Fellow Biafrans intelligent people do not live to be told over and over again "I told you so." It is humiliating to be told again and again, "I told you so." Biafra Foundation and now Biafra Provisional Government have told the people of Eastern Region, Biafra, again and again "see we told you so." We told you that the Hausa Fulani Yoruba will never allow anybody from Biafra territory to be the president of Nigeria come 2007 or any other time. Many of your leaders were shouting that if the president is not selected from the East – South East or South-South, the heavens will fall and they will uproot everything in Nigeria. Is an Easterner the president of Nigeria today? No. What have the loud mouths done about it? Nothing. We told you that the elections of 2003 and 2007 will be nothing but a sham and that there will be no election. Some of our leaders swore that if anybody tried rigging the election the earth will split in two and swallow the perpetrators; cholera will kill all the people who will try to rig the election. What happened in 2007? The Hausa Fulani Yoruba brazenly rigged the election, selected Umaru Yar’Adua as President and some people as governors. They decided who they wanted to become President, Governor, Senator, local counselors etc. and they put them in there whether you like them or not. Of course you know the activities of that vagabon called Maurice Iwu. What have your leaders done about this challenge? Nothing.


We told you that there will be no census, that there will be no election; that everything this government is doing will be like watching a horror movie. They set up fake political conference. You demanded to share some of the oil money they collect from your land. They told you that you have not given them account of how you spent the allowance they give you. They also told you that your ancestral land which you have called yours for hundreds of years is now their land. They challenged you to make the case that the land belongs to you. What did you do? Nothing. They have continued to exploit your land and the natural resources in it, sell the oil and gas for billions of dollars and kept the money. What have your leaders done? Nothing; they run after the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchs begging for crumbs that fall off their table as they gorge themselves in the abundance of money they realized from your land. Some of you have resorted to stealing your own oil and natural gas thereby making you thieves of your own property. You know it is a tragedy when a man is made to steal his own property. That is really tragic.


We told you that the Hausa Fulani have supplied the Cattle Fulani who bring cattle to your communities with sophisticated weapons. We told you that they armed them with AK47’s and that a few of them can actually overrun a village, kill as many people as they want and drive the rest off their land. What did your leaders do after we revealed this to you? Nothing. Last week the people of Ayamelum clan in Anambra were chased off their homes by a handful of Cattle Fulani when the farmers challenged them to take their cattle off their farm crops because the cattle was destroying their yams, corn and other crops planted in their farms. What did their leaders say or do? Nothing.


When the Hausa Fulani Yoruba savages attacked and raped so many women in Onitsha because they said that the women wore trousers we told you that the town they will attack next was Calabar and Ikom. Few weeks later they attacked Calabar and Ikom stripping women naked in the street, beating them, carrying them off to their barracks where they gang raped them. What did your leaders do? Nothing.


There are many more but we will stop thus far. All these things we warned you about happened. What did your so called governors do? What did your so called senators, representatives, councilors do? Nothing. What did all of these big men and women dressed in funny looking attire and who call themselves your political leaders and your big men and women, what did they do. What did the former governors, senators, etc do; what did they do to protect you? Nothing. The number one duty of whoever is called your leader is to protect the people. So why did they not say a word of protest? Because they just like you are looked upon by the Hausa Fulani Yoruba as slaves. The Hausa Fulani Yoruba just hired them to help in destroying you. When have you seen elected officials in our communities protest to the Hausa Fulani Yoruba Nigerian government about the unemployment, poverty and hardship that our people are experiencing? When have you heard them protest about the massive killing of our people every single day? When have you heard them protest about the terrible state of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities in our communities? No they don’t protest. They are the house slaves of the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchs. They have their mouths wide open waiting for dollars and pounds to be thrown in so they will gobble them up.


All these people you call your so-called leaders are so corrupt, selfish and money hungry that they can hardly see how this affects them; they can sell their mothers to you if you have the money. When they are in office they see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. But as soon as they get out of office they see all the problems. Chris Ngige gave an interview and was castigating the PDP and the Uba’s. This is the same criminal gang that he worked with when he stole the governorship of Anambra. Chinwoke Mbadinuju the murderer is now blaming everyone else but himself for the murder of Abigail Igwe and her child as well as barrister Igwe her husband. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is now blaming Obasanjo for stealing more than $16 billion dollars meant for power supply, and for giving away billions of dollars to his friends without due process. Oby Ezekwesili is doing the same thing except she is blaming Okonjo Iweala for paying $16 billion to construction workers on the orders of Obasanjo. Jim Nwobodo is blaming other people for the mess he and his fellow travelers created in Enugu and all over Igbo land. Ekwueme is crying because his baby the PDP, the party of thieves and armed robbers is doing what thieves and armed robbers do – steal and kill people, Ogbulafor was crying tears of joy because Ndiawusa na ata oji made him figure head of PDP, the party of criminals. Of course Goodluck Jonathan is gloating because they call him VP. The fool can not learn a lesson from Atiku Abubakar and realize that he is nobody. Any day they want to get rid of him they will do just that the same way that Babangida unceremoniously dismissed Ebitu Ukiwe. How many times will our so-called leaders be poked in the eye before they realize that Ndiawusa na Ndiyoruba are playing draughts with them.


Recently you have been hearing that Olusegun Obasanjo stole so many billions of dollars; awarded contracts for power plants that were never built in Eastern Region; Ret. Gen. Malu is now accusing him of stealing over $200m given to Nigeria by the United Nations. His daughter Iyabo, stole tens of millions of dollars, using 419 method she stole millions of dollars from an Austrian company. Have you heard such things before? Let’s check. Abacha stole billions of dollars and stashed them away in foreign banks. Before him Abdulsalami Abubakar stole hundreds of millions of dollars in only six months that international crime busters call him the Houdini of armed robbery. Do you want to talk about Babangida, the poisonous snake, the gap toothed Dracula that thrived on drinking human blood. Nobody knows how many billions of dollars he stole. But just look at the Okigbo report a copy of which is readily available. Don’t even bother talking about Shehu Shagari, Obasanjo, Murtala Mohammed the Benin Bank robber or Yakubu Gowon the slave, the baby killer. How many times do you want to hear that these Hausa and Yoruba people are stealing and robbing you of all the money that belongs to you before you react and demand your money? Oil and Gas are finite resources and will soon finish. What will you do then? In the meantime countries that have Oil are making good use of it now. Norway is now the third richest country in the world and has made adequate financial arrangements for their children that will be born 100 years from now. People of the East what is the fate of your children now and what will be the fate of your grandchildren and future generations. You are condemning all of them to become slaves. Babangida’s children and the children of these Hausa Fulani Yoruba vagabonds are living like kings. How are your children living? They are eating akpu and drinking sewage water. Very soon they will contact one deadly disease and die and you will blame God. You fold your arm and pray for God to come down from heaven to save you and your family.


Look all around you all over the world, people are fighting to save themselves and the world is coming to their aid. In Tibet, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Kosovo, people who are being oppressed are no longer taking it lying down. They are standing up straight and fighting back. That is how freedom is achieved. Self-determination for Biafra can not come on a platter of gold. We have to fight for it. We have to stand up straight, men, women, and children. Some fool is going to tell you that non-violent civil disobedience will not get us Biafra. Do not listen to such idiots. It has happened all over the world and will continue to happen. Can you imagine what will happen if all the oppressed Biafrans in different jobs in occupied Biafra and Nigeria stopped work for a week, put all the machines available to them out of commission, disabled the power plants and threw Satan’s country into darkness for one week, stopped processing anything and everything, shut down every establishment that they can lay their hands on, disabled every computer and software that makes every arm of government function and shut down every outlet through which these rogues collect oil money and foreign exchange. We bet you in one month Biafra will be free. Every person in Biafra will have a decent job, good health care, schools will be rebuilt, world class hospitals will be built to take care of the sick, our children will be going to school in the best schools, colleges and universities, transportation will become very cheap, electricity will be plentiful and regular, you will be able to run your factories without interruption, jobs will be so plentiful companies will be begging people to work for them, roads, railways and subways will be so good they will be of world class, food will be so plentiful you will have to exercise regularly to keep your weight down, farmers will be paid to produce certain crops and if there is drought they will be paid for their losses, every family will have clean drinking water to drink and bathe and gas to cook their food, recreational facilities will be built in every community and every part of every city, businessmen will take no more than 24 hours to register a business and 2 days to clear and collect their containers from any Biafran port, families will be together, pregnant women and mothers will be well fed and cared for. You can not even begin to imagine how wonderful your life and the lives of your families will be in Biafra.


But you must now stand up and fight for Biafra. You must engage in civil disobedience and non-violent resistance. Oppose, oppose these stupid governments, including the stooges that the Hausa Fulani Yoruba put in our midst. Start now, not tomorrow, any way and every way you can. Never get tired of fighting for your freedom in Biafra.


May God bless all patriotic Biafrans and the sovereign independent state of Biafra!