9/11 Memorial Message




Voice of Biafra


September 11, 2002

Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) and the people of Biafra take this opportunity to express our solidarity with the citizens and Government of the US on the 9/11 memorial. We strongly empathize with them and with all nations and families who lost their loved ones in this most evil act.


The times call for endurance, and we shall endure with them. The times call for “let’s roll” and we shall swing into action with them.


For those misguided haters and envious evil-doers who hide behind enabling convenient interpretations of religious dogma to express their envy, we have one message for you: you have failed woefully in whatever you think you were going to accomplish. The US stands stronger; the peoples are stronger; the peoples exhibit more grace and dignity; so, too, the rest of the world. As such, what you, in your blinded envy, thought you attacked, has only gotten stronger and better; it shall live well, long after you have perished of your own pettiness, envy and machinations..


Arise, then, USA : let’s roll! WE arise with you; we roll with you!



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(Early release; for September 14 2002 broadcast)