Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 5:21 AM

Dear members of BiafraFoundation,

I am greeting you all, and very glad on your work in actualizing Biafra, keep the flag flying. I am the commisioner for information Awka province. I wish to inform you that MASSOB Mobilization team that was sent to Ebonyi State to mobilize them, after two days of mobilization on the 15th of October 2003, about 26 members were arrested and detained by the Nigerian Police on plain uniform at Abakiliki Police station. 

We want to inform you so that VOBI will be contacted for prompt broadcast. Those arrested include Dr. L. Ogazi, Provisional Administrator Ebonyi State MASSOB / BLF.

Urgent reply is needed in this issue.

Thanks and God Bless Biafra

Commissioner for information