Fellow Biafrans isn’t it shocking to note that some people from Eastern Region Biafra actually were drinking and making merry on October 1 and telling their friends and family that they were celebrating Nigeria’s independence. What independence were they celebrating? Anybody in Eastern Region Biafra who has even a half brain knows that Nigeria is not independent. Secondly, September 29 1966 and every September 29 to October 15 must be seen, remembered and observed as days of infamy; days of abomination by all Biafrans. These were the days when people from all the ethnic groups in Eastern Region were slaughtered in thousands all over Northern and Western Region by the Hausa Fulani and Yoruba. By the end of October 1966 blood thirsty native hoodlums all over Northern and Western Nigeria had massacred 100,000 innocent men, women, and children, from all parts of Eastern Region who were living among them in their territory. What did these innocent men, women and children do to deserve being slaughtered like chicken? They did not commit any crime. Their only crime was that they were Igbo, Ibibio, Ijaw, Efik, Ogoja from Eastern Region. That’s all. That was their crime. Even their neighbors with whom they attended church participated in killing them; those who they were feeding, clothing, and giving employment, teaching their children, and helping in numerous ways participated in killing them.  The Nigerians were so savage they killed even unborn children; cutting open the abdomen of our pregnant women they yanked out unborn babies, kicked them around like football before slaughtering them like chicken. Next time any Nigerian mentions October 1 as Independence Day to you, you should do something really dramatic to that Nigerian so that date will never be mentioned to you ever again. In fact when Biafra is actualized September 29 to October 15 every year will be set aside as weeks of mourning for the people of Biafra.


            Some Nigerians have been engaging in their delusional thinking that they are living in a democracy. Some even go so far as to combine two fallacies “democracy and independence” in their delusion. How crazy do you have to be to even imagine that you are living in a democracy in Nigeria ? The form of government practiced in Nigeria today is called “dictatorship” while the social and economic system in place is called Feudalism. This is the system that was in practice in the Middle Ages in Europe, when Europe was in darkness. Under this system the feudal lord owns and holds all land and property and allocates some land to the vassals for agriculture and housing for a fee. What do you see in Nigeria especially the Niger Delta today? Don’t all your land, the oil, gas and other minerals in it, all the water resources in your community and all over Eastern Region Biafra belong to the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchs and the leaders of the Sokoto Caliphate? Don’t they use and sell these and keep the money to themselves and do whatever they like with it? Do you control your land, the minerals in it, the water resources in your community? Do you? And you are talking about democracy and the right of private ownership of property in Nigeria ; are you joking?


Don’t they select whoever they want and appoint them as your governor, minister, senator, representative, councilor, judge, magistrate, police, soldier, etc, etc. Which one of these posts did you choose the person in it now; which one? And you are deceiving yourselves talking about democracy. Where is the democracy? Go and ask honest elders in your communities and they will tell you how they use to choose the people who governed them, kept law and order, went to war; how they choose by election the people who were the custodians of their community resources, and made their communities safe and prosperous. Go and ask honest elders in your towns and villages and they will tell you that the Igbo and their brothers in the Eastern Region Biafra had been practicing sophisticated democracy for thousands of years until the garbage, the filth called Nigeria was imposed on them. Nigeria has never been a democracy, is not a democracy, and will never be a democracy. Nigeria is poison and anyone who wants the Igbo and their brothers in Eastern Region Biafra to continue to be in Nigeria is an idiot, and a fool deserving of no iota of respect from our people.


Some people have asserted that seeking freedom and independence under the umbrella of Biafra is against the spirit of One Nigeria. Some have even gone to the ridiculous extent of saying that the boondoggle called Nigeria was put together by God and therefore no one should put it asunder. This is one of the worst heresies that was ever uttered by a human being. What greater insult can you give to God than to accuse God of putting together something as evil as Nigeria . If they say that Nigeria was put together by the devil it will make sense. But God, come on, stop the heresy. It is insanity to even imagine that God put Nigeria together. Nigeria was put together by some crazy British colonialists. Biafra has nothing to do with Nigeria. Biafrans do not want anything from Nigeria ; they do not want to govern Nigeria ; they do not want to import the corruption, decadence, criminality, impunity, lawlessness, insanity, foolishness, arrogance, greed, capriciousness, and the general anti God and anti man policies that have permeated every fabric of life in Nigeria into Biafra . Biafrans will run as far away from Nigeria as other countries of the world are doing right now. Nigeria is like a deadly infectious disease and nobody in their right minds will want to touch anything Nigerian with a ten foot pole. Demanding Biafra is a matter of self preservation, a matter of survival. If you believe that demanding Biafra, wanting to be free, to govern yourself, to be the architect of your own destiny is wrong then obviously you don’t deserve to be alive since you have already encased your brain in the concrete cement of slave mentality.


Some people have been going around and preaching to our people that there is no point resisting the subjugation, persecution, and taking away of our freedom by Nigeria . They are telling our people that it is better for our people to submit to domination, persecution, and enslavement by the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchs and the Sokoto Caliphate. How can anyone who knows of the history of the Igbo and other people of Eastern Region even think of suggesting this to our people? It is an insult on the intelligence of our people to even suggest this. Those who succumbed to amnesty wayo by leprous Umaru YarAdua; those who accepted the apple from the snake in the garden of Aden will forever live to regret it. It won’t be long now before they confess and start regretting. No, it won’t be long. The Igbo and their brothers in the Eastern Region Biafra are known for resisting tyranny, oppression and fighting until they liberate themselves. Therefore the people of Eastern Region Biafra will never relent until they liberate themselves from the slavery to which they have been subjected by the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchy and the Sokoto Caliphate. There will be no surrender because to live without freedom is equal to death. You are either alive and free or you are dead.  Remember that in 1947 when the colonial British government wanted to take all the land in southern Nigeria and make it the property of the Queen of England, it was young Nnamdi Azikiwe [Zik] who organized nationalists and they carried out massive protests that stopped the British from stealing our land. When the same British colonial government wanted to start apartheid system in Northern Nigeria by building segregated schools for White children in Jos it was the same young Nnamdi Azikiwe who again organized nationalists and stopped the British from starting apartheid system in Northern Nigeria .  Today in one of the worst ironies of history the Hausa Fulani Yoruba by military decree have by force taken over our land, the minerals in it and the water resources in our communities. What have you done; you from Eastern Region Biafra? What have you done? When the British invaded Igbo land west of the River Niger and was occupying it, our people fought the British like tigers and lions for decades. The Ekwunokwu [now Anglicized as Ekumeku] Revolution made life hell for the British invaders. When the British imposed taxation without representation on our people including our women, the women of Eastern Region, form Calabar, Ikot Ekpene through Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia, Orlu, and inland sacked the warrant chiefs that the British had imposed on our people; sacked the British administrative offices, courts, and trading posts all over Eastern Region. The British were forced to call in their army and the women still fought them. The Aba Women Revolution (1929) is there in every history book for all to see. That is who we are. We do not accept tyranny, oppression and denial of our freedom and liberty. No, we don’t and we will never accept slavery.


Some people have even insinuated that the Igbo want to take the Oil and Gas from the communities in the Niger Delta. Nothing could be more stupid than this statement. First 70% of the oil bearing communities in the Niger Delta are Igbo. It does not really matter whether the devils in the Nigeria government slice them up and distribute them into their kwashiorkor states, they are still Igbo and they know it. Secondly the government of Biafra has stated hundreds of times in publication after publication that in Biafra the oil wealth [100%] belongs to the communities in which the Oil and Gas are located and not to the government of Biafra. The local communities in which the oil and gas are located will mine their oil and gas, sell them and keep the money to themselves to develop their communities – to build schools, colleges, universities, hospital, industries, roads, bridges, highways; to provide electricity, pipe borne water, drugs for treating illnesses for their people; to provide employment for their people especially the youths; to provide retirement benefits for their workers; and to provide overall good life for their people. Communities that do not have oil and gas will use their God given brains to invent things that they will sell to the world to make money. They will engage in trade, commerce, manufacturing, and information technology to make money and provide the same amenities for their communities as are provided by the oil bearing communities. This is how Biafra respects the rights of people to private ownership of their property. Taiwan, Hong Kong,


South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Switzerland, and numerous other powerful economies in the world do not have oil and gas yet they are some of the most prosperous and powerful countries in the world. You don’t have to have oil and gas to be prosperous and powerful.  Compare this Biafran policy with that of Nigeria where the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchs and the Sokoto Caliphate have been slaughtering thousands of people, wiping out whole communities in the Niger Delta and Eastern Region Biafra just to steal their oil and gas. These Nigerians are monsters without soul or conscience. The British cobbled several, independent Nations into the nonsense called One Nigeria. It does not make any sense; it doesn’t fit and if it doesn’t fit, you must dissolve One Nigeria and allow the different Nations to assume their sovereignty once again.

May God bless all the smart people of Biafra and the sovereign independent State of Biafra!