The year of Biafra Identity


2004 paradigm for Biafrans...

  "...Dear Sir,
am the son of the soil but no identity i know that you mighty ask Sir "how?" why i say i have no identity is that i am not yet a registered member  of biafra so my question Sir is that how can i be registered as a member?..." -- Applicant for membership to Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF), December 31, 2003.

2004 is all about "registering" our identity as Biafrans--formalizing our God-given identity. 2004 is the year that we begin to show that we truly are Biafrans, and to be proud of our Biafran heritage. "We are nothing if not Biafrans."

2004 message for Biafrans...

We start with the 2004 New Year Message to our people, The people and Nation of Biafra. We remind all and sundry of the true account of events of 1966 - 1970, and beyond. The distortions and lies propagated by Nigeria about this epoch must be corrected. How far has Nigeria gone into this field of deliberate disinformation? Well, Nigeria has gone as far as even trying to expunge the name, "Bight of Biafra" from the maps of the region. Nigeria forgets that the name, "Biafra" and the designation, "Bight of Biafra" preceded the name, "Nigeria" by almost 300 years.

Having set history right, the message calls on our people to be ready to accept and accommodate the destiny of Biafra as an actualized Sovereign Independent Nation--our heritage and our homeland--starting this year, 2004. The guiding Principles of Biafra are clearly stated therein.

Travel Advisory against Nigeria...

Right on schedule, reflecting the overall reality of the hellish existence in Nigeria, the US "Travel Warning" issued on December 29, 2003, on Nigeria, effective for the year 2004 until a new travel advisory is posted, validates our issues with Nigeria. Can anything change for the better in Nigeria? We think not. Things always get worse in Nigeria, even when common sense says they couldn't get worse. But, we are not hanging around to find out. We are moving ahead with Biafra actualization.

Taliban Nigeria...

Have you ever heard of the Taliban Nigeria Movement? Well, they declared themselves quickly and made their presence known by the second day of the year in  Northeastern Nigeria States. Ironically, Nigerian "Talibanism" is their reaction to:

"The [Nigerian] society, to them, is so mired in moral and political poverty that the best thing for a devout Muslim was to migrate out of the sins and the corruption to a place or society where Islamic justice, lawful means of livelihood obtain..."

This, "...In addition to numerous [Nigerian] national problems of fuel scarcity, poverty, banditry, unemployment and ecological dangers..."

Goal: "...Among the issues they raised were their plan to ‘curve out’ the areas around Kanamma, Yunusari and Toshiya out of Nigeria and to bring them under the control of an Islamic state, to place the areas under the leadership of Mullah Umar,.."

The International community stands idle while all the red flags are going up in Nigeria. When will the International community herself learn: the Ostrich mentality never works?

 What can the International community do this year--today?

1) Stop pretending that Nigeria is okay.
2) Stop supporting and condoning one-Nigeria and the present structure of Nigeria
3) Compel Nigeria to face reality now, and call a Sovereign National Conference so that the nations that currently reside in Nigeria can mutually ratify and recognize each their respective nation's independence and sover
eignty, and thus correctly empowered, come to a meeting to decide on terms of inter-national co-existence as sovereign nations.

Biafra is going to leave Nigeria. The Yoruba, (Oodua) too, have contingent plans to leave Nigeria. The Delta also want out of Nigeria. Now, the Northeast are using armed insurrection to place Nigeria on notice that they cannot wait to opt out of Nigeria, in favor of a Taliban-style government. Prior to that, much of the North has existed in an Islamic, de facto "sovereignized" nation where Sharia, rather than the Nigerian laws, is supreme.

What is the World waiting for? Living skeletons, bullet-ridden flesh, flowing blood and burning cities? Even in this epoch--in this, the 21st Century? It would be a shame!

General Obasanjo, "Enemy of the People"...

It's still January... General Obasanjo has essentially been branded an enemy of the peoples living in Nigeria, an enemy of "Democracy in Nigeria" (an oxymoron). It is all due to General Obasanjo's anti=people, hare-brained autocratic policies which by decree cannot be criticized (read: debated or challenged) by the so-called elected officials of the so-called National Assembly of Nigeria. It is now left to the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) to be the defender of the last resort of the peoples living in Nigeria, and the only tool the NLC has at its disposal is Labor Strikes. True to character, General Obasanjo is now using the High Court system, which seats and acts at his pleasure, to stop the NLC. 

Meanwhile, open condemnations of General Obasanjo and his policies pour in: Danjuma Umar, Nas, Ojukwu, and even prominent Yoruba leaders speak up and against the General and his government. "Anti-people government" is the well-deserved label of the day, as are "anti-democratic," "dictatorship," "one-man, one-party dictatorship" and others.

Lately, "unconstitutionality" has been added to the offenses of General Obasanjo and his government as many examples are cited and pointed out these days of his deliberate policies and actions in clear violation of the so-called constitution of Nigeria. The so-called Attorney General of the Federation is so incompetent as to even detect these, and so impotent to do anything about the offenses, but cowardly enough to be a sycophant and mouthpiece of the General. The National Assembly which should have by now been impeaching General Obasanjo for these constitutional infractions are looking the other way, when not too busy taking care of other business, such as divvying up bribe-money.

Axis of Evil--Nigeria justifies voluntarily joining...

All by himself, and dragging Nigeria with him and his government, General Obasanjo places Nigeria in the "Axis of Evil" by openly romancing North Korea and working on acquiring Missile Technology. Can you believe this? It is only January. 

In slow motion, we all watch Nigeria traveling fast down the "Road to Perdition," with Obasanjo at the helm, impelling, goading, coaching, pushing, pulling, spurring, coaxing, and coercing hapless, defenseless peoples along the way to their destruction.

So we ask again, regarding Nigeria:  What can the International community do this year--today? We Biafrans are not going to allow this to happen to us. We are continuing our efforts to actualize our Sovereign Nation and extricate ourselves from the madness of Nigeria, the mind-boggling madness in Nigeria. Prudence, practicality, and survival inform and dictate our plan and action. We sincerely hope that other Nations living in Nigeria will do the same for their own sake, but we are not going to wait around to see if they do so or not.

We trust that the International community will decide to act with wisdom, in a timely manner, to provide an enabling atmosphere for mortally trapped Nations to escape from the inevitable fate of Nigeria.

All this, and the month is just January!

Deteriorating security in Nigeria: the governors are scared stiff...

February brought Nigeria into the crosshairs of the barrel of violence as security deteriorated much further and much faster. This time, high government and party officials were victimized in relatively higher proportions (while the usual attacks on the hapless "other rank" and file peoples suffering in [the term, "living in" being no longer applicable] in Nigeria continued unabated).

So bad and bloody did it get that by the first week of March, one of the Nigerian State Governors was forced to lament that if the government officials who lived and traveled with formidable security details could be attacked and killed with such ferocity and brazenness, even in broad daylight, what chance did the ordinary person have in Nigeria?

What is the reaction? Typically, the effete high ranking Police issue vows to apprehend the criminals. Truth be told, they have never succeeded in apprehending any killer-criminals involved in crimes of this nature. Predictably, the government summons an emergency meeting on the issue, but no specific or forward-thinking plans have emerged, except for the usual vowing to prosecute the criminals. Truth be told, the government and its leader, General Obasanjo, have been actively shielding violent criminals and interfering with their lawful arrest and prosecution in Nigerian courts, and many judges have spoken up about this.  As for other reactions, check out the letter presumably written by one of the governors revealing the source of the threat to his own life, and his inane reasoning.

How are the peoples suffering in Nigeria reacting? Besides being numb, they actually hold "Thanksgiving Ceremonies"--often religious--to thank (God?) when one person survives an attack that has claimed numerous other lives. Imagine the madness: attackers and marauders show up, mercilessly, senselessly, recklessly and wantonly kill any number of innocent persons. If perhaps one person survives the attack, it becomes a cause to summon an occasion to lavish thanksgiving and praise for ??? Does that not complete the sad and sorrowful picture of a hapless, hopeless, helpless and beaten peoples? You be the judge.

Once again, we would like to prick the conscience of the International community. Predictably, the most expedient response might be for the powers that be to decide to send in International police and security reinforcement directly or indirectly to try to bolster the nothing that is currently operative in Nigeria at this time. This would be a huge mistake. And, predictably, General Obasanjo and his evil government may declare a national State of Emergency in the whole of Nigeria, thereby formalizing and legalizing the continued dictatorial rule of General Obasanjo--another huge mistake, even more huge if the International community acquiesces.

Once again, we offer the plan for the solution, based on the realities of the condition called Nigeria, realities regarding which Nigeria and the rest of the world choose to remain in denial.

The structure of one-Nigeria makes it impossible for anything good to be sustained in Nigeria, but it also guarantees that anything bad has no chance or hope of rectification. In the simplest technocratic language, Nigeria is a behemoth of a sick system of dysfunctional parts continuing on a downward spiral of malfunction and self-destruction, where futile and half-hearted attempts are made at shoring up this or that part out of a needy zillion parts, in the face of overwhelming, overpowering, and paralyzing realities.

Thus, we recommend what we have always recommended: SEPARATION OF NIGERIA INTO ITS CONSTITUENT NATIONS where such nations are sovereign and independent. We realized that this is the only solution that is going to work; for that reason, we are unwavering in our pursuit of the actualization of the sovereign, independent Nation of Biafra.

With regards, specifically, to the ongoing security implosion and threat in Nigeria, consider that all security forces are centralized--not even "federalized"! and are under the control of one man, who happens to be a dictator--General Obasanjo. That is what the structure of one-Nigeria guarantees and enforces. Wouldn't a regional Police and Security arrangement work better? When those "regions" correspond to the Nations alluded to above--Nations presently suffering in one-Nigeria--don't you see hope? We do. One-Nigeria leads straight to death and decay. Individual National Sovereignty and Independence is the answer. We trust that the International community will come around either to adopt, accept, or acknowledge this paradigm.

"Justifiable" paranoia: Coup Scare...

Call it "March madness" or "April's fool," but as March turned into April, a new (but familiar) "plague" visited the teetering unworkable complex called Nigeria. Keep in mind, this piled on top of all other ongoing problems. General Obasanjo mobilized the Military and the Police, and the notorious, feared, brutal Security agency against what he himself called a national "security breach" which is interpreted as a "military coup" in-the-making by the rest of the peoples suffering in Nigeria. Soon, the Courts of law in Nigeria will be manipulated into Obasanjo's paranoia. The only surprise is that Obasanjo has not declared a state-of-emergency in Nigeria. But, he really does not have to: he can do (and has done) whatever he pleases, without challenge. 

And, why not a coup? All civil and civilized means of challenging the anti-people dictatorship of Obasanjo who is also head of the now one-party system of Nigeria have been frustrated by Obasanjo himself personally. He brands any opposition as enemies of democracy, and accuses any challenge of "truncating nascent democracy in Nigeria." He has thus far succeeded in pocketing the Judiciary, using the system to get his ways, by intimidating, threatening (and following through) and shuffling judges around. in such a manner as to obtain legal backing for his challenged plans. He controls the Military, and has at one time  personally ordered units to effect the detention of law-abiding persons (including governors) attending a social event, just because one of his sycophants asked him to. This is how much control he has, and how far he can go. The Police which does not function at all will spring into action at Obasanjo's bidding, because the head of the Police is beholden to him; and he can authorize special pay for the rank-and-file who are not used to receiving any remunerations at all for their services for months on end. 

It does not stop there: having neutralized, silenced or pocketed the Military, the Police / Security forces, and the Judiciary, Obasanjo would still have to face the National Assembly made up of the so-called Senate and so-called House of Representatives. But, this is the easiest part of his machinations. The so-called Senate President is a spineless sycophant who defrauded his way into office with the support of Obasanjo. He also remembers the fate of previous Senate Presidents at the hands of Obasanjo who made sure that they were defamed, disgraced and replaced at the moment they tried to discharge their duties with independence from Obasanjo.  The so-called Senate becomes a rubberstamp body for Obasanjo. The so-called house of Assembly is not much better; there, members most of whom were rigged into offices or appointed by their godfathers (just like their colleagues in the Senate) do not even know what the constitution says even regarding their own duties, not to speak of the President's. In all, the National Assembly is a toothless non-entity whose members are there for perks and money and personal power, and have not done a single thing to work for the rights of the hapless peoples suffering in Nigeria.

The last institution standing between Obasanjo's sociopolitical wrecking machine / dictatorship and the peoples suffering in Nigeria is organized labor / unions. The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) took a stand and tried to use the instrument of work-strikes to challenge Obasanjo's anti-people policies. Using intimidation, bribery, meddling, divide-and-conquer, imprisonment, threats and accusations, Obasanjo almost neutralized NLC. Then, Obasanjo played his ace--using the biased Judiciary system to stop NLC completely. So, what is left?

As odious as a coup may seem, there appears to be no other way for injured, weakened, suffocated, suffering, comatose masses living in Nigeria to seek redress and remedy. A military putsch appears logical--until you remember history--the history of Nigeria, that is. Every Savior turns into an oppressor, and every salvation turns into slavery, into a burdensome curse, in time (and that time is usually short). Why?

The reason is what we have been trying to tell you. As structured, nothing will work in Nigeria--one-Nigeria. One-Nigeria is a structure that enables this dysfunction, malfeasance, non-feasance; it is a structure that brings out the worst in so-called leaders and rewards the peoples with harshness, poverty, despondency, haplessness and oppression. Death and destruction is the ultimate fate of such a structure; but, it will take the peoples along with it. Unless we, the peoples. break that structure--now, before it breaks all of us.

Coup scare this month: what's next? How long will this continue? We can solve this problem: stop one-Nigeria. Biafra actualization will certainly do that, and we are fully dedicated to this solution.

It's only mid-April!

May is for "May-hem" and "May-nia" in Nigeria

Well, coup-scare turned into confirmed (by Obasanjo and his government) coup-plotting and arrests were made. But, a real coup took place when in May Obasanjo declared a State of Emergency in Plateau State, and then, proceeded to sack the Plateau State governor, the Deputy governor, and the State Assembly: there is no constitutional allowance for these latter actions. Then Obasanjo went further: he installed a military man as the Sole Administrator of the state. But, he did not stop there. He threatened other state governors with the same treatment if the governors failed to restore peace in their states. While he was busy doing that, his newly installed military Sole Administrator was also busy, intimidating, cowing and threatening the people of Plateau with the threat of meting to them the same treatment which the Nigerian Military meted to a hapless town in the South called Odi (follow link) in November of 1999, under orders by Obasanjo, an act of infamy and a huge blemish against the Nigerian Military.

The ensuing political furor ignited by, and over, such flagrant unconstitutional acts by no other than the President of Nigeria himself drove many political activists in Nigeria to seriously demand a Sovereign National Conference, without waiting for the pre-approval of Obasanjo and his government. A Sovereign National Conference was the only other peaceful / orderly process to deal with this clearly out-of-order, out-of-hand loose cannon of a President who had also cowed the National Assembly into submission, as evidenced by votes in the Senate and House of Assembly  with an overwhelming majority approving of these unconstitutional acts, proving the obvious, and or indicating that members of the National Assembly have no clue at all as to what the constitution states regarding these matters. Thus, the peoples, including political activists, legal luminaries and elite have finally and totally lost confidence in Obasanjo, his government, the "elected" officials, and most likely, the judiciary, too, which is known to be under Obasanjo's total control. And, the peoples are willing to express such loss of confidence.

What precipitated the new crisis? Well, this is a case of "Man-bites-dog..." For over 5 years--since Obasanjo came into power-- the Muslims in Northern Nigeria have waged a bloody campaign of terror, murder, destruction of property, and dispossession of  non-Muslims in the North--which translates to Christians, which is mostly Biafrans. These attacks coincide with the rise of Sharia and the push to replace the culture and the law of federal Nigeria with Sharia in any state with a substantial Muslim indigenous population. Empowered and encouraged by their state governments, and enabled by a supportive, or at best an acquiescent federal government of Nigeria, the orgy of killing and destruction of innocent non-Muslims and their property in Northern Nigeria by Muslims became a predictable cyclical, habitual event. So much so that the Press came to mention it in a demoted bottom paragraph with a canned insensitive verbiage that suggested "common, perhaps unimportant events" and thus failed to challenge such regular occurrences. So much so that the non-Muslims in the region lived in perpetual fear, knowing that the attacks would certainly come, but not knowing which Friday after-Muslim prayer this would occur on. Meanwhile, the Federal Government did nothing; often, would-be victims who took refuge in Police Stations (Federal Institutions) were dragged out and murdered by Muslims while the Police did nothing, looked on or fled.

Well, one day in May, the Christian Northerners in a village in Plateau State retaliated against the Muslim-Northerners for a February attack that received the usual one bottom-paragraph bored coverage in the media, back in February. This May counter-attack by Christians was massive, with casualties in the hundreds. The Press finally woke up. .When Muslims learned of this event which occurred in Plateau State, they organized a protest march in Kano, during which they fell upon innocent and unsuspecting Christians living in Kano to avenge their Muslim brethren in Plateau State. This reprisal attack was also massive.

As usual, Obasanjo was slow on the take, failing to appreciate the gravity of what was going on (which is typical. Recall, he used to think that Sharia would go away. And he used to tell the World Press that he was not concerned about violence in Nigeria. This is all on record). When he finally got the picture, Obasanjo in sham self-righteous indignation was to insult the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Plateau, in such an un-statesman-like act that would make Idi Amin look like a saintly diplomat. Then, without waiting for the Plateau State governor to request it, Obasanjo declared a state of Emergency in that state, and proceeded with the rest of the unconstitutional acts recounted above. He was responding to the ultimatum issued to him by the Northern Muslims to do something against the Christians in Plateau, or face sociopolitical disruptions  Keep in mind that by now, Plateau was quiet. It was the unjustified mayhem perpetrated by Muslims against the Christians in Kano, as reprisal for the events in Plateau which was finally sending moral seismic waves among the peoples suffering in Nigeria. But, Obasanjo failed to do something about the Muslims in Kano, nor did he declare a state of emergency there. He instead picked on Plateau. In so doing, he had validated what is common knowledge: Obasanjo is so afraid of Northern Muslims that he goes out of his way to protect them, does nothing to challenge them, even when it is quite clear that the Muslim North is destroying whatever there is left of the non-existent unity in Nigeria. But, when it comes to the former Eastern region, he is too quick to pick on Biafrans and other Christians, using everything that is available to an unchecked bully.

As May draws to a close, the talk of a Sovereign National Conference is heavy in the air. Even the Northern Muslim leaders of the Kano march ask for a Sovereign National conference as the only way forward, with all its full implications. But Obasanjo and his cronies are opposed to this, making a pathetically foolish argument about the role of the elected government and its being the proper avenue to seek lasting redress. He conveniently forgets, or is in total denial about the fact, that he and his government are not working at all, are not working out for the peoples, and have failed the peoples living in Nigeria. The current government is designed as an Obasanjo-dictatorship and autocracy, a military government masked as a "democracy," a regime and its leader who have intimidated the Senate, the House of Assembly, the Judiciary, the Civil service and the National  Labor Union  into submission, using the Military, Police, and Killer-squads know as the State Security agents And who could forget that this government massively and openly rigged its way into governance during the elections of 2003? It was so bad that last month, for the Local Government Agency elections, less than 25% of the voters showed up indicating a loss of faith in the electoral process (which, nevertheless, and in a final irony,  did not even prevent more open rigging either). Maybe Obasanjo will, but the peoples living in Nigeria won't forget; and all the events happening now in Nigeria will not let anyone forget.

What a "May-ess"!

Pyrrhic victory for Obasanjo: de-fanging the last defense (Nigeria Labor Congress, NLC) between the peoples and Obasanjo's anti-people policies and dictatorship

Nigeria fared no better in June, and Obasanjo's woes were not lessened. With the backing of most major labor groups. NLC (Nigeria Labor Congress) successfully initiated a strike in spite of usual government delay tactics which traditionally includes court actions. The strike was in protest against continuing fuel price hikes. Obasanjo had earlier justified "deregulation" of fuel market on the illusion that such would make fuel more available and more affordable to the average person living and suffering in Nigeria. Well, predictably, none of that happened, as fuel became scarce but mostly unaffordable. Contrary to promises, theory, principles and spirit of market economy and civilized business practices,  following so-called deregulation, the fuel dealers fixed prices in collusion, with one another and these prices were much higher. Apparently, the price-fixing was supported directly or indirectly by the same Obasanjo government that pushed deregulation and market forces on the hapless peoples living in Nigeria.

Although the initial phase of the strike was a complete success, NLC quit too soon, without real evidence that the other part(ies) would abide by the same court rulings rolling back the price of fuel and asking for the strike to stop. Moreover, Obasanjo followed up by trying to push a bill that would fragment and emasculate NLC so as to nullify its popular power. Knowing the nature of the National Assembly and its membership (rubber-stamp body whose members are beholden to Obasanjo personally, and to the PDP machinery controlled by him also) it is fair to assume that he will succeed.

It must be understood that NLC hitherto fore has been the last defensive trench between the machinery of peoples' oppression driven personally by Obasanjo using the vehicle of anti-people policies and his PDP  "ownership."  The National Assembly was not only weak, but had turned sycophants, and were only interested in personal perks of office; in any case, any token opposition to Obasanjo's anti-peoples policy was either ignored with impunity by Obasanjo or beaten back into submission by Obasanjo's onslaught. The Judiciary would not risk any anything--personal, professional, moral or otherwise--if it meant standing up to Obasanjo and his illegal acts. Rather, the Judiciary was outrightly bought when not just ignored; the rest of the time, the members were threatened physically or otherwise by Obasanjo's operatives using the power and authority of government. The Attorney General and office. were serving Obasanjo's personal and private interests rather than defending the peoples based on the "law of the land," there being only one law for them now--Obasanjo's law, and it was anti-people. In other countries, the Press would speak up and out; but not in Nigeria. Given all the above, the actions of NLC and results thereof--or lack--were very significant for the welfare of the hapless peoples living and suffering in Nigeria.

With the strike over, the fuel prices still higher, the NLC confounded, and facing possible forced break-up, the road is now clear for Obasanjo to run over and roll over the peoples living and suffering in Nigeria--without any further serious opposition.  We see an Obasanjo who is evidently proud of his doings. How many times does the same history repeat itself? Prior to the fall of regimes and dictators,  the latter always appear to be on top of the world, heady, arrogant and self-confident.

As NLC fades away, the Sovereign National Conference is picking up steam, and Obasanjo is worried. He is worried because the organizers of the Sovereign National Conference are now exercising their right to proceed without the blessing or support of Obasanjo and his government--in fact, in spite of strong, expressed opposition by the latter. There is still a lot of flak from Obasanjo's earlier unconstitutional act of sacking a state governor and that state's deputy governor and house of assembly.

The spring is still being compressed, loaded with the anger, the angst, and the unpredictability of a desperate population wronged and oppressed by the government and so-called leadership who have shown no sensitivity to the true plight of the peoples, never mind sensibility.  If the spring is being loaded, Obasanjo is oblivious, making statements like "...any Nigerian not willing to die for his country should leave Nigeria..." to which the response by the peoples has been overwhelmingly something like, "Fine! with us." But, they are mostly angry that Obasanjo and his government are so out of touch with the reality of the life-turned-into-hardship of the masses living and suffering in Nigeria. Yes, the spring is being loaded.

That's June.

In July, it's post 9/11 Eye-opener

"...In the 585-page final report of the Commission that looked into the >Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, released just this afternoon, "Nigeria" is mentioned in three places: on pgs. 75, 383, and 392:.
Page 75: "Al Qaeda also established cooperative but less formal relationships with other extremist groups from... the African states of Chad, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Uganda."
Page 383: "In talking with American and foreign government officials and military officers on the front lines fighting terrorists today, we asked them: If you were a terrorist leader today, where would you locate your base?  Some of the same places came up again and again on their lists: .... West Africa, including Nigeria and Mali...."

Of course, what did you expect? It is because Western powers have been supporting the current structure of Nigeria which gives undue and unmerited ruling power to the Muslims in Northern Nigeria, that makes it possible for Nigeria to exist and operate as a de facto "Muslim country," the type of country that bin Laden-type terrorists can exploit. You wouldn't think or know that Nigeria is evenly split between Christians and Muslims, to see how it is run and to see who has control of the so-called country. In fact, the Muslim Military rulers of Nigeria signed up Nigeria as a member of the OIC--Organization of Islamic Conference--without even bothering to ask the Christian South about it. All that the Christians could do afterwards was sulk, being totally afraid of the fiery Muslims and the Muslim strongmen who manhandled Nigeria and her affairs for so long. Nigeria is a Muslim country.

The Western powers continue to make a mistake. By supporting the forced structure of one-Nigeria, instead of letting Nigeria break up naturally into workable units, the West only makes possible and only legitimizes continued Muslim domination of Christians, and continued Muslim total control of Nigeria. Northern Nigerian Muslims make no secret of their hatred for the US and the Western culture. They have also expressed their full support for bin Laden. Thanks to the Western powers, the Northern Nigerian Muslims have full access and control to the Oil resources in Southeastern Christian part of Nigeria. The forced conquest is thus complete: the Northern Muslims have the power and the money in Nigeria. And they love bin Laden.

By the first week of August, the "smoking gun" of sorts was reported by a local Nigerian Newspaper:

"'...Suspect links Nigerian e-mail address to Al-Qaeda...'

A suspected Osama bin Laden aide, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, was arrested in Pakistan recently. Two major U.S. Cable News Networks (CNN) have reported Khan as disclosing that the Al-Qaeda uses web sites and e-mail addresses in Nigeria, Turkey and Pakistan for communication purposes among the terrorists network.

There had recently been reports that traced the movements of some Al-Qaeda suspects to travels and brief stays in the northern part of Nigeria...."--The Guardian, August 5, 2004.

A little later, General Obasanjo was to announce to the public at large that the Nigerian Police was engaged in "guns for hire," program, supplying arms and ammunition to armed robbers and other "private armies" in Nigeria for a price. This came as no surprise; the peoples all along knew that the Nigerian Police, when not committing armed robbery by itself, was in cahoots with the marauders. The only surprise was that the head of the Nigerian Police, the Inspector General (IG), Balogun, did not resign nor was he sacked.. And, since General Obasanjo has resisted every recommendation to de-federalize (regionalize) the Police, and as such, is therefore the ultimate head of the Police Force, he should have naturally taken some blame. But, not he!  He and the IG just went on merrily as if nothing had happened! Only in Nigeria could this travesty and crime be allowed to stand without prosecution, without accountability, and without challenge---and be forgotten so soon.

Not at all surprising!

August 26: the Biafrans are back in charge of their own destiny...

We started this page, 2004, by declaring it "The year of Biafra Identity..." Little did we know then how August 26 was to prove us right, and was to cement this identity. MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra), a non-violent  organization, and its leadership under Ralph Uwazurike, called on all Biafrans to stay home on Thursday, August 26 2004, as a mark of protest and civil disobedience, and to call the attention of the world to the plight of Biafrans in Nigeria, to the commitment of Biafrans to actualize the Sovereignty of Biafra, completely independent of, and separate from Nigeria. The rest of the peoples of Nigeria and the Nigerian government itself paid no attention. Neither did the puppet-state governments of Nigeria in Biafraland. Besides, the Igbo are not known for unity of purpose and mass action of the sort, especially since there was personal financially penalty for closing Biafran shops and Biafran services.

In the days leading to, and just prior to, August 26, the Nigerian Police flooded Biafraland with armed personnel and propaganda, ordering people not to obey the sit-at-home call. A few state governors in Biafraland lent their voice, asking the citizens not to comply with the sit-in. Some one-Nigerian Igbo persons even used the argument that such an action could scuttle the chances of the Presidency of Nigeria going to an Igbo come 2007. Others called MASSOB a "fringe" organization, and questioned the qualifications of Ralph Uwazurike to lead the Igbo in such an act.

Then, August 26 came around, and what a stunning victory for MASSOB/BLF, its leadership, Ralph Uwazurike, and most of all, for all Igbo and Biafrans. On that day, compliance with the stay-at-home civil disobedience act was complete--yes, total--in all of  Biafraland. The entire region was shut down. In Lagos and many major cities of Northern Nigeria where Igbo-Biafrans provide commercial and other services, business was reported paralyzed, almost crippled. No one, perhaps, not even Ralph Uwazurike himself, had anticipated the completeness of the response.

In Biafraland, transportation services, commercial services including banking, and trading were all suspended on August 26. Civil service, schools, offices--everything, was shut down. The streets were deserted, save for groups of children playing street-soccer in places--and heavily armed police not encountering any persons. The government offices were devoid of workers, as they, too, stayed home. Many homes flew the Biafran flag, as did their city centers.

In their homes, young and old celebrated their Biafran heritage, and savored their act of defiance and civil disobedience against an oppressive and insensitive Nigerian government and society and their anti-Biafra agenda. Biafra lore, tradition and culture were being taught and shared in Biafran homes, and Biafrans exuded  pride of belonging--pride in being Biafran.

By the following day and in subsequent days, the implications of August 26 were beginning to dawn on Nigeria. Nigerian newspaper headlines finally admitted what they had initially relegated to subsections, since it had been their customary practice to treat as unimportant events in Igboland especially, and to shun anything Biafran in particular--save when it is spectacularly negative. Foreign government representatives also took notice, though experience has taught them never to say anything since otherwise Nigeria would accuse them of trying to destabilize her. Never before had any act of the sort commanded one hundred percent compliance from the target population, and there was no coercion, and no violence. Never before had any effect resulting from actions of the sort been so deep, so complete, so total and so spectacular!

On August 26, 2004, the Igbo, in its Biafran agenda, finally reminded Nigeria why the Igbo are so envied and so feared. After all, is it not such fear that drives the open and determined anti-Igbo and anti-Biafran policies of Nigeria today? August 26 reminded everyone that the Igbo and all Biafrans can act as one, in unity, regardless of the penalty, with decisive and stunning, if not devastating, effectiveness.

On August 26, Biafrans gave notice to Nigeria that Biafrans want Biafra, not Nigeria. Biafrans reminded Nigeria that they are Biafrans, not Nigerians. Biafrans on that day sent a clear message to Nigeria that Biafrans will do whatever is necessary, whenever called upon, to assert their Biafra-ness. In a dramatic way, Biafrans corrected Nigerians in their previous erroneous thinking by making it clear that it is only Biafrans who are in control of the destiny of Biafra. It is the same message that Biafra sent out to the world at large on and by August 26.

August 26 showed who is not in charge in Biafraland: no, the Nigerian-PDP appointed state-puppet governors are not in charge, nor are their effete administrations. The Nigerian Police has committed every crime imaginable against MASSOB and against all Biafrans while occupying Biafraland: yes, they occupy Biafraland by force, but the Nigerian Police is not in charge of Biafra and not in charge in Biafra.

August 26 was functionally a referendum. Igbo people and other Biafrans said that they support MASSOB and their leadership and Ralph Uwazurike as their leader. Igbo people and other Biafrans adopt and support the non-violent agenda of Biafra actualization being pursued by MASSOB on their behalf. All Biafrans are ready to act in unison to actualize Biafra.

When finally the Nigerian government could react after the shock of August 26, predictably (through its Attorney General) it accused MASSOB of Treason. What a travesty!  Of course, no one can accuse Nigeria or its leaders of possessing vision. The best compliment to be paid to them is Hypocrisy with a capital "H". Now, if Nigeria indeed marches down this "path of treason," there will be more shocking developments having to do with the alacrity with which Biafra sovereignty is achieved.

August 26 is eternal. The events of that day and the implications thereof have become etched in the spirit, the soul, the psyche and the persona of the Biafra Nation and its Biafran people. Everyday in the life of a Biafran is now August 26.

2004 has in fact proved to be the year of the rediscovery of the Biafra identity. Judging by August 26, Biafrans surprised even themselves by how deep they are rooted in "Biafranism," and how committed they are to actualizing Biafra.

August 26 changes everything!

Biafra--the buzz-word in Nigeria

The stunning effect of August 26 on Nigeria is indescribable. Like someone recovering from a seizure; like someone recovering from a severe head punch, Nigeria slowly woke up and suddenly understood the meaning of what Biafrans did on August 26. It is now September. Nigeria's reaction was predictable: brutish, mindless, wicked and high-handed. Nigeria charged MASSOB members with treason, and went on a rampage arresting MASSOB members and putting them in detention or jail without charge and trial. The so-called Attorney-General of Nigeria got into the act, as did the Vice President of Nigeria. The former shamelessly tried to rationalize the double standard applied to MASSOB when compared to a known terrorist organization arising from and operating in his section of Nigeria--it was an unprofessional act, but he stuck with it--to his own judgment. The latter, the Vice President, went on to insult Biafra and the people of Biafra with derogatory, arrogant and inflammatory statements, ending up making a fool of himself when, during a speech at the opening of a Newspaper outfit, he actually told them that freedom of the press meant that the press should report the views of the government, and nothing else--like Biafra, for example--in the interest of national security and survival--imagine that! He reminded them of the good old days when the name, Biafra, was never mentioned in the Nigeria press, and lamented that now, Biafra is in the news daily; thus, he exhorted the press to revert to the old ways and not mention Biafra any more. Such was the effect of August 26.

And, it was not to end there. When Dim Ojukwu made a statement that he is in support of MASSOB and August 26, the feared, murderous, inscrutable Nigerian SSS "invited" him for questioning, giving him a one-way ticket, with the unmistakable symbolism of a one-way trip to SSS incarceration from where he would never return--not alive, anyway. A firestorm was thus spawned in Nigeria as prominent citizens spoke up and came in defense of Dim Ojukwu's civil right of freedom of speech. In the ensuing events, the arrogance and one-track wrong-mindedness of the Nigeria SSS was made quite evident to the peoples of Nigeria, who, still very much terror-stricken, still tremble on hearing the name, SSS. None--not even the Press--challenged the continued arrogant, illegal actions and inscrutability of the SSS exhibited for the entire world to see, brought out by the aftermath of August 26.

In the midst of all this, it appeared that the peoples fated to live and suffer in Nigeria began to understand how much of their civil liberty was taken away by the current Obasanjo administration--a so-called civilian administration--which used the armed services of Nigeria, centralized under the direct and personal command of Obasanjo, to enforce the systematic and consistent denial of the civil rights of the peoples. These armed services include the Police under the over-eager-to-please-Obasanjo Inspector General of the Police; the Mobile Police--a "kill-and-go" unit as it came to be known by the peoples;  the aforementioned SSS; and plain clothes government sponsored hit-squads, and who knows how many other murderous formations deployed for the same reason. Thus, it dawned on all that this is no democracy, and it is worse than a military government.

Beyond what it did for Biafra, August 26 opened the eyes of those engaged in trying to defend their civil rights against a dictatorial regime. August 26 taught them that there are other powerful ways to fight the government while minimizing exposure to the murderous intent, mechanisms and armamentarium of the government. For example, another nation-wide strike was being planned because of more increases in the price of fuel (sound familiar?); this time, the Nigeria  Labor Congress (NLC) would use a stay-at-home-no-rally-no-protest marches strategy for the planned October strike. This was modeled after August 26 exactly.

August 26 also is being used in another way. Obasanjo and his government branded MASSOB members, the architect of August 26, "rebels" and charged them with treason, although MASSOB is a non-violent organization, and August 26 is a perfect reflection of that. On the other hand, an armed group has threatened war against Nigeria if the government does not convene a Sovereign National Conference to enable and ratify the group's autonomy; the same group threatened all foreigners, warning them, for their own security, to leave its region  where many of the oil fields are located. Everyone is watching with keen interest to see how Obasanjo deals with this. He has charged a non-violent group with treason; what is he going to do with a group that has practically declared war against his regime?

What a September! And, it sets up October so nicely, so ominously!


MASSOB 53--or, Double Standards against Biafra

October brought the answer to the question asked by the end of September: how would Obasanjo respond to an armed group which declared war on Nigeria and threatened foreign workers associated with oil companies, as compared to how he has reacted to non-violent MASSOB? Was the answer predictable? Yes-oh, yes!

While Obasanjo sent military vehicles with the notoriously brutal troops aptly known by the peoples living and suffering in Nigeria as the "kill-and-go" squad, along with other Nigeria state security operatives, to kill MASSOB members and / or arrest them on sight, to destroy MASSOB property with loathe and impunity, he sent his presidential jet to shuttle the armed group leaders to and from the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, with complete red carpet treatment befitting diplomatic functionaries of a respected foreign country. Then, Obasanjo sat down at the table, and negotiated with the armed group's leaders.

 In a revealing and remarkable show of not just double-standard, but also of loathe and lack of respect for the people of the nation of Biafra, while 0basanjo and his government were wining and dining the armed, fighting "rebel" group's leaders and negotiating with them, the Nigeria Police, under Obasanjo's strict orders, were displaying with much glee and pride their latest "prize"-catch: 53 persons of Igbo-Biafran extraction whose crime was "treason" against the State of Nigeria, of which the offending act consisted of these 53 persons (of all ages and genders, some even pregnant) being present in a soccer stadium in Lagos state, either playing in, or being spectators at, a soccer tournament where the tournament prize is a Cup--the Uwazurike Cup--named after Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB.  The Nigerian Police proudly displayed to the Nigerian media the weapons used by this group to commit Treason against Nigeria: a few Biafran flags. No AK-47 rifles. No grenades or home-made bombs.  No pistols. No machetes. No disguising facemasks.  Not even propaganda leaflets. The soccer crowd was not unruly, was not rallying, was not disturbing anyone: all they were doing was playing and enjoying a soccer tournament, in a stadium. The Police made a lot of noise about how they were tipped off regarding the event. It was quite a tip-off. The "secretive" organizers of the tournament correspond with FIFA. The "secret" soccer event itself had been advertised with leaflets all over Lagos state, and beyond, to all soccer-loving people. The same "secret" event had been announced on Internet email forums and by mass email beforehand. In fact, the original date for the event had been postponed once, with mass mailing and leaflet distribution to update the schedule.

As if to underscore this unbelievable travesty of justice, it took well over a week of detention in incredibly inhumane jail conditions before the charges against the 53 were brought to court where the presiding judge remanded the 53 to jail pending bail-hearing. Bail-hearing came more than 6 long weeks later, and was postponed unresolved for at least another 3 weeks or so; at the time of this writing, the 53 are still in jail. Including 2 pregnant young women. And, an elderly man whose age was reduced on purpose by the booking Police in order to deny him the right granted to those over 80 from such detention. 

Thus, General Obasanjo exposed the underbelly of this monster-reptile whose sole reason-to-be is to destroy and devour the nation of Biafra, using Nigeria state-sponsored, state-initiated and state-executed policies to systematically dehumanize, humiliate, persecute, torment and annihilate Biafrans; doing so in broad daylight, with arrogance, with relish, with glee and with loathe, with imperial impunity, having no qualms about publicly applying double-standards in order to continue the ongoing annihilation and punishment of Biafrans, whether such are members of MASSOB or not. It is appalling to witness and to experience this in the year 2004.

This is what October brought in Nigeria: no one can have any more doubts as to the deliberateness of this monster in its brutal machinations directed against Biafra. The effects of the short strike by NLC this month which saw the price of oil go up in the global market may have grabbed national and international headlines, and the strike is billed to continue next month.

But the moral picture painted of General Obasanjo, his regime, and the peoples of Nigeria who have not only allowed this inhumanity and injustice to humanity selectively targeted against Biafrans to continue, but also, actually actively participate and execute it, with brazenness and arrogance, with loathe and impunity--that is a picture which--has become indelibly inked in human psyche. If there was any vacillation in the mind of any Biafran to actualize the sovereign state of Biafra, it is gone now. Every Biafran, whether he or she voices it or not, has recognized that only the state of Biafra can halt the ongoing bruising, strangulation and annihilation of our people and provide hope for recovery and eventual fulfillment of the individual and collective life-destiny of the people and nation of Biafra. The die is--if it was not before now--cast.

Anambra: "...the evils that men do live with them--not after them..."

November placed the seat of activity for Nigeria in Anambra so-called State. It could have been the promising general strike called by the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) to protest yet another fuel price hike, one which was going to be the "mother of all strikes" since the entire masses were behind NLC and in full support of the labor action. Even Obasanjo was to confess that he did not realize (believe it or not!) that Kerosene was over-priced--well beyond what the masses could afford. It is to be noted that the masses use kerosene for cooking, so, while "Motoring Petrol Spirit" issues might affect them--the masses--indirectly, kerosene issues "burned" them directly. When NLC chickened out at the last moment, another line of defense--perhaps, the last of its type--had been abandoned without challenge; it is doubtful whether the masses would ever trust or back NLC any more; General Obasanjo was thus handed a double victory--if "victory" you call successful anti-people campaigns.

But, no sooner had his pyrrhic victory been won than General Obasanjo plunged Nigeria and Biafra into another crisis, a crisis resulting from the bruising situation which he has brought on since 1999 in Biafraland is a place called Anambra State. General Obasanjo, not satisfied with being the president of Nigeria, also wants to govern and micromanage the State of Anambra in Biafraland. Because of Obasanjo's arrogant, unabashed and direct meddling, Anambra has never known peace for one day. Using protected surrogates, and his own PDP party, he stirred up trouble once more in the State. This time, with unparalleled brazenness, factional partisan thugs burned down Anambra government buildings and shot and killed scores of civilians. They frightened away the state representatives who ran for safety and went underground. The Police, in collusion, watched the rampage play out over several days in broad daylight without intervening.  Obasanjo himself did nothing to stop the point person causing the mayhem, but instead protected him. It was this protection by an aware president that emboldened the thugs and their leader, and most likely kept the police from mounting even a token defense.

Nigeria "feigned" shock at this nightmarish development unfolding under their own very nose whereby political thugs rose one day and proceeded to sack a state government in broad daylight with a free hand--and what a free hand that was: buildings were razed, property destroyed, and innocent people killed. All the time, the people watched; the police watched, the government watched, and the president of Nigeria watched, and they did nothing.

Starting back in 1999 when Obasanjo had his eye and hand on Anambra, for him, a symbolic validation that he had received the instruments of Biafra surrender in 1970, we warned the people that this is politically, socially, legally and morally wrong. Anambra was wracked with strife for the next four years of Obasanjo's administration. In 2003, during the elections, the people of Biafra were asked to cast their unity and solidarity vote for APGA, thus to displace PDP from all Biafraland. All over Biafraland, the people reacted accordingly, and wherever there was balloting, APGA was the overwhelming victor. Including, but especially in, Anambra. But, Obasanjo and PDP would not have this. So,  Obasanjo and PDP set out to rig the elections, which they did quite successfully, amid unheeded cries of foul and fraud by the International Election Observers and the peoples living in Nigeria. It was thus that Obasanjo and PDP robbed the people of Biafra of the latter's' electoral mandate, all over Biafraland, but especially in Anambra. In Anambra, the Obasanjo-PDP rigging machine was to start its unraveling, barely months into this fraudulent administration which had usurped power and foisted itself over Nigeria and was busy self-claiming legitimacy.

We say Nigeria "feigned" shock because nothing fazes Nigeria any more. Nothing shocks Nigeria any more. Nigeria watched and accommodated the egregious fraud and evil unleashed by Obasanjo and PDP all this time, without any audible outcry. In fact, many joined him and PDP to share the loot.

The evils perpetrated by Obasanjo and PDP have matured and are now making themselves felt in the whole of Nigeria, and Anambra is just one hotspot of the day, but a symbolic and significant one since no other situation better serves to show the convergence of Obasanjo's anti-Biafran obsessions, his fraud, his hypocrisy, his malfeasance and poor performance in office.

It is entirely likely that Anambra is writing the unfolding story of Obasanjo's Waterloo, where at last, he is defeated by Biafra when once he bragged about destroying the nation of Biafra.

In November, the evil stalking Obasanjo and PDP as a result of the Anambra situation dwarfed the saga of another Obasanjo gaffe--the restoration of the Governor of Plateau State following six months of unconstitutional (even by the standards of the Nigerian constitution) suspension, by Obasanjo, of the Plateau State elected officials, at the time of, and as a result of, Obasanjo's declaration of a State of Emergency in the State. This was not without its own drama, either, as Obasanjo and his administration used every means available to them, most of them "dirty" and unfair, and at best double-standards--unsuccessfully--to try to stop that Governor from returning to office. Here once again, the hypocritical character of Obasanjo and his manipulative administration were revealed to Nigeria, a "country" already numbed beyond shock.

The trials and tribulations of November could be bested by December: we wait eagerly.

Anambra: still unraveling, and still unraveling Obasanjo-PDP's choking knot on the peoples.

December was dominated by the events surrounding Anambra, by the aftermath of the actions and words of the principal players; and by the reactions of the peoples: let's return to this later.

What was obscured this month is more revealing than what is obvious. For example, Obasanjo praised and cited the Nigeria Police and leadership with honors. No one asked why the same Police who Obasanjo publicly flagellated a few months ago for leasing out their weapons to factions and warlords was now receiving encomium from the same Obasanjo. No one asked why the same Police whose hard-to-fathom performance was displayed for all to see during the November Anambra mayhem where the same police watched with glee as an egregious criminal act was being performed as factional thugs killed many innocent civilians and sacked the state government, while razing public and government buildings, over several days, was being cited and praised by Obasanjo. No doubt, it is because the Nigeria Police, through the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tafa Balogun, carried out Obasanjo's personal orders, since the Police is actually under the power and command of Obasanjo, even when such were unconstitutional.. It was such orders that led to the total and brutal suppression of the NLC (Nigeria Labor Congress)  strike-protests, in an unabashed quashing of constitutional rights granted to Nigerian citizens.  It was such orders that fuel and maintain the police murder and mayhem against MASSOB members and the destruction of MASSOB and other Biafran property, done with impunity and without accountability.  So, witness once again power gone into the wrong hands and misused for personal end: Obasanjo had to reward the Police, because he is using the Police to do his dirty anti-people anti-constitution deeds.

Another obscured event was the Abuja Election Tribunal ruling in Buhari's challenge of the National election results.  This time, the Press correctly picked up on the minority opinion which was logical, systematic, honest, sparing no one. Using the facts of the case, this opinion stated that the 2003 elections were flawed beyond reason and repair, and legally were null and void. Is any one paying attention?

Anambra exposed this relationship between the Police and Obasanjo, so, now, the people know. Voices finally found wind to begin to ask questions about president Obasanjo's hypocritical role in the Anambra saga. Even the Press--yes, finally the Press--stopped pinprick treatment of the matter as it went for more substance and found the courage to suggest that president Obasanjo should resign--as well as Ngige, the fraud-favored and enthroned Anambra State governor; and perhaps, Ogbeh--the PDP National Chairman, who, in civilized countries would be considered a "whistle-blower." Finding courage was made easy by Obasanjo's ongoing "moralizing" and preaching to the public, which thus exposed him as the great hypocrite that he is--or at least, infuriated the public and Press into stating in his face what they knew all along but were afraid to speak openly.

Indications of the arrogance of Obasanjo came in several ways. He is still trying to demand and or woo functionaries to support his decision to get rid of Ogbeh, the whistle-blower, as the PDP Chair, confirming the peoples' view of him, Obasanjo, as one of the world's most vindictive animals. Obasanjo is still trying to keep this a "PDP-family" affair, instead of having the judiciary take it over, since it is now obvious to everyone that the constitution of Nigeria was contravened, and conduct unbecoming of the president of a country are now implicated. Worse still, he is still talking about a "moral solution"--imagine Obasanjo still harping on his morality this far into the crisis. Yes, believe it or not, Obasanjo recently publicly demanded Ngige's resignation, while seeing nothing wrong about his own conduct in this sordid affair. Should not what is good for the goose be good for the goose, too?

By now, everyone (except Obasanjo and Ngige) wants to see APGA restored to Anambra to re-claim the electoral mandate given by the people of Anambra in April 2003.

So, December flamed to an end with Obasanjo and Ngige and Ogbeh inside that vehicle, out of control, in the Biafran territory of Anambra.

2004 in a nutshell...

On August 26, the people of Biafra spoke with one voice and demonstrated that Biafra is still not only very much alive, but is the only game in town, so to speak.  The people of Biafra demonstrated the power of their unity, and what they can do with it.

Anambra became the seed around which the forces that will destroy Obasanjo, PDP, and one-Nigeria would crystallize. When, and once the "solution" clears, only Biafra will be left standing.


Back in the year 2002, our people, the people of Biafra, decided not to participate in Nigeria's 2003 elections, reason: full knowledge that the elections would be rigged. They have since been proven right--but that's tangentially connected. We persuaded our people to use the elections to show solidarity and unity on the subject of Biafra, and to test and demonstrate the power of such unity and the "efficacy of Biafra" by casting a solidarity-vote for APGA, a barely formed political party based in Biafraland. APGA had all the disadvantages of a late-starter in a race begun in 1999, which it just entered formally late in 2002, for the April 2003 electoral event. Compared to PDP, the ruling party, APGA had no organization and no money. All APGA had were Odumegwu Ojukwu, the first Head of State of Biafra, and our people who accepted our plea to act with one mind as Biafrans for the sake of Biafra. As is now clear, that's really all APGA needed.

On the day of election in April 2003, wherever polls were conducted in Biafraland, APGA scored an overwhelming, near-unanimous victory. It was the magnitude of the APGA victory, a statement of the alive and popular spirit of Biafra in Biafraland, that alarmed Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria, and forced them to start making the type of errors typical of an initially cocky opponent now turned panicky and desperate. The opponent did in fact then employ drastic measures: fraud and rigging and cheating and re-writing of the election results--to favor Obasanjo and PDP, thus to steal the electoral mandate of Biafrans. Had our people not been persuaded earlier to cast a unity and solidarity vote for Biafra in April 2003, the extent and brazenness of Obasanjo-PDP election rigging would not have been obvious; better for them, yet, it might not have been necessary for them to rig the elections.

As it turns out, the fraudulent Obasanjo-PDP "victory" of 2003 has turned fully pyrrhic in 2004--thanks, as such, to Biafra. It was the obsession of Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria to defeat Biafra by specifically defeating Ojukwu, the living symbol of Biafra, in Anambra, Ojukwu's home-State and quintessential Biafra, during the same elections, which drove Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria to the sort of recklessness that has resulted in the Anambra debacle of today. And, we have not seen the end of it yet; Waterloo looms large against Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria.

Ask Obasanjo, PDP, the Inspector General of Nigeria Police, the Nigerian SSS, (State Security Service, a la Nazi SS), the Attorney General (otherwise known as the "General's Attorney," earned because of his abandonment of jurisprudence and the constitution of Nigeria in favor of providing markedly flawed and twisted legal defense for General Obasanjo's anti-constitutional acts and policies): ask any or all of them who the greatest threat to Nigeria is, in the year 2004. They will tell you that it is Biafra. Since MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra) is the foremost organization in the carrying out of the Biafra re-actualization agenda, it has thus been labeled "Public Enemy #1" by Nigeria.

Never mind that Nigeria saw the emergence of the Taliban in Northern Nigeria this year; that fundamentalist Muslims divided the so-called country of Nigeria into the Sharia Muslim Northern State where non-Muslims have no rights, and the "other non-Muslim State" where the Muslim was also free to live and practice, a courtesy not reciprocated or extended to non-Muslims in Muslim t region of Northern Nigeria.  Never mind that Niger Activists declared war against Nigeria for confiscating and exploiting their natural oil resources and wealth, and in the ensuing activities, drove up the price of oil products to record levels by panicking the entire world due to threatened international oil supply.  All this, and yet, Nigeria regards Biafra / MASSOB as its biggest threat. Mind you, neither MASSOB nor Biafra has used any violence against Nigeria. There has never been a retaliatory action on the part of MASSOB or Biafra against Nigeria for the bloody persecution of MASSOB and Biafra.

August 26 validated Obasanjo-Nigeria's worst fears: Biafra is very much alive, and Biafrans unanimously support MASSOB agenda.

Obasanjo-Nigeria obsession with MASSOB and Biafra has also led to another recklessness in the year 2004--in the area of human and civil rights. Obasanjo and Nigeria have committed and are committing numerous violations against the fundamental human and civic-social rights of MASSOB and Biafra on a daily basis--all with impunity and arrogance, and in broad daylight--imagine that. No other group or ethnic nation has suffered this much in this manner at the hands of Nigeria.

Anyway one looks at it, 2004 for Nigeria is actually the "Year of Biafra."

Which sets up 2005 perfectly for Biafra...