From: Ajah Rev S.C []
Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2004 9:41 AM
To: Biafra Foundation

Fellow Biaframs,


To you all, Biafrans, young and old, those at home and those abroad, fellow Jews in Israel, America, Great Britain even at France. I thank you all especially members of Biafra Foundation, Ekwenche and to all Great Massobians all over the world. God our Father bless you all, Amen.


May I gladly and excitedly inform you all from my own report that the “SIT-AT-HOME – EXERCISE” programmed by the authority of Massob on Thursday being 26th August 2004 was “ ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PRECENT” (150%) observed by Biafrans all over Egypt – called and addressed as Nigeria which has been by false. This event forced the entire so called Nigerians to join, as the Easterners observed in totality. It was successful in observation and in compliance. 

We want the world to know that we willingness to sacrifice for the actualization of Biafra State where we’ll not be oppressed, deprived, denied  and intimidated and kill at will and deprived at will, a place for the free world of speech and free from fraud and corruption, which has been  instituted and legalized in Nigeria, further more a place where the house of our God will not be pulled down at will and worshippers young and old killed at will.

Beloved Biafrans and Great Massobians, thank you all and out great fearless, humble, intelligent Chief (Dr) Ralph Uwazuruike with his able wife Chief Lolo Ngozi Uwazuruike and our Biafran father Dim Ojukwu, my thanks goes to members, staff of VOBI and Biafra Foundation even to President Bush of America and his Government. 

Let the peace of God be with you all till the ay we’ll sing in Biafraland which will be soon.


I want to hear, for we are moving fine in Mobilization and the people are willing to go.



Rev. S.C. Ajah

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