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OCTOBER 18, 2003  


With representation from Eastern Nigeria, Anioma, Europe, and throughout the United States of America and Canada, the first post War International Conference on Biafra was concluded with the agreement that the conditions that led to the Biafra-Nigeria War are still present and worse; that the persecution of Ndigbo in Nigeria continues to dictate the overall and specific policies of the Federal government. The effect of this has been the gradual destruction of the country itself, its economy, and its overall pride. 

Consequently we, the delegates to this International Conference have resolved:

  1. To explore the possibilities of forming a government in exile in six months if the federal government fails to organize a Conference of ethnic nationalities,  in order for these nationalities to decide how they want to associate with  one  another
  2. To warn governors and functionaries of  Eastern Nigeria to desist from collaborating with federal agencies in the harassment and murder of citizens of Eastern Nigeria, particularly members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra ( MASSOB ). 
  3. That governors of the Eastern States be mindful of the international laws on crime against humanity and that they will be held accountable even years after they must have left office.
  4. To hold them responsible for the safety of Chief Ralph Uwazurike and members of MASSOB considering the threats to their lives from Federal and State government agents.
  5. To challenge Ndigbo to take political responsibility for their self-preservation and self-determination in view of the orchestrated efforts by their enemies to oppress them perpetually.
  6. To challenge Ohaneze Ndigbo, Igbo National Assembly and all Igbo groups to be vehement in protesting the oppression of their people and forcefully speak out in their defense.   
  7. To urge all Igbo organizations, businessmen, intellectuals, students and the clergy to join the struggle to re-actualize Biafra