  they have been released after meeting their bail conditions  the police officer who prepared the charge sheet deliberately  did not include the court,  the charge number, date of arraignment,  the name of the  prosecutor and date  of  adjournment in the document
                        25th  October 2005
At  about 6 pm on Tuesday, October 25th  2005, at Umunamu  Village, Okwe  in  Onuimo  L. G. A  Area  of lmo State,Chief Ralph Uwazuruike was  abducted by  the operatives  of state security services and was whisked   away to SSS headquarters  Abuja, where he was   detained  for 13 days  without access  to his doctors  lawyer,  family or  friend, since his abduction he have been subjected  to  detention,  imprisonment ,physical and psycological   torture. After 13 days he  was arraigned in court on charge wit h treasonable  felony with the other six  MASSOB members whom the police arrested at diverse  locations in Owerri for possessing Biafran pounds.    Chief  Ralph Uwazuruike and the other 6 accused were  arraigned  in a court of law without a defense counsel on  January 7th, because  the SSS  specifically  refused them legal counsel. They  reported to the  judge  that they were maltreated,  detained  underground and chained  in SSS  cells, but the judge did nothing  regarding  the complain. Chief  Ralph Uwazuruike  and  other six  MASSOB members  are  still  in prison detention at Suleja Nigeria Prison. See suit No  FHCHAB/M/ 562 / 05  for  verification of  the application by Chief Uwazuruike for  leave to enforce  his fundamental Rights  which was Signed  by MASSOB  defense  counsel Festus Keyamo, Esq. on 1st  Nov 2005.
                        7th December  2005
Operatives of  State  Security services  in Onitsha Anambara  State  in  Collaboration  with press men  suspected  to be former staffs of Minaj  Station swooped at No 25 Aggrey  street Fegge  Onitsha  in a  mini bus  loaded  with  armed to tooth  security agents  and  arrested Corm Uchenna  Madu, the MASSOB  Director of information, he  was  detained  tortured ,  humiliated by  the  Security Agent   before  taken him  to SSS Headquarter  Abuja for interrogation and arraignment to court. He (Uchenna Madu) was arraigned alongside the following MASSOB members, Nwachukwu Ojukwu, Sunday Ibekwe, Ejiofor Chukwuebuka, Solomon Nwankwo, Ikechukwu, Meekam, Chisom Odumegwu, James Chukwuemela, Walter Ani, Anene Onumba, Cajethan Okafor, Sunday Azubuike, John Nwaeke, Chigozie Orajiuba, Kenneth Odoh, Onueme Chukwu, and Kenneth at the high Court in Abuja Judicial Division in a case between, the Director State Security Services (SSS) Inspector General of police and the Attorney General of the Federation. The other fellows with him are mainly traders from Onitsha, Nnewi in Anambara State. They were detained for bein MASSOB members. There continued detention has put their health in jeopardy. Kevin Emeka Okoro Esq. is MASSOB defense counsel.
                             September 4th 2005.
9 MASSOB members who are  indigene of Imilike village Nsukka in Igbo- Eze North L.G.A, Enugu were arrested by men of Nigeria police along the University road Nsukka, for being in possession of MASSOB identity card. Those arrested inchude a 2 weeks pregnant woman and they are as follows:
Augustine Ugwuja, faith Eze, Sylvanus Odoh, Nnamdi. P. Odoh, John Ayogu, Samuel Obi, Romanus Arua, Emmanuel Eze, Emmanuel Ogbonna. The pregnant woman Faith Eze was arrested on her way to the church to attend catechism. Mr. Sylranus Odoh a carp enter was arrested at his workshop at University Road Nsukka. Romanus Obi was arrested on September 7th 2005, he is a painter, an artisan. He was arrested while going to his office, Emmanuel Eze (18yrs) is a student of Jss3, he was arrested while coming back from school. Emmanuel Ogbonna is a farmer, he was arrested while on his way to take food to his wife who delivered newly at the Bishop Shanaham Hospital Nsukka,  when he was arrested with food flask. He was beating and pushed inside a police vehicle and accused him for being among MASSOB members who were carrying placards and demonstrating against the Government of Nigeria on Sept 7, 2005, these men and women were maliciously charged and detained in police custody on 7th Sept/2005 at a police station in Nsukka. They were beaten up and detained. the detainee are still in prison custody since 7 months now without charging them to court. They are now languishing in prison custody. They were arrested over the protest Organized by MASSOB on September 7, 2005 over the raid by SSS/ Police and Soldiers at Chief Ralph Uwazwruike house. They have been arrainged at Enugu Magistrate court on 9/ Sep/ 2005 before his worship P.C. Nwankwo Esq. M.A.O Iyamabor Esq. (S.P) with Edward Obiyor Esq (A.S.P) appears for the prosecutor Mrs. U.J. Ogbuefi, while C.O.Z Obiekwe Esq appears for the accused persons see attached document for proof.
                     MONDAY 16, JANUARY 2006 ONITSHA,
12 MASSOB members who were arrested by the police/ SSS on or after December 5th 7th 2005 in Onitsha Anambara State were granted bail by the Onitsha Chief Magistrate court on Monday 16, 2006. the MASSOB members were charged for unlawful assembly and disturbing of public peace during the sit at- home protest organized by MASSOB.
The accused person are Chinedu Chukwuemeka, Emeka Nwobosi, Chima Amafor, Chibuzor Ekeibe, Okanandu Nwachineke, Chinedu Ozoude, Amuche Ucha, Chukwudi Nkana. Charlse Ogbonnaya, Stephen Uka, Sunday Chukwu and Mathias Ikedi all male. They appeared before the presiding Chief magistrates Mrs. Ma bel M,bakwe who granted them bail on condition of #10,000 with one surely for each person. The case was adjourned till April 11, 2006. Mr. Anya Anthony was the defense counsel to the accused MASSOB members. The MASSOB members were arrested at Inland town Onitsha during the protest and taken to force headquarters Abuja, before they were finally brought back and charged in Onitsha magistrate court. See daily champion Newspaper page 3 Thursday January 19, 2006 for details and verifications.
                          FEBRUARY 2006, OKWE
A joint team of State Security services, police and soldiers has routinely raided the home of Chief Ralph Uwazuruike since he was arrested and detained. The security Agents have Incessantly invaded the MASSOB secretariat looking for arms and any item that could implicate the MASSOB leader for involvement in violent activity, but in each raid  they found nothing. The latest raid occurred in January 19 2006, they invaded the Umunamu Village, ransacked the neighbour hood, destroying personal properties, and properties of members of MASSOB. They arrested some bus drivers who conveyed MASSOB members to the meeting. The meeting scheduled for the day was disrupted as members ran into the bush to avoid being mowed down or arrested by the security agents.See Daily Champion page 7 February 18, 2006 for details of police/ SSS and Army raids according to mother of chief Ralph Uwazuruike Ezinne Monica Ugochi Uwazuruike for verification. Also see letter of petition forwarded to United Nation Headquarters Newyork on Human Right violation and the use of live ammunition on defenseless MASSOB members and police/ Soldiers brutality on innocent Igbo Civilians , see, Daily champing page 6, Thursday December 29, 2005.   
                          Thursday  16th Feb. 2006
100  MASSOB  members were arrested in Onitsha  on Thursday  16th  February 2006, Many residence  of Onitsha were  wounded  following  the stampede during  the police raid OF MASSOB offices in Onitsha. The Onitsha Police Area Commander Mr. Dennis Anyagafu  while speaking  to  the press  admitted that  his men arrested MASSOB members. He accused them to be armed  robbers. This is a  latest plot by the Federal Government  to  blackmail MASSOB in order to intimidate, and implicate members of  the  Movement. Since MASSOB made its opposition stand on  the  2006  census known, there  been  unusual  movement  of soldiers/Mobile police   in Eastern  Nigeria. Watch  out for more details on harassment, intimidation,  killing and detention  of MASSOB  members  and Igbo  traders by the Nigerian  security agents, see Daily Champion Monday 20 February for  details.

Compiled and reported by: Members of People Against Rights Abuses in Nigeria  (PARAN)
Posted to the web on April 18, 2006