A Take-home Message
The First postwar International Conference
Biafra .

October 18, 2003
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

(Transcript from VOBI Oct 25 2003 broadcast)

The VOBI salutes the organizers and participants at the recently concluded First International Conference on Biafra , which held at the Marriot Hotel, Greenbelt , Maryland, , on Saturday 18th October, 2003 . This indeed was a remarkable milestone in the quest for the re-establishment of Biafran freedom and sovereignty. The conference was a resounding success in many ways: First, it was a success because despite the scheming of detractors to derail convening of this significant event, by announcing that it was cancelled, the truth prevailed and all invited speakers attended. It was a success because in spite of threats of persecution of participants, many delegates attended from all over the United States , from Biafraland, and from Europe . We salute the courage of these brave men and women many of whom made personal sacrifices to attend. They exhibited the veritable hallmark of Biafrans, in not being intimidated, not being deterred from a set goal once the cause is just. It is this commendable characteristic, that shall lead us to the promised land. It was a success because important decisions affecting the smooth running of the agenda for the actualization of the Biafran state were made and concretized. It was a success because, it witnessed the first of its kind official recognition and honoring by a Biafran organization, of some distinguished persons who made significant contributions to the Biafra struggle during the war of 1967 to 1970. Although, this was only a token gesture, we hail the spirit in which it was given and highly appreciate the reciprocating spirit in which it was received. We plan to continue with the recognition of other meriting Biafrans in subsequent annual conferences.  

The conference made special mention and sent it’s sincere appreciation to the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) through its able leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, who was present at the occasion. It was particularly grateful to this organization for their untiring and relentless pursuit of the Biafra cause, despite untold hardships, victimization and frequent unprovoked killings of members by the Nigerian security agents under Obasanjo’s directives. These are the men and women on the ground who are bearing the brunt and facing the danger on a daily basis without flinching. We salute your courage and shall always remain indebted to you all.

Another interesting highlight at the occasion was the stirring of old and cherished memories of the Biafra era, especially, of Biafra at the heights of her success, by songs and choruses which reverberated across the conference hall. It is significant to note that in spite of the passage of almost thirty-five years, participants still remembered every tune and wordings of every song! This proves the point, that the thirst for Biafra is unquenchable! That the Biafra project, though temporarily submerged, shall certainly rise again! That the Biafra spirit indeed lives forever!  

We can therefore summarize the following facts as the take-home message from the conference.

1.         That the survival and indomitable spirit of Biafra is very much alive as demonstrated in the show of strength and irrepressible vigor of delegates to the conference.

2.         That the hand-writing is on the wall for Nigeria . Yes! Nigeria ’s days as a country are numbered. Just as king Balshazzar profaned by drinking with his wives and concubines from the sacred vessels captured from the Israelites, and praising the gods of silver and gold, thus incurring the wrath of God on him, so has Nigeria profaned by despoiling and drinking from the riches of the black gold or petroleum captured from Biafrans and praising the gods of money while marginalizing and pauperizing the people. Yes! For the three dreaded words of MENE, TEKEL and PERES which appeared on the wall to king Balshazzar in the middle of his idolatrous feasting, have appeared on the wall of the kingdom of Nigeria. And just as the prophet Daniel had interpreted it for king Balshazzar, so does it apply to Nigeria today. For behold, MENE translates to “God has numbered thy kingdom and finished it,” so has God numbered Nigeria ’s days and kingdom and it is finished. TEKEL stands for: “Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting,” so has God weighed Nigeria in the balances and found her terribly wanting. PERES is for: “Thy kingdom is divided and given to Medes and Persians,” so shall the kingdom of Nigeria be divided and given to the emerging countries of Biafra , Oduduwa and Arewa.  And just as the Israelites were led wandering through the desert for forty years before arriving at the promised land, Biafrans since 1966, have been persecuted and left wandering through the desert that is Nigeria , and shall soon arrive at the promised land.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!