International Conference on Biafra
October 18th 2003
Greenbelt , Maryland, USA .  



Given the current state of affairs in Nigeria whereby the general population is no longer afraid to show their discontent for General Obasanjo and his regime, the time is ripe to introduce SNC and use it as a vehicle for ratification of the sovereignties of the different nations that live in Nigeria, and a venue for civil negotiations and dialog to deal with all relevant matters.  

Because such discontent is widespread and perpetuating, we should be able to point out to the rest of Nigeria that we all suffer under the burden of Nigeria, and the only way to stop the suffering is by supporting and ratifying the sovereignty of all the nations of peoples currently dwelling in Nigeria, followed by negotiations on matters of mutual concern and interest to the peoples and nations.  

Predictably, General Obasanjo and his government will react with customary insensitivity and usual brutality towards the peoples, which might lead to either unpredictable social upheaval or complete silencing of the peoples in a severely repressive environment. Insisting on, and implementing SNC now will avoid these endpoints and rescue the peoples currently living in Nigeria and will guarantee that at the end of the day, we shall have Biafra just as other peoples will have their own sovereign nations.  

This paper, which is in the format of a News Analysis (prepared for the Voice of Biafra International [VOBI] Broadcasts for October 18, 2003) reviews the situation and describes in detail the workings of SNC, proposes answers to issues that will most certainly arise during discussions and negotiations, and assigns roles and tasks for implementation.  

Oguchi Nkwocha , MD.
Nwa Biafra
A Biafran Citizen
California , USA

October 17, 2003


1)      News Analysis Segment of the Voice of Biafra International [VOBI] Broadcasts for October 18, 2003

2)      Schematic for presentation