From: Benedict Nwikwu []
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 7:00 PM
Subject: application for membership
I Nwikwu Chukwudi from Awka Province and Igbo-ukwu District,wants to register officially at e-net.
I have summitted the form issued to us by my admin. sice last two years.I'm a member of security in my district(igboukwu).
Sir, I'm very impressed by what happened today being 26th August,2004.I will not fail to give you situation report regards on how it happened at Nsukka today 26th because I'm a student.
As from 6.ooam there was no movement of any kind,all the shops were locked,no lecture at UNN all due to compliance of the order .
I just want to tell you that almost all the state at south east complied.
Sir, if there is any part I SHOULD PLAY feel free to say it because we are  many MASSOBIANS here at Nsukka.B.L.F....Freedom. BYE FOR NOW .

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