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 Chicago, IL 60640
 May 28, 2002
"From deep within the coastal marshes of Georgia comes a powerful story of human resistance to oppression."
Dear Ndiigbo and Friends of Ndigbo:
               During the Middle Passage, batches of Igbo slaves, males, females, children, and adults, having disembarked from their ships, turned back and walked into the sea rather than face a life of slavery in America-- South Carolina and Georgia being two of these locations. The locations where these tragedies occurred are called "Ibo Landing"; till date, in fact, African Americans sing a funeral dirge called "Walking in the Water" to commemorate this event. These sites are acknowledged as "Ibo Landing" sites in America.  Ekwe Nche, other Igbo organizations, Igbo-African American organizations, Igbo-Jamaican organizations, Igbo-Haitian organizations and others will be commemorating this occurrence of Igbo hallowed past by dedicating one of the sites and we invite you to please join us.
                      Place:                St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA
                      Tentative Date:  August 30-31, 2002
               Anyone interested in the event should respond to us through our e-mail ( or snail mail, as above, indicating their intention to attend. A detailed program of activities is being prepared which will be sent to individuals and groups planning to attend the event. This is the most important single event Ekwe Nche and her sister Igbo organizations will ever undertake. We must remember that there was no single Igbo community that was not touched by the abomination of the slave trade.
Ekwe Nche Organization.